Chargers say Manti Te’o was well worth trading up


The San Diego Chargers spent both their second-round pick and their fourth-round pick on former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o. And they think they got a steal.

When Te’o was still available with the Cardinals on the clock at pick No. 38, the Chargers packaged their second-round pick (No. 45) and their fourth-round pick (No. 110) to move up and draft him. Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco said he has no doubt that was the right call.

He’s a first-round player for us,” Telesco said. “He was one of the best college players in America last year and we think he’s going to be a great fit for us. . . . When you have a guy rated that’s a first-round player at a position we could use a player, to sit and wait and if he goes off a pick before us, there’s no worse feel in the world. We thought the value was there as far as giving up that pick to go get him.”

Te’o agrees with Telesco’s assessment: Te’o thought he should have been a first-round pick, too.

I expected to go in the first round, but things happened,” Te’o said. “All it did was give me more motivation to get better.”

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  1. give the kid a chance. he is a football player. He is a little naive and could use some personal guidance. Bet he’ll do okay.

    -Raider Fan.

  2. Did everybody else breathe a huge sigh of relief when your team didn’t get stuck with this guy?

  3. This girlfriend crap is getting as irritating as Tebow talk. It’s not even funny anymore. Let it go. Let the guy play. Let his game speak for itself, then you can say whatever the hell you want to say.

  4. The Chargers traded up to get Te’o, and the Cardinals used the Chargers pick to take LSU LB Kevin Minter. So if Te’o doesn’t play better than Minter, the Chargers wasted the pick they traded. And they needed all their picks.

  5. Give him a chance to play. He DID make it to the NFL for a reason. I bet most of the people on this site doing the bashing never suited up and played a single down of football in their lives , much less took a hit or hunted a quarterback at even the high school level. He has more heart than most, to deal with the media scrutiny he’s been through so far.

  6. The girlfriend thing is getting old but so long as Te’o says things like, he thought it was his friends playing a joke on him when he saw a 619 number calling him and when he spoke to the Chargers he wasn’t sure who he was talking to, the girlfriend thing will never go away. He seems to come from a great family. I’m sure he’s a great kid and he does have the potential to be a solid pro. But, until Te’o proves he’s matured and improved upon his naivety, all the Dad’s down in Diego better hide their imaginary daughters.

  7. ” closer to where his girlfriend lives”? That would only be possible in one NFL city. Denver! Mile high!

  8. pointwithinthecircle
    Apr 27, 2013, 5:49 AM PDT
    Give him a chance to play. He DID make it to the NFL for a reason. I bet most of the people on this site doing the bashing never suited up and played a single down of football in their lives , much less took a hit or hunted a quarterback at even the high school level. He has more heart than most, to deal with the media scrutiny he’s been through so far.
    Arguments like this make no sense. Just because someone didn’t play a particular sport, they shouldn’t be allowed to critique on the subject in any fashion? News flash! I’m willing to bet there have been plenty of things you’ve spewed your opinion on about which you have no experience.

    These players are in the public eye and are therefore subjected to criticism from all angles. Te’o us a weirdo, get over it.

  9. Dude reminds me a lot of Polamalu.. What position does he play?? EVERYTHING!!!

    So much Raw talent and the Chargers coaching staff just needs to let this kid play some football instead of reining him in because dude already knows how to play!! I look for this Teo to contribute right out the gates!!

    BIGGEST STEAL of the second round!!

  10. love all the experts on here, he has no chance of being a solid player haha. yes all the number one picks in this draft are a cant miss, they will all be in the pro bowl. No player that has ever dropped has been a good player. ahahha Funny this guy is bad for being naive. The NFL has murders, the bryant on the cowboys punched his mother in the face, plexico shooting himself. But this guy is the worst. All of you draft experts sitting in your boxers in your mothers basements with SH– stains on your shirt. This guy will be a millionaire with a degree from one of the best schools in the country, most of you will be serving him fries when he stops at mickey D’s.

  11. wherezwaldo says:
    Apr 27, 2013 8:43 AM
    Maybe hell turn out to be Junior Seau 2.0


    You want him dead?

  12. I assumed Dallas or Oakland would have traded up to get him. Good job, Chargers, proving that you can be just as insane, and make highly comical moves, too.

  13. Where is A.J. Smith when you need him. This is truly not the second coming of Junior Seau. So glad the Raiders passed on him. So glad. Average at best.

  14. You guys are kidding, right?

    This guy can’t tackle (as shown in the Alabama game……and dont give me the BS about “it’s only one game”. What if THAT one game is a playoff game, or Superbowl…..or even against the Raiders regular season game. ) He is weak mentally (as shown by having an imaginary girl-friend….or he’s just stupid), he can’t cover receivers (as shown in numerous scouting reports) and cant take on NFL linemen (as shown in the Ala. game)

    Manti Te’o is the Tim Tebow of 2013………circus and all.

    Grade F!

  15. after all that drama… it can’t be a surprise if teams are worried that Te’o might become the new and improved TO….

    way too much smoke in that drama…. my bet is the drama blows up his whole career…

  16. He’s an ILB. Drama aside, ILB & RB are not desirable positions right now. Only 2 LB went in the 1st rd & they were OLB whose expertise is rushing the passer. No one know what Te’o will do in the NFL. The ones who use the Bama game vs him, didn’t watch him the previous 12 games nor the previous four years. Bama made everyone look bad….ask Jarvis Jones & the Honey Badger.

  17. He reminds me a lot of Teddy Bruschi who was a 3rd round pick, played for 13 years and made 2 Pro Bowls. Both of them are undersized and somewhat slow but have great heart and a non-stop motor.
    From a Broncos fan, good pick up Chargers.

  18. He seems like a nice enough guy, I just don’t see him accomplishing much in the NFL. I still can’t get over the Alabama game where he wasn’t able to do ANYTHING to stop Alabama’s office.

    My concerns are performance-based. I think the fake girlfriend thing has been overblown. It’s a titillating story, but I don’t think it has much to do with his football ability.

  19. Maybe if your fake dead girlfriend hadn’t falsely died of a faked case of very real cancer, that a ton of real people are dying from, you would have gone round 1 in the real draft and not just round 1 of the fake draft in your head.

  20. Yyyyyyyaaaaaawwwwwnnnn……….. I wonder if T’eo has ever actually played football in real life or if it was all done electronically… I think his first, real, physical, game was against Alabama.

  21. Biggest joke of the draft. Completely overhyped by the most overrated and most overhyped team in America.

  22. True Te’o is a first rd talent,,,Big 10 first rd talent. If Te’o has to play the SEC he might not show up.
    “He said Ill love her till I die, she said you’ll forget in time”

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