Could Bills still nab Nassib?

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The fourth round of last year’s draft began with a stunner.  After giving up three first-round picks and a second-round pick to secure the services of quarterback Robert Griffin III, the Redskins devoted their fourth-round pick not on one of the other areas of need, but on another quarterback.

Kirk Cousins came off the board with the seventh pick in the fourth round, the Redskins were criticized for setting up another potential Heath Shuler-Gus Frerotte fiasco, and then they were praised when Cousins was able to play — and play well — after Griffin suffered a December knee injury.

This year, the Bills traded down from No. 8 to No. 16, selecting quarterback E.J. Manuel.  And as their fourth-round pick looms, the player coach Doug Marrone tutored at Syracuse remains available.

So would the Bills take Nassib?  Manuel, a mobile quarterback, presents similar injury risks as Griffin.  The more a quarterback runs with the ball, the more he’s exposed to the kind of hit that will knock him out for a series, a quarter, a game, a month, or a season.  With Nassib already knowing the system that the Bills are installing, he becomes a great insurance policy — and an excellent tutor for Manuel.

So pay attention when the Bills prepare to use the eighth overall pick in round four.  Crazier things have happened.

Like when the Redskins took Cousins last year.

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  1. Could they? Sure. It’s not impossible. They have other needs, but if he’s far and away the best value, it wouldn’t surprise.

    Should they? Personally, I would say no. I don’t think this is exactly the same as the RG3/Cousins dynamic. RG3 was a bit more polished and ready than Manuel is right now. Nassib would come in far more ready to help than Manuel (particularly since he would have a grasp on the offense), which would make for an odd dynamic.

    Then, you factor in that the Bills have a stopgap QB to turn to, so you’d be drafting your number 3. Sure, the Redskins had Grossman, but everyone was ready to move on from Rex. I think Kolb will be given a shot to play, and if not Kolb, Tarvaris Jackson.

    With so many other needs, I really don’t think the Bills should be drafting a number 3 QB in the 4th/5th, particularly someone who might be more ready to help than their first overall, but with far less upside.

  2. I agree with toonsterwu. They could but I don’t see it happening. You never know though. I’ll be interested in seeing how the rest of the draft shakes out after I get home from fishing today. Not enough intrigue for me to sit and watch the rest though.

  3. One can only hope. Thought they would take him before. They may have the pieces they need for the future!!!!!! @footbalady52 🏈

  4. Would be a fairly cagey strategic move for the Bills…It would solidify the position, serve as a hedge against injury, and enable them to possibly flip one or the other (whoever doesn’t start) in a few years for a draft pick or picks.
    Kolb or Jackson is likely to start initially there,with the other probably released or traded, with Manuel being worked in gradually, and not force fed. Having both Manuel and Nassib in the fold could be a good thing for them.

  5. after what skins did last year i thought it was a brilliant move. but if the bills did grab nassib it would remind me more of jimmy johnson taking aikman and walsh to fight it out to be the starter.

  6. Wouldn’t work. Cousins came in knowing that the RG3 would start no matter what due to the large haul they gave up to get him. Cousins is hoping to shine in his backup starts and get a Kolb/Flynn deal someday.

    Nassib probably thought HE was going to the Bills at pick 16. He would come in angry, and would only want to be the starter. He would not be helpful to Manuel.

  7. A team can never win without a steady QB. I think you draft another one no matter what. Its the first piece to the puzzle.

  8. Personally, with Manuel, Kolb, and Jackson already on the roster, I don’t see why they would want to have 4 QB’s on the roster going into the season. The Bills still need help getting a guard to replace Levitre. They also could use help in the secondary, a TE (remember, Chandler tore his ACL at the end of the year) and possibly another DE. I think the Bills could look at Alex Okafor (DE, Texas), Barret Jones (OG, Alabama), or Philip Lutzenkirchen (TE, Auburn). I do, however, see the Bills taking a QB in the 6th or 7th if they fall that far, which I don’t expect will happen.

  9. I thought the samething! Take Nassib & either dump Kolb who still has concussion symptoms or use Nassib as trade bait?

    Then again we need a tall CB & TE?

  10. With Griffin, they went with the theory that two is one, one is none.
    Good call. He’ll be hurt a lot.

  11. Good idea. They can spend two draft picks on quarterbacks they’ll cut in 2015.

  12. The situations are a little different. The Redskins had an actual need to add a backup QB. At the time of the draft, they had absolute dreck on the roster at the position. The Bills have Kolb, who is certainly a passable backup QB, and lots of other holes to fill.

  13. Why do so many people think that all of the rookies are automatically better than the QB’s already in the league? Nassib is ready to outplay Kolb? Really? Bills need an O-Lineman or two.

  14. They certainly have too many holes to fill to be taking luxury picks, even late in the draft.

    They picked Manuel, no need to second guess it now. Everybody’s getting fired if he doesn’t work out. That’s the cut and dry reality. Buddy Nicks is lucky he survived that horrible decision to pay Ryan Fitzpatrick to be his starter.

  15. when you go as long as some teams go without success andmuch of that has to do with lack of qb in a qb driven league.. id be drafting 2 per year til you find at the worst a matt ryan or at the best brady…

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