Aaron Dobson, Josh Boyce give Patriots some receiver talent


Wide receiver was the Patriots’ biggest need heading into the draft. So it’s no surprise that the Patriots have spent a second-round pick and a fourth-round pick on a wide receiver.

At pick No. 59 New England selected Marshall’s Aaron Dobson (pictured), and at pick No. 102 New England selected TCU’s Josh Boyce.

The 6-foot-3, 210-pound Dobson gained a reputation as a sure-handed receiver in college, and he had a very impressive Senior Bowl week. Patriots coach Bill Belichick indicated that he expects Dobson to play well as a rookie.

He’s big, he’s fast, he’s got good hands, he’s a strong player; smart, very smart,” Belichick said. “He has some position flexibility and versatility. Catches the ball very well.”

The 5-foot-11, 206-pound Boyce is viewed as a good slot receiver whose stock may have slipped because of a foot injury in 2012. Both he and Dobson should compete for significant playing time on a team that needed help at wide receiver.

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  1. If Danny Amendola is All-World (or else why would The Great God Belichick sign him?), why do they need another slot receiver?

  2. That Boyce pick .. they got from the Vikings .. I really hope one day .. that will haunt the Vi-Queens .

  3. As long as Brady is throwing them the ball it really doesnt matter if they keep getting average receiver if they really want to maximize the finality of Brady’s potential they need to acquire a roddy white or a dez bryant…mike wallace would have been a great replacement for welker.

  4. to play in the Patriots offense, you have to not only know routes but concepts. Brady can call out a play and you may have to be lined up differently than the last time he called out the same play. So you have to be smart. Corderelle Patterson, while talented, doesn’t fit the Bill in that regard.

  5. Hmmm Welker and Lloyd or two non-elite rookies….tell me again why the Pats are considered to be personnel geniuses? Their whole success depends on being in the weakest division in the NFL. This will be the year they fall when they realize Gronk and Hernandez cant catch it every down.

  6. @gdeli,

    I think Patterson is probably more ready to play, and is built to be a very good, tall, powerful WR, but a lot of people don’t think he’s smart enough (like Chad Ochocinco/Johnson) to play the Pats offense.

    I’ve also seen from a couple places that Dobson is a great sleeper WR. Possibly a with a ton of upside and flew under the radar due to where he played (we’ll see how that really plays out).

    I like both the trade and the picks by both teams. Think it will work out well for both of us, although I hope it works out better for the Pats than the Vikings, no offense, heh.

  7. @jax9113
    The Pats are considered personnel geniuses because they have drafted more “all-pro’s” than anyone else in Belichick’s tenure.

  8. lol jax9113. I agree 100%. Could you imagine what would happen to the Patriots if they only fielded receivers like David Patten or Deion Branch?

  9. Jax-how many other teams saw the potential in welker? Fwiw amendola has more catches and TDs then welker did at same point in career

    Can’t help what division you play in. Nyj did go to two conf championship games in last 5 years

  10. Anyone with Jax anywhere in their login should not comment on a professional football team with continued success…they have zero experience to judge…

  11. “Dobson, with the good hands and average speed, sounds Brandon Lloyd-esque. I’m somewhat excited after reading his scouting report. ”

    With times in the mid 4.4’s to 4.5, Dobson is not only way bigger than Lloyd, he’s way faster than Lloyd’s 4.6-4.7 speed coming into the league. Hopefully he’ll have Lloyd’s incredible body control, and none of his personality quirks.

  12. jax9113 says:
    Apr 27, 2013 1:13 PM
    Hmmm Welker and Lloyd or two non-elite rookies….tell me again why the Pats are considered to be personnel geniuses? Their whole success depends on being in the weakest division in the NFL. This will be the year they fall when they realize Gronk and Hernandez cant catch it every down.

    Ever notice how the HATERS always have an excuse as to why the Patriots are so good.

    Go check out there record vs the rest of the AFC.

    24-7 vs the big bad AFC North since 2001

  13. gdeli,

    as has been pointed out above, C Patterson is a very undisplined route runner (Chad Johnson) which is essential when being a TB receiver. I was hoping the Pats would not draft him but he does have tremendous upside and similar to Percy Harvin where he can line up at RB. I am very pleased/excited with our WR’s where Dobson has great hands.his one handed catch was the play of the college highlights and Boyce who can take the top off with his 4.3 speed and dropped because of a foot injury where he was projected a 2nd round talent.

    Looks like a good trade for both teams and congratulations to the Vikings who look to be having a strong draft.

  14. @mazblast

    Guessing this is yr first rodeo, or you just generally gravitate toward spewing really shallow, half~hearted sarcasm.

    Be that as it may, To answer yr question: Depth, injuries, free agency, player development, and flexibility. Just shooting from the hip there, Einstein…

  15. I checked out some youtube vids of this dobson and theres one that was some sort of backhanded one handed snag with a cb all over him vid out there that I doubt even Moss could have pulled it in. If I saw it on a video game I would have said not even possible in real life.. Probably the best football catch i’ve ever seen. Doubt he’s the next Moss but theres no way this one isnt going to be very productive.

  16. mazblast says:

    If Danny Amendola is All-World (or else why would The Great God Belichick sign him?), why do they need another slot receiver?


    If Bill Belichick is the great god, and you’re a crusty, creepy internet nerd, why are you questioning him?

  17. These guys sound like good picks but I have witnessed other pats receivers that have been drafted so in no way am I excited. Chad Jackson was a good pick at the time but turned out to be a bust. Taylor Price looked goid last year but the pats failed. Hopefully they show us something.

  18. Dobson is a good pick for the Patriots- a bit surprised he went in the 2nd round. Dobson is probably more ready to play first year than Cordarrelle Patterson, but with limited upside.

    Patterson, who the Patriots could have picked if they hadn’t traded with the Vikings, is a big-play threat on kick and punt returns day 1, and has more upside and big-play ability than Dobson.

  19. I totally love these 2 draft picks. I was hoping beyond hope before the draft that Aaron Dobson would somehow fall to the Patriots! IMO he was was the very best receiver in the draft. Jerry Rice called him the best in the draft too a few weeks ago. Said he reminded him of a young faster version of himself. I thought for sure that guy would be gone in round 1. He has glue hands; acrobatic catching skills and is dangerous on the run like Rice. He converts 5 yard gains into 40 yard runs. And he is extrememly dangerous in the “Red Zone”. Brady will love this guy because his skill set is somewhere between Rice and Moss. A lethal skillset with an assassin like Tom Brady!

    If Boyce is healthy look out. I watched this guy play. He can flat out fly! He is a very elusive runner ala Welker/Faulk and is a gamer over the middle of the field. He’s Deion Branch with blazing speed. He has great hands. I am more amped up about the potential of these two wide receivers as I was about the Gronk/Hernandez picks. This could be a lethal arsenal,with Amendola if Brady stays healthy. And Ryan Mallet is ready to go if he gets hurt.

    If the Pats can Get & stay healthy. And the young guns are ready for prime time. They will be a heavy favorite to duke it out with Denver for SB rights. And I love their chances on that matchup. As long as they play anyone but those lucky Giants in the Big Dance. Eli is the Manning that is Brady’s Kryptonite.

  20. Don’t really know why but for some reason the Patriots picks this year haven’t gotten much attention like they normally do. Dobson, whose speed is underrated, ran a 4.4 at his pro day and is the prototypical “X” receiver. 6’3″, good hands, good speed, good football intelligence. Boyce is versatile as he can play inside an outside with average height at 5’11” but great speed at 4.3, and good hands as well. The Patriots needed to stock up at receiver and they did, grabbing big, fast receivers. Just because they don’t have big names and weren’t hyped up doesn’t mean they aren’t extremely good picks.

    It takes a special kind of receiver to succeed in the Patriots system so instead of taking a Patterson or Hunter who might not be able to pick up the playbook even though they have the measurables, they chose smarter receivers who still have the physical tools to add a different dimension to the offense.

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