Titans trade for 34th pick, take Justin Hunter


Apparently, 11 picks the last two days of the NFL Draft weren’t quite enough.

The 49ers traded the 34th overall pick to the Titans, who selected Tennessee wide receiver Justin Hunter.

That moved the 49ers down to 40th, and they also gained a seventh rounder this year and a 2014 third-rounder, continuing to stockpile into the future.

Hunter’s an intriguing size-speed combination, who has the possibility to stretch the field for a Titans offense that has added parts aggressively this offseason.

10 responses to “Titans trade for 34th pick, take Justin Hunter

  1. Titans got robbed in this trade. The 49ers get to move back only six spots and pick up a 2014 third rounder.

  2. Justin Hunter and Kendall Wright drafted high in successive years, seems to me they’re preparing for life without Kenny Britt not that there was much to it missing so many games injured or tending to his off the field issues…good pick up none the less

  3. You guys are nuts! Bid Deal the 49ers have a massive amount of 7th rounders. It is rare they ever make a Roster and the 49ers are very stocked with talent… they are not cutting players to sign these new guys. It is better to get 5-6 real players that will have a chance than bring in 13 pay them and then cut them in August. Quality, not quantity!

    Titans Fans you made a good trade and more important got “the guy you targeted”.

  4. My initial reaction was skeptical. I assumed the pick would be defense. I suppose they have to prepare for having to possibly part ways with Britt. And if Britt gets himself together, this could be an amazing receiving corps.

  5. So they gave up this year’s 2, 7, and next year’s 3 to add Hunter. The Vikings gave up this years 2, 3, 4 and 7 to take Patterson. The Vikings 2, 3 and 7 were lower then the Titans, so if they didn’t trade up for Patterson on Friday they would have needed to “sweeten” the pot anyway, and that’s assuming Patterson even made it to this spot in round 2.

    So basically, comparing what TN did vs the Vikes did yesterday, the Vikes threw in this years 4 to get the deal done, knowing they still have a 4 left. And they didn’t have to touch next year’s picks.

    That doesn’t sound as bad as people were making it out to be. If they waited until Friday to trade up and take Patterson in round 2 (assuming he lasted that long) they likely would have had to surrender what they did anyway. They just eliminated the guesswork of wondering if he’ll still be available.

  6. bobby –

    Essentially the Vikings gave up a 4th rounder more to move up 17 more spots than the Titans.

    I wonder where all the people are that were ripping the Vikings’ trade? Must have discovered they don’t understand the draft & trades.

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