Browns gathering extra 2014 picks


The Browns traded out of Rounds Four and Five on Saturday, each time picking up a selection in an earlier round in the 2014 NFL Draft.

First, the Browns dealt pick No. 111 to Pittsburgh for the Steelers’ third-round pick in 2014. The Steelers used selection No. 111 on Syracuse safety Shamarko Thomas.

Then, in Round Five, the Browns traded out of selection No. 139, sending it to Indianapolis for a 2014 fourth-round selection. The Colts used what was Cleveland’s pick on Tennessee-Martin defensive tackle Montori Hughes.

With numerous roster needs, the Browns’ decision to deal out of picks is very interesting. It could be that the Browns feel more compelled to take their chances in the middle rounds of 2014 than in this draft. Also, it may have been hard to resist getting higher picks next year from a value perspective. The extra picks next year also give the Browns a little flexibility to trade for veteran talent if they so choose.

The Browns have three remaining 2013 selections: No. 175 in Round Six and Nos. 217 and 227 in Round Seven.

29 responses to “Browns gathering extra 2014 picks

  1. Browns probably won’t be reaching the superbowl this year so getting some ammo to make a move next year for a Franchise QB or some other top player makes a lot of sense. Patience Browns fans!!!

  2. I know there is alot of negative sentiment out there about Mike Lombardi but Browns fans these are very shrewd moves as the 2014 draft is a much stronger draft than TY.

    Personally I think the Browns got a good GM with alot of NFL knowledge.

    Now give us your number #1 next year for Ryan Mallett !

  3. This is just ammo so they can trade up for a QB in next years draft. Or its the picks they’ll use when they trade their original picks for a QB. Lets hope it works out. Once again waiting for next year.

  4. everybody talking about QB next year already!
    I thought Browns fans were smart.
    “Wait till next year”
    hbbrowns etc. get a clue. ammo shammo

  5. I though this draft was deep and I saw some good quarterbacks go in the fourth round .

  6. ok citiciti when you have a 30 year old second year QB and you’re stockpiling picks for next years draft what does that say? Next years draft has potentially 3 or 4 top ten quarterbacks and the Browns should be interested in one or more of them because they need a future player at the position. Brandon Weeden will start this year and may do well for another year or two but it is SMART to get a potential long term solution there next year. The Browns probably will not make the playoffs next year and may be only a piece or two away after next season. That piece is a QUARTERBACK.

  7. This makes a lot of sense to me. With a completely new regime and a completely new style of football offensively and defensively, there are a lot of question marks regarding how this team will transition in 2013. It’s hard to have a good draft when you’re not even sure what your holes are going to be. So rather than potentially waste the picks on a lot of unknowns, they invested them in 2014 when they can make better informed decisions. It’ll hurt this year, but probably add a lot of value in the long run.

  8. They probably didnt like a player there so why waste a pick since this draft isn’t that deep, you see all the championship caliber teams collecting picks now its just a matter of the Browns hitting on them

  9. I have no real problem with these moves and actually, they are quite good (assuming we weren’t valuing anyone highly at the pick spot this year).

    What I’m having trouble with, is making the trade with Pittspuke. That is just against everything I believe in!!!!

  10. Im officially NOT getting season tickets next yr..outside of whats his face from Baltimore,Kruger this offseason has been horrible,maybe even horrific

  11. Bring on Johnny Football or Braxton Miller in 2014, This season will reap similar results as last year unfortunately. Always “next year right” still think browns will be better than the steelers this year , which is a small victory at least.

  12. The Browns better get a QB in Rd 7 though.

    It shouldn’t be Ryan Mallett or Brian Hoyer unless the compensation is less than risky.

    If they need a QB it should be Zac Dysert or Matt Scott.

  13. Mike Lombardi is a smart guy. He knows the last 20 years of the Browns has been the equivalent of a dumpster fire. It’s going to take him at least 4 years to get this dead franchise back on track. His needs are many, his needs at skill positions are going to be available next year. If Lombardi can’t make the Browns relevant again, no one will do that in our lifetime.

  14. The new regime made the correct move for sure. New coaching staff and too many unknowns. After a year to settle in the needs will become apparent. This team is going to surprise some people. I’m quietly confident that we have the right people in place to become a contender.

  15. bensstinkyfingers says:
    Apr 27, 2013 6:00 PM
    Bring on Johnny Football or Braxton Miller in 2014, This season will reap similar results as last year unfortunately. Always “next year right” still think browns will be better than the steelers this year , which is a small victory at least.
    neither of those two fit the Browns offense and Braxton Miller are you serious? Miller will not be an NFL quarterback. They need a QB who can throw the ball downfield not a guy who has terrible accuracy. Johnny football should be ok though

  16. Very sound strategy. People forget that just because someone is in a draft does not make them automatically better than who a team already has. The Browns are the biggest question mark in the AFC IMO. They had rookies at every offensive skill position, played half their season without their star defensive players yet still were in EVERY game of the season down to the fourth quarter and had more division wins in 2012 than I can remember them having in a LONG time.

    People talk about “needs”, it looks like the front office firmly believes the team only had 2 needs. 1 a few vets to help the now second year players out and 2. to get rid of last seasons coaching staff.

    Brandon Weeden blew every other rookie QB other than Andrew Luck out the water in Passing yards and didn’t play a full 16 game season so it would be dumb not to see what he can do in an offense that actually matches his skill set. With the ridiculous # of draft picks they now have in 2014 they can move however they want next year whether it’s moving up a couple spots for a QB because Weeden played iffy or moving up the entire board for the best player available because they made the playoffs.

    The only way this is bad is if they screw up the picks which we won’t know for another two seasons.

  17. Get a QB though. I believe next year’s starting QB will be Jason Campbell because Lombardi likely heard from his ex-colleagues in Oakland about Campbell and may have given tips to the coaching staff on how to deal with him.

    Remember Lombo worked with Norv in Oakland.

    With all that said, to improve the QB depth chart here are the Remaining UDFA’s:
    Matt Scott
    Jordan Rodgers
    Tyler Bray

    Get guys when you can Mike!!!

  18. Browns are stockpiling picks in order to ensure they get their QB of the future in next years draft…and still have enough picks left over to surround him with some more talent.

  19. I’m not so sure the trades really represent sound strategy. The Browns always draft near the top of each round (and I mean ALWAYS), while the Steelers and Colts will probably be drafting near the bottom of each round in 2014. So trading a Cleveland fourth-round pick for Pittsburgh’s third-round pick means that the Browns are moving up maybe 5-10 places in the 2014 draft. Is that really worth giving up a player, to move up a few notches in a middle round next year?

    Anyway, it really matters very little. Until the Browns get a decent QB, which they do NOT have right now, they aren’t going anywhere.

  20. If coaching means anything in the NFL, we have possibly the best staff in the league. For years we have had nothing but fake rip-off coaches. Now we have the real Norv Turner and Horton. They truly know their stuff. It was great to pass on the tons of bums this draft and forward picks for next year. This years crop was seriously weak.

    For those who forget, Weeden is better than all QB’s in this draft. Gordon is better than all WR in this draft and was our “2” pick. We just got Bess for a fifth round pick and he is easily better than anyone picked in that round. In all, great drafting for the Browns. This translates into competitive football. Sneaky wins in our future.

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