49ers draft Marcus Lattimore

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The best-case scenario for Marcus Lattimore, the former South Carolina running back who has first-round talent but is coming off a devastating knee injury, was that he’d be drafted by a deep, talented team that would have the patience to let him recover properly before putting him back on the field.

And that’s exactly what happened.

The 49ers drafted Lattimore with the 131st pick in the fourth round, putting him on a team where there will be no pressure for him to play at all as a rookie. Lattimore may spend the entire 2013 season on injured reserve, watching and learning from 49ers running backs Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter and LaMichael James, and then be ready to go in 2014.

If Lattimore ever gets all the way back to full speed, he’ll be a great pickup for the 49ers. He’s a strong, fast and tough runner who has been productive at the highest levels of college football. He just needs to get healthy.

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  1. Great pick, this guy IS the most talented RB in this draft. Must be nice to have the cache to bring in a guy that probably won’t play till next year.

  2. couldnt be happier for him. drafted by a SB contender and can sit out a year if he needs.

  3. Seahawks fan here: the Niners have won this draft hands down.

    Too many picks to make the team so give players a chance to redshirt (Tank, Lattimore, etc.) and plan for the future. Ridiculous.

  4. the 9ers got the steal of the draft!. . .i wish the raiders would of made this move like they once did with Michael Bush, it would of made more sense than adding another QB!

  5. As a freshman, the kid was one of the best rbs I’d ever seen. Two knee injuries later, I wonder how good he’ll be. It’s my HOPE that he’s still good, but thinking about what he could’ve been just makes me sad.

  6. Great move by us! Very reminiscent if Buffalo drafting Mcgahee 10 years ago. Hopefully it turns out just as good!

  7. This guy has dealt with adversity so well. High character guy with a relentless work ethic. Someone everyone should root for on an individual level. Really like this kid, solid quality pick by the mighty 49ers.

  8. This kid was a monster in the sec and Carolina road him way to much. I believe he got the determination to come back and be a elite rb in the NFL. Who better then Gore to learn from and train with.

  9. man -moral delimma here…Hate the niners – love Lattimore – Good kid – I wish him well…

  10. If he studies and grasps the playbook as well as he’s been rehabbing he will take the reigns from Gore in 2014/15 in the new stadium. As has been stated – the best pure runner in this draft. Low pad level etc – he’s like Gore Junior.

    Its pretty clear Baalke was drafting for 2014 & beyond with this year’s draft.

  11. I hate to say it, but the Niners have the potential to be a juggernaut for many years to come. Talent, depth and loads of potential. I dont know whether to be jealous, or scared for the rest of the NFC..

  12. I LOVE THIS PICK FOR MY TEAM!!! My opinion he is the most talented versatile rb in draft (when healthy)!! He will have plenty of time to rehab and he will be perfect in years to come as a every down back after Frank Da Tank runs out of gas.. Lol if he does! Great draft so far as a NINER fan I’m excited an ready for this season.. GO NINERS

  13. ispokethetruth says:
    Apr 27, 2013 1:55 PM
    49ers > Packers

    Brilliant draft by Harbaalke.

    ———————————————————————————————————————————— why bother playing the games? let’s just give the niner’s the trophy now… look this was a nice pick and the niner’s have a great squad, but u sound like a bandwagon fan the way you comment on here.

  14. Next big time move for the niners would be to lock this staff up for the next quarter century. They took some, gave some, and took some again, brilliant minds here!!!
    Very happy the niners have turned it around from disgrace!!! Thankful fan here!!!

  15. We’re being spoiled as a fan base. Niner fans: stay humble. Wasn’t very long ago that our team was the butt of a lot of jokes.

    I’m rooting for Marcus Lattimore, not just as a Niners fan, but as a fan of great people. Amazing how far he’s come already.

  16. Welcome aboard young man. Take the time you need, and bring the fire when ready. Typical Baalke pick. Looking o the future. O Niners.

  17. Honestly, I said whatever team drafted him I thought he was going to be a stud. The only team I didn’t want to draft him was my teams division rival and he probably couldn’t be in a better situation getting more time and having that o-line. I knocked last years draft for being so many misses but I hate to admit it looks like San Fran had the best draft of any team. Next year is going to be fun to watch because Rams and Cards had solid drafts

  18. @themackstrong…..agreed on the division. Just in the last 3 years it’s gone from laughing stock to a division that battles. That’s 4 solid front offices making smart moves and having PATIENCE …..which is a RARE commodity in todays NFL. Look at how many franchises bail out in year 2 of a 5 year rebuild. I don’t often compliment the division rivals, but all 4 teams are trending upward…….we must agree to disagree on last years draft. A little early on guys like Jenkins. Crabtree was lauded as a bust before last year and look what happened with him.

  19. Possibly the most talented depth chart at the RB position….

    Gore, Hunter, LaMichael James, now Lattimore

    This just isn’t fair to the rest of the league…

  20. After years of watching this team struggle, it feels good to watch them cement their position as a power house. This draft as a whole was a fantastic one for us, it was a weak draft class but the guys upstairs made EVERY SMART MOVE. For those of you that don’t know, The WR we took with our first pick in the 4th round, Quinton Patton… Yeah, That guy is an absolute stud.

    Looking back, I only wish they would have taken Tyrann Mathieu in the 3rd and looked deeper for a tight end, that would have really solidified the secondary.

  21. The rich get richer and show class in the process:

    “We’re going to slow things down for him physically,” Harbaugh said. “I love his mental approach to it — the aggressive mental approach that he’s taken though this whole process. But we’re going to slow the aggressive physical down and make sure Marcus is going to be 100 percent healthy before he’s out there on the field. I told him that (and) shared that with his mother (Yolanda Smith).

  22. Frank Gore had both knees reconstructed at U. of Miami and now he’s the Niners’ all time rushing leader and 4 time pro-bowler. So this is really a storybook beginning for Lattimore’s pro career.

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