Chris Ivory plans to put up “crazy numbers” in Jets’ offense


In three seasons with the Saints, Chris Ivory showed off some highlight-reel runs and averaged an impressive 5.1 yards a carry. But he was buried on a crowded depth chart, and in 2012 he ran the ball only 40 times all season.

Now Ivory has been traded to the Jets, and he thinks that’s just the change he needs to become one of the best backs in the NFL.

It’s an opportunity for me to really get the carries that I deserve,” Ivory said, via the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “I put the work in every day and every week. I just feel like it’s my time. . . . I feel like I can go out there and do some great things with the opportunities I’ll be given, and I know I’m going to make the most of it. With every little glimpse I had in New Orleans, I did great things. If I’m getting more than six and seven carries a game, the sky is the limit for me. I can do some great things and put up some crazy numbers in New York.”

The Jets and Ivory have agreed to terms on a new three-year contract, and he’s viewed as their No. 1 running back going forward. If the future of the Jets’ offense is Ivory as the starting running back and Geno Smith as the starting quarterback, most Jets fans would gladly take that over a pairing of Bilal Powell and Mark Sanchez.

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  1. The Jets got a gem of a running back in Ivory. In the crowded RB stable that New Orleans has, Ivory has been an unsung talent and deserves no. 1 RB status.

    So best wishes and good luck to Chris as he moves to the big city to show off his talent.

    Jets fans, you’re gonna love to watch him run.

  2. He’s a terrific power running back but he also has some downside. He gets hurt often, he puts the ball on the ground, his pass receiving skills are suspect, and he doesn’t block very well in pass protection. It was still a good trade for both teams. The Saints get a 4th rounder for a player who didn’t cost them anything and the Jets get a proven running back who is likely better than anyone they might have found in the 4th round. Win win.

  3. Ivory is a beast and IF he stays healthy, will put up some big numbers for the Jets. Glad to see him go to a team where he will get more carries. Best of luck from the Who Dat Nation.

  4. Ivory is right, the sky is the limit for him. Unfortunately his is his own worst enemy. He must stay healthy and keep the football safe. As a Saints fan, I wanted him to be our feature back, but his own issues are what kept him off the field. I wish him the best and hope he can stay healthy. He can be one of the best in this league as long as he can stay on the field. The Saints did not keep him around for no reason. I believe we would not have drafted Ingram if Ivory could have stayed on the field. He has the quickness to not have to take so many hits.

  5. Ivory is a beast. That being said it was a good trade. You either keep Ivory for one more year before he hits free agency or get a 4th round pick with potential to keep for at least 4 years. Made sense both ways.

  6. Chris Ivory played my team and got time a few years ago. They couldn’t stop him. He has great vision and really good busts and power. Jets picked up a good back because the Saints had 4 solid guys.

  7. Very disappointed to see Ivory go but happy he will get a chance with the Jets. Can’t help thinking Peyton and Loomis held on to the wrong power back.

  8. Good luck Chris Ivory! You were my favorite Saints player~even beyond Brees! I’m still SICK that they traded you and kept Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas!

    I agree~you’ll put up crazy numbers in New York and become an all-pro. Meanwhile, the Saints RBs will still be getting 3 yards and a cloud of artificial carpet pellets.

    I’ll be pulling for you buddy! You have the gift. Now go shine bright like a diamond in the Big Apple.

  9. OK….it’s time someone does a drug test on the water in Jets practice facility. Every Jet player and coach can’t wait to make stupid predictions and guarantees……gotta be the water or they got ahold of some of Sean Payton’s vicodin. We’ve heard the guarantees for years from Rex, Sanchez and Co. and yesterday Geno Smith gets drafted and promises a SB, now Chris Ivory an average RB at best is going to set the world on fire. The NFL needs to test these dudes.

  10. Me and my brother loved it whenever this guy got the ball, cause he would literally knock people out of the way. But we also cringed sometimes cause he would take on tacklers without lowering his shoulder, and sometimes we thought he would get his head knocked off. But he is, as several have already said, a BEAST!! Good luck Chris Ivory!

  11. Chris Ivory plans to put up “crazy numbers” in Jets’ offense


    I believe him. After all, he got traded to the asylum.

  12. Sure Chris….whatever you say…and when the opposing defenses show no fear of that vaunted Jets passing game and stack the front to stop the run?….ummmm….yeaaaaaahhhhhh

  13. If he stays healthy, I’ve got no doubt he’s going to be a monster. He’s the kind of brutal runner that you hate to tackle, which is exactly what they want in their offense. His pass catching ability is lacking, but if they play to his strengths he probably will put up crazy numbers.

    Wish we could have kept him or gotten a 3rd rounder; he’s talented enough to warrant it. I just hope he doesn’t run all over us when we face them this year.

  14. What is it with the Jets, they draft a Qb in the second round and he is claiming they will make the playoffs, trade for a RB and now he claims he is going to put up crazy numbers, the Head Coach has previously guaranteed two Superbowls and qualified for none.

    Try eating the salary cap for Sanchez and Tebow in the same season and that way you wouldn’t be using your mouth to do so much talking.

  15. On the Saints he got all those yards even when the opposing defense knew it was a run. They literally never threw to Ivory and he sucked in pass protection. So if he can catch its going to be a bad trade for the Saints because they might have lost a great running back. Pierre Thomas was superior, though.

  16. I just wish that just once a guy would say; “I’m going to be really average, maybe below average. While I hope we win we’re likely going to suck and this seasons going to blow”…

  17. The rebuilding of the Jets has begun. Back to the AFC Championship in NEVER

    here i fixed that for u

  18. You will not get “lost in the mix” with a average of over 5 yrds a carry. You’d have to have other issues that “push” you out of the mix. Fumbles or injuries maybe?

  19. deanvernonwormer says:Apr 27, 2013 10:52 AM

    The rebuilding of the Jets has begun. Back to the AFC Championship in 2014??

    With only 2 division titles since the merger… lol.. it is clear that the trips to any Championship was a fluke.
    Enjoy the cellar jet fans

  20. damn good pickup. best rb the jets had since curtis martin and i been saying for atleast 3 years now someone should of traded for ivory bec he would of already been on my team 2 years ago. he has a great situation and the jets actually made a great move..

  21. hmmmmm……building a killer defense…..strengthening the O line and running game…..??? underrated and mailgned rookie QB hmmm last time….last time we did this….we beat bengals and chargers in the playoffs….on the road


  22. Don’t think this is going to go quite like it’s playing out in his head. In N.O. you have a serious passing threat opening up the running game. In jersey you have… mark sanchez? or a rookie, or a tebow, or a gerrard.. well you seem to have a lot, just not a qb that can actually produce anything resembling a passing attack.

  23. Pretty awful job by the Jets getting a guy who has actually played in the league for a fourth round pick. Pretty awful job addressing needs on the offensive line, at the quarterback position, and in the secondary with a value based approach. What the heck are they doing in that Circus town!

  24. Geno Smith did not guarantee a Super Bowl. He said the Jets were going to make the playoffs. Ivory said he’ll put up crazy numbers. What do you want them to say? We want to be the Arizona Cardinals? Or, how about, “we’ll be as good as Jacksonville.
    These players are winners.

  25. Tebow will likely be the starting RB, so this guy will be a solid backup. With Timmy in the backfield, he can take advantage of the defense by mixing in a pass every so often, and we all saw what he did to the steelers…

  26. Hail to the Saints fans! They have class!!

    Most Jets haters here talk about circus, Rex, toes , etc.
    No more Tebow to knock.

    Commercial’s over, get back to Big Bang Theory.

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