Eagles trade to top of fourth, take Matt Barkley


The wait is over for Southern Cal quarterback Matt Barkley.

The Eagles gave up a seventh-rounder to move up from 101st to 98th in the fourth round, and chose Barkley.

The move up was likely necessary to get him before the Chiefs or Raiders, who might have taken the guy many thought was a first-rounder.

Barkley doesn’t seem like a natural style fit with Chip Kelly and the Eagles, but Kelly’s won with different types of quarterbacks, and now with Michael Vick, Nick Foles and Dennis Dixon on had, they have another player with which to work.

45 responses to “Eagles trade to top of fourth, take Matt Barkley

  1. The Eagles are about to know what it feels like to get Shurmured. If they really are running the west coast offense they’re in trouble. Pat Shurmur is awful.

  2. Poor kid. If this isn’t a lesson in leave school early while your stock is high then nothing is

  3. I’m not crazy about Barkley given the down year, but you don’t need a fast quaterback to run a hurry up quick play offense. You need a quaterback who can make quick smart decisions. Tom Brady ran a version of Chip Kelly’s offense last year and he has lead feet. Peyton Manning loves the no huddle quick striking offense and he also is slow as a turtle. Just saying.

  4. I’m not sure how I feel about it, however, it shows that Chip doesn’t need a mobile QB to run his offense in the NFL. Matt Barkley is a solid QB, but I think I’d be happier with a guy like Jesse Williams from ‘Bama or Jordan Poyer from Oregon State.

    But I’m excited to see if he can play in the big leagues with Chip.

  5. Barkley has done nothing to change the perception that he’s just another USC hype machine product. The Eagles probably will regret wasting a pick on this guy.

    Teams whom I have nothing against taking players who will not help them. Ugh.

  6. yea. Shurmur is easily one of the worst play callers I have ever seen in the NFL. Hopefully for Phiilys sake all he will be is Kellys puppet because he is just beyond awful.

  7. Wow. SMH. I really just don’t get this pick. I don’t like it. But I guess there is value if he beats out Dixon

  8. Been thinking the Jets would be perfect for Hard Knocks this year; now I’m thinking the Eagles might be way more fun to watch.

  9. Folks – first of all, they are not running the West Coast Offense and Shurmur will not be calling the plays. It’s Chip’s Offense. Shurmur is basically there to do all the grunt work during the week preparing for an opponent that Kelly will not have time for.

    Second – Kelly has repeatedly told Eagles leadership he will adapt his Offense to the talent he has to put the players in the best position to make plays based on their unique talents – not jamming square pegs in round holes in the name of his scheme. (What a concept, huh? Not sure why Andy Reid never got that.)

  10. since Randall Cunningham the only white QBs the Eagles have started were

    Bobby Hoying
    Doug Pederson
    Ty Detmer
    Koy Detmer
    Mike McMahon
    Jeff Garcia
    AJ Feeley
    Kevin Kolb

    And none of these guys lasted more than a few games. With that being said, not sure how long Barkley is gonna last. If it was me I would have rolled the dice with Denard Robinson, purely off his hair style and the probability that he owns every Lil Wayne CD. Go Eagles!

  11. justintuckrule says: Apr 27, 2013 12:16 PM
    Poor kid. If this isn’t a lesson in leave school early while your stock is high then nothing is

    These guys are rock stars at USC and Hollywood while they are there, that is why they don’t leave. It has nothing to do with “complement an education: which they try to pass it off as. Lienhart and Sanchez made the same mistakes.

  12. Lane Kiffin cost this dude millions winning him over with his rah rah rah let’s win a title. filled him with visions of USC glory. Barkley had everything to lose and nothing to gain. I really feel bad for him.

  13. Not the mobile QB we all expected but Eagles just drafted a guy with incredible intangibles, football IQ, and ability to read defenses. In a fast paced, no-huddle offense, how about a guy that can develop into a coach on the field and can audible and make adjustments on the fly. Great pick and a real steal.

  14. Chip has college football mentality where he can carry 7 QBs but in NFL having 3 QBs on the roster is a luxury so someone isn’t going to make the roster. And there are current contracts to consider.

    Any fool can see Barkley doesn’t fit into that offense. Good luck with that iggles and enjoy another year at the bottom of the EAST.

  15. Apparently no one wants t listen to a thing Chip Kelly says. Since he was hired, he’s said he wants to collect great football players and then build a scheme to maximize their abilities, not the other way around. Chip has had success with guys like Dennis Dixon but also success with guys like Ricky Santos.

    If you want to understand the pick and what he’s trying to do just listen to him. He’s telling everyone but no one hears him.

  16. Every team in the league will go into camp with at least four if not five quarterbacks. Kinne is camp fodder. Dixon’s a long shot. Not sure why everyone thinks it’s unusual to have five quarterbacks for camp.

  17. great pick. there is zero risk to be had and if Barkley is nothing more than AJ Feely that’s still great value. Vick plays better under scrutiny, Foles became an NFL starter by default and needs competition. Dixon will sell out trying to make this team and be a great teammate, and Kinne? well actually he is the most athletic of Vicks back-ups and could be faster than Vick at this stage in their respective careers. Nice pick Chip.

  18. The white/ black QB thing in Philly is hilarious btw. Not sure why it works out that way but the brothas play better than the bros in the city of brotherly love. Let’s see how this works out this year.

  19. Taking Matt Barkley in the fourth round is the STEAL of the 2013 draft. Odds are Vick will not stay healthy and the Eagles trade Noles to the Chiefs. Barkley could be starting for the Eagles this year. And he has a big Chip looking over his shoulder .

  20. I would only approve of the pick if the exchange involved Nick Foles. It makes no sense to keep Foles if the Eagles wanted to trade him for a 3rd Rounder because Barkley is like a 3rd Round pick as it is ahead of pick #100.

    Foles’ ex-QB coach from AZ is in Jacksonville.

  21. I have to give it to Kelly in this draft, he is not afraid to go against the grain of what people think his style is. Solid moves in this draft.

  22. Anybody who thinks Pat Schurmer is running the offense is an idiot. This is the Chip Kelly show 100%. Anybody who thinks Chip Kelly’s offense or Chip Kelly is a gimmick or one trick pony is speaking from ignorance. Getting a talent like Barkley in the 4th round is a steal. Fact is the Pats with Brady are running Kelly’s offense so people, especially the imbeciles in Philly need to calm down because you lucked out with Kelly.

  23. I don’t know much about football, but from what I read about him in the last article about him this morning, this just seems like a low risk high reward move.

    Worst that happens, he sucks and the eagles wasted a 4th and 7th round pick.

  24. This is a great pick. Write it down, Matt is going to surprise a lot of people. He will have time to learn. He has always been the starter. I can’t believe we got him. He is also a leader.

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