Jets paid $1 million to trade Revis

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The dust slowly is settling on the Darrelle Revis trade.  And Jets owner Woody Johnson is a little lighter in the wallet than he likely hoped to be.

Now that the Jets have exercised the first-round pick they received from the Buccaneers, it fairly can be said that the Jets traded Revis for Sheldon Richardson and a third-round pick.  It also can be said that the Jets paid $1 million to make the trade happen.

The presence of Revis on the roster as of the fifth day of the league year triggered a $1 million roster bonus.  But the bonus wasn’t paid at the time; the actual transfer of money comes later.  Many assumed that all of the player’s prior pay for 2013 fell within the scope of his new $16 million compensation package from the Bucs.

All of it did — except for the $1 million roster bonus.

We’ve gotten our hands on the contract.  Here’s the language:  “Furthermore, the New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers agree and understand that at the time of this trade Darrelle Revis’ 2013 Bonus for the Player’s Presence on Club’s 80-man roster on 5th Day of the 2013 League Year vested while Darrelle Revis was a member of the New York Jets roster and therefore the entire 2013 Roster Bonus in the amount of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) shall be paid by the New York Jets.”

The bonus vested on Saturday, March 16.  At the time, the Jets and Bucs were believed to be on the brink of a deal.  The Jets, presumably, held out for greater compensation from Tampa Bay.

Though it’s not clear whether Sheldon Richardson and a third-round pick represents more or the same (or less) than what the Bucs were willing to surrender as of March 16, the Jets had a million reasons to get the deal done before the $1 million became earned.

That’s why it was news at the time.  Some actually thought that reference to the bonus arose from a belief that the Jets would cut Revis in order to avoid it.  Of course, that wasn’t going to happen.

But the Jets could have traded him by March 16 to avoid the bonus.  And they ultimately could have insisted as part of the trade that the Bucs pay it.

They didn’t.  And now Revis will make not $16 million but $17 million in 2013.

30 responses to “Jets paid $1 million to trade Revis

  1. “it fairly can be said that the Jets traded Revis for Sheldon Richardson and a third-round pick”

    You can’t ignore the fact that it’s a 5 year cost controlled Sheldon Richardson as opposed to 1 year of Revis.

  2. 5 more and the Jets can have a starting lineup of nothing but quarterbacks, that’s ground breaking and just another example of Ryan genius. Who needs Revis when you can have 6 quarterbacks? Revolutionary I say. heh

  3. It’s easy for everyone to continue to hate on the Jets front office. As a fan, I’m excited to have John Idzik as the GM.

    Everyone needs to remember the cluster that he inherited. With what he had in place, all his moves are really great.

    In isolation, they aren’t all successful, but in context to his player personal limitations and cap space, he’s doin’ work!

  4. Change the name of this site to
    Reasoning is most of the stories are about the Jets. Everyday its Jets. Who really cares? And the Super Bowl is in New Jersey? In the dead of winter? Outside? That’s a joke. Report on how the Jets FIXED that deal.

  5. This was a lose / lose situation for the Jets. They only had one legitimate trading partner in the Bucs and that limited their options.

    Revis isn’t worth $16M a year. Not that he isn’t an outstanding corner, but with the salary cap as it is today, you can’t afford to pay a corner that much unless you are the Bucs and typically way under the cap. You also have to be a team that isn’t paying a QB starting QB money. This really narrows the number of teams who could even consider it.

    What you can pick apart are the two picks in round 1 that the Jets made. One of the worst offenses in the league last year….and they picked two defensive players.

  6. Its great to see all these articles about the Jets. Just think we can fast forward to next year when all the speculation will be about what the Jets will do with the first pick in the 2014 draft.

    After Geno Smith flames out, the decision will be between Clowney & Manziel since the new front office and HC will want their own players.

  7. In a way a person has to commend the JETS because fewer teams, if any at all, were in a worse position relative to cap space, dead money committed to a lame duck quarterback(s) and a dearth of draft picks. Sometimes things have to get worse before they can ever get better and ridding the team of “Me-first” Island and, now, drafting a QB and restructuring D’Brick’s contract are moves in the right direction.

    But who will groom Smith? Have the JETS not learned they must have a real authority on offense to groom a new QB?

  8. A billionare spending wasting millions of dollars on a pro athelete is news all of a sudden? You know, if you guys covered all of Footbell half as “good” as you cover the Jets, this might actually be a credible website.

    PFT breaking news-Jets center Nick Mangold prefers “Charmin” toilet paper over “Scotts”.

  9. Is it me, or is there nothing new about this story?

    Wasn’t it amply reported that he got a $1 million roster bonus from the Jets several weeks ago?

    Well, I guess you can’t resist *another* Revis/Jets story.

  10. .

    Tampa has upgraded their roster considerably with the additions of Revis, CB Banks and QB Glennon. They still have 5 picks left.

    This team should be very competitive next year.


  11. A hell of a lot better than the Carson Palmer trade. I think the Jets did the right thing for once. The Jets secondary played pretty well without Revis, I did not see so much difference. I think the Jets did pretty well so far in this weeks draft because of the Revis trade. But as always, time will tell.

  12. The real benefit to the Jets trade is the yearly cap space created by it. Notwithstanding the 1st and 3rd next year. Revis will be paid 16 mill a season. Richardson 2 or 3 mill for next 5 years. That’s 13 million dollars of cap space free each season times 5 years. That’s 65 million dollars of cap space over 5 years. That’s a lot of players that you can sign just by having Revis off the books. 13 million each off-season.

  13. hartdaddy says: Apr 27, 2013 9:08 AM

    A billionare spending wasting millions of dollars on a pro athelete is news all of a sudden? You know, if you guys covered all of Footbell half as “good” as you cover the Jets, this might actually be a credible website.

    PFT breaking news-Jets center Nick Mangold prefers “Charmin” toilet paper over “Scotts”.
    Still beats NFL.coms obsessive articles on draft day fashions. i was waiting for a Kardashigan to start conducting interviews on the NFL network.

  14. It’s not a 1 for 1 thing with picking players in that spot. Would they have taken Milliner with Revis on the roster? Or Geno Smith even, maybe (part of full rebuild)?

  15. The Jets fans better get out the paper bags and learn to enjoy fourt place in the afc east. This draft has been a disaster. They did replace Revis but that only brings them back to square 1.
    They reached for Richardson and drafting Geno made no sense if you wanted a qb who isnt prone to fumbling.

    The Jets place all the offensive woes on Sanchize but look what he has around him. So instead of adding a WR or a TE or some Oline help all they did was replace what they lost while Buffalo got much better, the Dolphins added some great pieces, and the Pats added a deep threat and strengthened their defense.

    Jets are going 3-13 this year tops.

  16. Honestly people…there’s a lot that goes into rebuilding. Especially when you’re in the financial state of the jets. They could have taken the fragmented route and picked offense and defense. But, what unit actually gets better that way? They instead systematically made the defensive unit their strong suit. You build on your strengths, not your weaknesses. As time goes on they will make moves to enhance the offense. The Jets aren’t going to be good any time soon…it’s a 2-3 year process. The Geno pick was bad in the sense that the line should be intact when you pick your QB. Otherwise it’s a train wreck waiting to happen. Hang on there Jets fans!!

    From a Saints fan

  17. Say like Dr. Evil: “one million dollars”! It’s chump change nowadays: right, Dr. Evil?

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