Chip Kelly compares Matt Barkley to a tea bag, in a good way

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To start the third day of the draft, the Eagles traded to the top of round four to get USC quarterback Matt Barkley.

Coach Chip Kelly thereafter raved about Barkley.

“I’m going to steal a quote from [former Cleveland Browns head coach] Sam Rutigliano and he used to say, ‘With a quarterback, it’s like a tea bag,” Kelly told reporters.  “You don’t know what you have until you put it in hot water.’

“The first time I saw Matt Barkley, he was a true freshman and he came into Autzen Stadium which is one of the toughest places to play in the world and it didn’t faze him a bit.  Matt Barkley was never a freshman, there was just a poise about him, there was a calm about him – those intangible qualities that you really look for.  It’s tough to quantify.  There’s not a test for it.

“Over the course of time, when you watched him play, he’s played through all different sorts of scenarios at USC.  He’s just always stood tall and when you meet him, you interview him at the Combine, there were a couple kids at the Combine that just were kind of off the charts when we interviewed them.  Two of them we had the opportunity to take.  Bennie Logan was one of them and Matt Barkley.  You came out of there and you were like, ‘Wow. That guy is impressive.’  He’s a competitor, he’s been in big games all through high school and all through college.  He’s handled everything the right way.  I just talked to him on the phone when we drafted him.  I think a lot of people, you could say, ‘What’s their attitude going to be like?’  He was like, ‘It’s a dream come true.’  I loved competing against him and we’re real excited to have him on our team now.”

Mike Vick may not be as excited, since he still considers “our team” to be “my team.”  Either way, “their team” now has five quarterbacks.

“I think every team in football is going to go to camp with five guys,” Kelly said.  “I’m kind of confused when people keep saying that you have a lot of quarterbacks.  I think everybody in the NFL goes to camp with five guys.  Are we going to keep five during the season?  Absolutely not.  There’s going to have to be cut down at some point in time.  There’s no reason when your roster for preseason camp is 90 to not have five quarterbacks.”

The only one of the five who is virtually certain to have a roster spot come September is Barkley.

58 responses to “Chip Kelly compares Matt Barkley to a tea bag, in a good way

  1. As USC quarterbacks go, if Barkley is a tea bag, what type of bags are Palmer, Leinart and Sanchez?

  2. good pick up…especially given that it was in the 4th round. could amount to something quite nice with very little risk…

  3. I hope they don’t get rid of Nick Foles ,he is a really good QB who reminds me of a young Tom Brady. Foles is smart,he has a good pocket presence ,he has a strong arm ,he is big ,he can read defenses and he gets rid of the ball in a hurry.

  4. I’m sorry, but I just do not see this? This is the boomerang of the draft this year.

  5. Not an Iggles fan, but I’m really intrigued by Chip Kelly. Anxious to see how he does.

  6. Intrigue is the right word. Who knows if it will work. I have not a clue. All I know is that he seems to be handling this the right way: forcing competition at every position.

  7. I wonder if we’re witnessing the beginning of the end of Vick in Philly.
    Or in the NFL for that matter.

  8. When you get a talent like this in the 4th round it is a no brainer no how it ends up. People laughed at me last year when I said I Russel Wison was as talented as any QB in the draft. Barley will become a star with Kelly. Book it.

  9. I’m not sure the whole ‘tea bag’ analogy works. Even before you put it in hot water, you know what kind of tea you have, along with a pretty good idea how it tastes as well. You know exactly what youre getting.

  10. From top 3 pick in the 2012 draft to philly’s 4th rd tea bag in 2013. Kelly just ruined this kids career on day 2 of his professional career. Tea bag. Ha ha ha ha. Joke of a team.

  11. Ironic if you ask me. USC had Heisman trophy award winners and they didn’t do much. This kid had to play in the aftermath of such. I think he made lemonade out of lemons. Could amount to something in Philly, who knows. EH?

  12. Russel Wilson’s left nut has more talent and leadership than Barkley. Barkley is probably just as good as anyone in this class but they would all be 7th rounders if you had the talent from the 2011 and 2012 classes in there. Ponder or Gabbert could’ve gone #1 overall. That says all that needs to be said

  13. It was nice to see the Eagles not constantly trade down to accumulate future 6th round picks or blow their 1st round pick on 28-year old Fireman who were projected to go in the 4th round. Andy always tried to be too cute in the draft to try to impress his peers and Chris Berman. Chip stayed put and took the best players available, going for value picks instead of guys that fit his system. Very refreshing after 14 years of Reid flubbing the draft.

  14. Chip already off to a rough start— FYI, you need tangibles to succeed in the NFL…

  15. Great get for the Eagles. On a side note: Sad to see the Skins spend the most cash and still flounder year after year. Not their fault though. Too many hurdles in the NFC East. It’s sad because I really would love for them to beat that trio! Alas, it is not to be! #alwaysfourthintheeast

  16. At first I thought this was a stupid move because I assumed that Kelly’s offense was going to require a strong armed athletic read option type QB ala Russell Wilson or Kaepernick.

    However it seems that Chip prizes intelligence and decision making above everything else and he’s willing to adept his system to his signal caller’s strengths and weaknesses.

    In a few years this may be seen as a brilliant move by the Eagles.

    Only time will tell.

  17. Barkley has horrible footwork and I didn’t like how he put usc’s lack of leadership on everyone around him and called himself a leader. I would never take a USC QB until at least one is successful in the nfl. And I don’t think it’s Barkley. Remember booty? Lol

  18. Translation:

    I don’t know what kind of tea is going to taste the best. So I have five mediocre brands of team. I will put each one into a cup of hot water, cross my fingers, and pray that one of them will taste surprisingly good. Then, I’ll tell everyone that I knew all along that that one was superior tea.

  19. Translation:

    I don’t know what kind of tea is going to taste the best. So I have five mediocre brands of tea. I will put each one into a cup of hot water, cross my fingers, and pray that one of them will taste surprisingly good. Then, I’ll tell everyone that I knew all along that that one was superior tea.

  20. Can someone explain something to me please…why is ESPN treating the pick of M. Barkley by the Eagles a surprise? In my opinion, the Giants taking R. Nassib is more of a surprise! What do you guys think?

  21. I thought that too–once he was drafted. So long Vick. I see them using Vick to start the season still–but could be wrong. I think this is Barkley’s and Foles team after this season. I agree Foles has a lot of intangibles.
    Or as Jon Gruden would say: “This guy…this guy right here. Let me tell you, he is a football player and a guy I’d love to have on my team.” Ha ha.

    But seriously, Foles could up being traded–just not this year; and then go on to have a solid career with a QB needy team.

  22. he really is correct thou,you find out what type of QB you have when they are put in hot water……think about the great QB’S thats when they responded and made those plays that made them the great players they were

  23. barkley is an overhyped player that is already a distraction for a team. look at his comments after the draft. no wonder he didnt went first or second qb in the draft. this kid has fail written all over him. i would loved for them to get glennon in the 3rd round. glennon in a very very very smart kid how knows when to shut it. he also has a monster arm. very good pick by buccaneers.

  24. This is a great pick up by the Eagles. First of all neither Vick or Foles are the future of this franchise. This city needs to end its love affair with Nick Foles, while he showed promise he didn’t show enough to keep Vick from getting the axe. A fourth round player is a player that is drafted to be developed which eliminates any pressure to name Barkley the starter in week 1. If he was taken in the second I would have been very upset with Chip/Howie though in the 4th he is a steal. Secondly, maybe people will stop attaching this “Chip needs a mobile QB to run his offense” stigma. He has yet to state what type of offense he is running and the hiring of Shurmur and the drafting of Barkley, along with keeping Nick Foles points to a more pro style offense. Vick is a QB who obviously is capable of starting and is chips placeholder until he decides on his franchise guy.

  25. When you have 5 QBs, it means you really don’t have a QB. The only times I’ve witnessed a team taking more than 3 QBs (one as a “camp arm”) is when the position is completely unsettled. Have fun with that Chip.

  26. Some posters are completely wrong about Barkley having a “bad attitude”. If You saw him during his freshman year at USC you would have thought he was Tim Tebow 2.0. The kid used a lot of “praise the lords” and “blessed by god” language. Somebody told him to dial that back, and he hasn’t spoken like that since. Don’t confuse having a chip on his shoulder because of sliding in the draft to him being the next Ryan Leaf or something. Not even close.

  27. You never know where greatness will come from. Nobody knew mike tomlin or mije smith. Nobody knew mike McCarthy either. Everyone deserves a shot. As an eagles fan, I must admit it’s breath of fresh air without Reid even though he’ll probably have KC finish second behind broncos Offcourse.

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