Broncos draft quarterback Zac Dysert

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If there was any team in the NFL that didn’t need to draft a quarterback, it was the Broncos: In addition to having All-Pro Peyton Manning as the starter, Denver has last year’s second-round draft pick Brock Osweiler as Manning’s heir apparent.

So the Broncos went ahead and drafted a quarterback anyway: In the seventh round of the draft, with pick No. 234, the Broncos selected Zac Dysert, a quarterback out of Miami of Ohio.

Although it seems like a strange place for a quarterback to go, there’s not much harm in spending a seventh-round draft pick on a quarterback. If Broncos boss John Elway thinks Dysert has potential, he might as well grab him as Denver’s No. 3 quarterback for now and see if he develops into something more than a third-stringer some day.

In a down year for quarterbacks, Dysert was the 10th passer to hear his name called.

26 responses to “Broncos draft quarterback Zac Dysert

  1. Funny that the biggest “fan” of the redskins has to post on articles about other teams during the draft and PFT hasn’t had an article about the non-existent redskins draft. You better hope last years team can match their effort because they didn’t get better through the draft.

  2. That’s a lot of value for a 7th round pick. It’s so nice to be able to just take the best player available when your turn comes.

  3. THE REDSKINS will need about four QBs after Shanny gets done running RG3 into into another knee injury.
    In related news, it does look like the Brock, the basketball player, needed a fire lit under his rear end or he is not improving the way HOF QB (and back-to-back Superbowl Champion) thinks he should be.
    Bring on the Skins!

  4. I believe he’s a backup plan if Osweiler becomes a bust. It’s a smart move on Elway’s part to draft a 4th round QB in the 7th round. Now you have 2 young QB’s learning under Manning…

  5. I was hoping the Browns would take a flier on him (like most everyone they draft). I watch a lot of MAC FB, there is potential there–good arm but too slow on the reads

  6. I hope he enjoys the bench. Peyton never comes out of games and demands 100% of the snaps in practice.

  7. Yeah cause it makes zero sense that a team wouldn’t want to go into training camp and the preseason with 2 quarterbacks…oh wait, no its completely understandable that a team would draft a flier late and sign an UDFA so that Manning and Ossweiler aren’t throwing every pass. Add to that Manning knows the offense and teammates this year, he’s likely to play a lot less in the preseason (except for the third week) so they need a couple of QBs to play in the games.

  8. Thank god the Jags have depth at QB with Gabbert and Henne. Another lost season, just this one on purpose versus being inept. Keep Bridgewater safe Louisville.

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