SEC had 12 first-round picks, Big Ten had one


When the Cowboys selected Wisconsin center Travis Frederick with the 31st pick in the NFL draft, the Big Ten Conference could breathe a sigh of relief: It meant that the first round wouldn’t come and go without a single Big Ten player selected.

But it was a close call, as Frederick was the only Big Ten player drafted. And for yet another reminder that the best college football talent can be found in the SEC, a whopping 12 first-round picks came from SEC schools.

Alabama had three first-round picks: Dee Milliner, Chance Warmack and D.J. Fluker going back-to-back-to-back at picks 9-11. (And three first-round picks is actually a down year for Alabama.)

Three other SEC schools had two first-round picks: Florida (Sharrif Floyd and Matt Elam), Georgia (Jarvis Jones and Alec Ogletree) and LSU (Barkevious Mingo and Eric Reid). The other SEC players drafted on Thursday night were Texas A&M’s Luke Joeckel, Missouri’s Sheldon Richardson and Tennessee’s Cordarrelle Patterson.

The 12 first-round picks for the SEC tied the record for the most first-round picks from one conference in one year. The ACC had 12 first-round picks in 2006.

16 responses to “SEC had 12 first-round picks, Big Ten had one

  1. And, lets see if all those Alabama picks translates to the NFL..Besides Julio Jones… can anyone tell me of another Bama player that has excelled?

  2. This was freak occurence, and I fully expect the BIG10 to close that gap in the coming years.

    A more realistic ratio would be for the BIG10 to put 2 to 3 players in the first round, with the SEC putting placing as few as 10. The 12 to 1 ratio is simply unsustainable.

  3. Yep. Once again Wisconsin has to pick up the slack for the BIG10. And once again a Badger will flop in the pros. Jerry, you reached, fire yourself.

  4. The one Big Ten pick was a reach. I am a little worried that my team followed this particular bandwagon. When things tilt too far like this, some people end up holding the bag. Is the SEC 12 times better than the Big Ten? No. In fact, if we leave Cam Newton out of it because it is too early to tell, Eli Manning and maybe Matthew Stafford (I don’t think so) are the only SEC QBs drafted in a while that crashed the big time. I never bet on the Cowboys and I hope that my guys help themselves to some of that Big Ten talent that obviously got overlooked.

  5. Starts at the HS level and younger. Look at the Top 25 High School Football Teams. Pick a year. Any year, and you usually have a handful of teams from the state of Florida, a few from Georgia, then you have Texas and California. You want to find the best athletes, go to those states. My Irish has a top 3 recruting class for the first time in 20 yrs because they managed to snag a 5 star and a 4 star recruit from the state of Florida. That hasn’t been their MO in the past as they traditionally don’t recruit Southeast. Brian Kelly knows whats up though.

  6. The Special Education Conf, has more BUST than any other. The systems that they play in make them excel in college football. Not saying that they do not have some players that turn in to All-Pros. Just stating that alot of their players are overrated.

  7. The SEC is the premier conference. You play against NFL talent there; so if you succeed, you look the most ready for the next level.

  8. Last I’ve checked the Big 10 still has HOF’ers in the NFL (Tom Brady, Drew Brees) just to name a few.. If you want to get your rocks off on SEC players who were great in college but never pan out in the NFL like Rolondo McClain & the rest of the recent journeymen from Alabama be my guest because none of them proved they were worth their high draft pick.

  9. Better players to have taken in the Big Ten besides the one Dallas took. Feel bad for Cowboy fans. I’m sue the Wisconsin pedigree for OL had something to do with this. But wasn’t JJ wanting a RB to compliment Murray? What about that kid from Michigan State–who most people (and I agree) say will be better than Lacy. Still wouldn’t have been the right draft grade but would of been better value than this pick in the end. I am also confused why they didn’t get some more pieces for the Defense.

  10. Dallas went through multiple centers last season. Not exactly conducive to winning a championship. Good pick, they needed one.

  11. Name me ONE… Just ONE SEC defensive player in the NFL that’s better than JJ Watt… I’m waiting… Ok name me ONE.. Just ONE SEC offensive player that’s better than Tom Brady or Drew Brees… I’m waiting.. ALL 3 NFL Elite players I’ve named are ALL from the BIG10!!!

  12. nesby2 says:
    Apr 26, 2013 10:03 AM
    Name me ONE… Just ONE SEC defensive player in the NFL that’s better than JJ Watt… I’m waiting… Ok name me ONE.. Just ONE SEC offensive player that’s better than Tom Brady or Drew Brees… I’m waiting.. ALL 3 NFL Elite players I’ve named are ALL from the BIG10!!!

    I want to agree with you, but the smart side of my brain thinks that’s being super simplistic. You aren’t seeing the big picture. You can find an exception to the norm in ANY life scenario. OF COURSE the Big 10 (12, whatever) has some great players. The SEC simply has MORE. It’s not so much skill players either, we are getting beat in the trenches. Unless we learn how to open our eyes and be objective about the reality of the situation, we aren’t ever going to beat the SEC.

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