Draft dries up Bradshaw’s current options


On Friday, free-agent running back Ahmad Bradshaw received full clearance to resume football activities.

On Friday and Saturday, all teams that had interest in Bradshaw filled their needs via draft picks.

The interested teams were the Steelers, Packers, Broncos, and Bengals.  And those four teams added a total of seven running backs in the last two days.

The Steelers selected Le’Veon Bell in round two.  The Packers picked Eddie Lacy in round two and Johnathan Franklin in round four.  The Broncos picked Montee Ball in round two.  And the Bengals added Giovani Bernard in the second round, and Rex Burkhead in the sixth round.

The Steelers also signed former Cardinals running back La’Rod Stephens-Howling as a free agent on Friday.

So, basically, Bradshaw will likely have to wait for options to arise elsewhere.  The good news is that injuries are inevitable, and eventually someone will need to give Bradshaw a call.

38 responses to “Draft dries up Bradshaw’s current options

  1. considering how few running backs were taken in the early rounds, the era of the position is not as highly prized anymore.

    I hope that Bradshaw can come back healthy, but the days of being a highly paid/coveted RB in the NFL may be over for a while.

  2. He will probably end up in Minnesota. With no viable QB they will end up pushing Peterson too hard. No one can do that two years in a row. He will probably be on IR by week 5.

  3. nah, if Peterson goes down, they have Toby to carry the load (not as good as AP, but who is) – Bradshaw would be a nice compliment to Peterson thou.

    Maybe the lions or dolphins pick up Bradshaw.

  4. If I were him, I would be knocking on the steelers door every day. They drafted ANOTHER powerback and could use him as a change of pace guy. He can come outta the backfield and has plenty of heart to grind out the pain and tough yards, just what the steelers like.

  5. This “era” people are commenting on is non-sense. It’s about talent. If there is talent then teams, schemes everything in the league will revolve around it. To everyone commenting that this RB “era” is over also go look up the profootballreference.com pages of these dudes named Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, Marshawn Lynch, Jamaal Charles, C.J. Spiller, Alfred Morris, Arian Foster & Ray Rice. Eight of the top ten overall leaders in yards from scrimmage are RB’s….and it’s been that way for years.

  6. I’m shocked Bradshaw hasn’t been signed, hopeful he goes back to the Giants somehow. It would be odd seeing him where another uniform.

  7. A lot of these players never grow up, they think they’re not replaceable. They think they’re more than what they’re really worth.

  8. NJG and Tokyo got it right.

    Vikings need a back-up to keep the drives alive. Bradshaw a strong and physical No. 2

    But the Jets don’t need to waste another minute waiting to figure this out … Sign Bradshaw and start him!

    He’d have to miss eight games to equal the (lack of) production of Shonn Greene. He’s cleared to play and could net a grand for Sanchez or Geno, both of whom will need it.

    Don’t be dumber, Green!

  9. He’ll sign with the Steelers,…. yeah he’s coming back from a foot injury but it will heal its not like it was a career ender and he still has a lot in the tank ….. this dude is proven and he’s better than what the Steelers currently have on their roster and their considering trading who in many people’s mind is their best back in Dwyer , besides Redman is what we knew he was ((a good backup)) and……..?????? I forgot meaning their not worth mentioning and Bell was a banger in college but if he stands up in the hole like he’s prone to do how many AFCN division games you think he’s going to last in? …Get him for insurance get him as a co-starter ala fast Willie Green/Jerome Bettis …and we know how that tandem worked out…so why not Bradshaw/Bell….hell it even has a ring to it..lol

  10. If you are currently an NFL running back and you are reading this….open up a savings account and put all of your money into it.

  11. wonder if we’d be having this conversation if he had learned how to stay out if the end zone

  12. Ray Rice is a very big part of the Ravens offense. One of the reasons the Steelers went 8 – 8 is that they really had no viable running threat. It is not that teams don’t want running backs; it’s that they think that you can get a good one in later rounds. It’s Fullbacks that few teams want. It will all cycle back again. It always does.

  13. This is ridiculous, dudes 27 years old, runs through walls while hurt, has averaged 1000 yards a yr every season while we’ve been running dual running back offenses, and shonne green gets a job somewhere, lol someone needs to sign this guy

  14. I’m an eagles fan and I love this guy… he is a beast injured! I’d take him. You might say they already have Bryce brown but chip is gunna run a lot of split backfield with McCoy and brown. So he could come in and take a load of those guys and he is a great short yard guy. Seems he breaks his biggest runs on 3rd and short

  15. Call me krazy, but I love Brad’s nasty style of mixing it up – and I *still* think he’d make a perfect Pittsburgh Steeler.

    Yeah, we signed Stephens-Howling and drafted Bell – but I would love to see Brad bring his brand of hard-nosed running to the ‘Burgh. He would look damned good wearing the Black and Gold!

  16. How is this dude not signed? Aside from getting a little mouthy with Coughlin one game last season, he has been a model player. He delivers when asked and plays hurt. This makes little sense.

  17. He aughta be blowing up Reggie Mckenzie’s phone. Mcfadden is always hurt and who did they really replace Goodson with…Rashad Jennings who is awful. Bradshaw shouldn’t have a problem beating out Jeremy Stewart or their 6th round pick who I never heard of before.

  18. He needs to sign as a backup to where a RB could go down.


    Who is behind Peterson in Minny and Martin in Tampa?

  19. Seen a lot of teams mentioned, didn’t read every post but I’m lost that nobody mentioned Chargers.

    Ryan matthews has missed on average something like 4 games a year plus, the back up is danny woodhead, which is good but he’s not overly talented.

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