Matt Barkley says he’ll remember the QBs taken ahead of him


Tom Brady, the 199th overall pick in the 2000 NFL draft, has been known to think about the six quarterbacks selected ahead of him that year as a form of motivation. Matt Barkley, the 98th overall pick in this year’s NFL draft, says he’s going to have a similar mindset.

“You visualize all the picks that went in front of you, especially the other quarterbacks,” Barkley told Scott Wolf of the Los Angeles Daily News. “I’m going to remember this weekend for a long time and so are the teams that didn’t draft me.”

For the record, the quarterbacks drafted ahead of Barkley were E.J. Manuel, Geno Smith and Mike Glennon. And the teams that didn’t draft Barkley are all 31 teams besides the Eagles — every team had a chance at Barkley and passed.

So if Barkley needed any motivation, this draft has given him plenty.

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  1. I still think he’s the best overall QB in the draft. I don’t knock him being injured last year, ot for that idiot Lane Kiffin’s force feed offensive style, and I hate that the knock against him has to do with Carson Palmer and Leinart, as if all players from the same school are all the same.

    Hope this kid has a Greg career

  2. Matt Barkley is a damn good QB. I was hoping he came out last year so my redskins could take him. I see him starting by week 12 after Foles poops the bed and Vick is sidelined with another concussion.

  3. He’ll get plenty of chances as soon as Vick A. Starts throwing picks B. Dropping the ball while avoiding sacks C. Gets hurt because he still thinks he can out run 12 other men D. All the above.

    You choose

  4. Most OVERATTED line draft week every year, Zack Follet washed my car last week, I doubt the 31 other teams remember him either

  5. Will he add RG3 and Andrew Luck to that list too? Because he would have been chosen a few picks after them had he come out last season.

  6. Yeah. Go ahead and remember them cuz they’ll be in the league longer than you.

  7. well, sure, but if I had to guess I’d expect that no one will remember Matt Barkley

  8. This bum also said he would’ve been drafted ahead of RG3. His mouth overloads his brain. Welcome to the 4th round. Should’ve came out before you were exposed. Co$t you millions.

  9. he will remember because they’re playing & he’s not – so I would agree – he will remember them…

  10. If he needs that to motivate him to do his job, I wouldn’t want him. Paycheck should be enough.

    “Oh I hate those Broncos for not drafting me. They could use a future bust from USC right about now…”

  11. He would be better served to learn the playbook and try to prove something on the field. All these guys that need artificial motivation are getting old.

  12. I’ll give you a few other names to remember that were chosen before you

    Matt Leinhart
    Mark Sanchez

  13. Whatever helps him. Chip on his shoulder? sure, if it helps him become a great player, why not?

    But it is tiring to see grown men conjure up imaginary chips on their shoulder to pump themselves up?

    This is a business after all, none of the teams have an obligation to draft any particular player.

  14. Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Sean Salisbury, Rodney Peete, Pat Haden, Matt Cassel, Bill Nelsen, Pete Beathard, Vince Evans, Paul McDonald, Todd Marinovich, Rob Johnson AND John David Booty…..Matt Barkley.

    Thats some list!

  15. That’s what the last 10 qaurterbacks from USC said. Their problem is they get coddled and spoiled in every aspect of life on and off the field. Socal is never never land. I used to live there. Great place to visit.

  16. He may fail. He may succeed. Where he was picked though is where he had value so it’s a great pick by my Eagles. If he had gone in the first or 2nd it would be a horrible pick, but as a 4th rounder he has great value.

  17. Is he gonna throw more or less picks to the teams he ‘remembers’? I can’t tell if he is happy or mad.

  18. Remember the Qbs ahead?
    like as for X-mas? or tip some malt liquor for his hommies?
    Maybe Barks should concentrate on remembering a playbook.

  19. Why in the world does any player need motivation beyond the motivation of “I’m making more money than 90 % of the world to play a GAME”. The amount of money paid to these prima donnas should be all the motivation needed

  20. I will remember for you Mark-I mean Leinart-I mean Carson-I mean……what was your name again?

  21. He only has himself to blame. He chose to be the starter again for USC and get paid nothing over the Cleveland Browns who would have paid him 1st round money. What a bonehead.

  22. I dont know what’s worse. Barkley making that statement , or these “arm chair” commandos that never played the game at his level anyway.

    That always astounds me. Football irreverence from people that arent in the league at all.

    Could anybody on this thread out pass him or Leinart or Palmer..or even Cassell?

    People should think before they run their mouth. I’m not defending the guy , but really – Did any of you play?

  23. Matt Barkley was drafted to the wrong system. Chip Kelly may have a creative mind, but there is no way Barkley can come in and run the same type of offense as Mike Vick.

  24. Technically, he could be right just by being a career back up because I think most of the other guys will be out of the league altogether in two years.

  25. First off, I could care less about Matt Barkley or the Trojans… Don’t have a dog in this.

    A. Matt Barkley had his name called by an NFL team on draft weekend. Something every keyboard GM on here will (in my best Taylor Swift singing voice) never ever ever hear.

    B. Everyone comes on here and blasts kids for leaving college and running for the money. We finally have a kid who DID stay in college, and did chase a national championship, and it bit him in the behind.

    These kids are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. While the 32 owners on the pro level and NCAA on the collegiate level rake in billions of dollars off their backs.

    The reality is, these kids are chasing their dreams and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

    As for everyone on here questioning his motivation line….. Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady have uttered the same line about all the teams that passed them up. Are we going to criticize them or the results they have achieved from it?

    KG finds a reason to hate every team he plays, to provide extra motivation.

    Personally, I hope the kid breaks the streak of bust USC qbs. I’m rooting for him.

  26. Then step up or get stepped on.
    Now is your time.
    Own it.
    Not like you did at USC and laid down while you were getting STOMPED on.
    Stand and deliver or shut up.
    Man Stupid in San D. better step up too.
    I wish you the best.

  27. Never ever draft a quarterback from USC. They are and always have been overrated.

  28. He can thank Sanchez for the drop. Just think how much more experience Barkley has and he dinged by a guy taking pictures in white tank tops.

  29. He’s Jimmy Clausen, just less deuchey. Good luck, but I don’t see the talent.

  30. Well if I know the Eagles i’m sure this kid will get a chance to play this year! Seems like Eagles are know for having 3rd string QB’s play weather it’s due to injury or performance! Hope the kid does well! I hate the Eagles but can’t hate a player because they drafted him! GL buddy show everyone what they missed out on!

  31. P.S. BTW if you don’t do well in Philly they are going to eat you alive! You’ll never be the same once leaving that city! hehe

  32. last year everyone made fun of the Redskins for drafting a QB in the 4th round. Now teams are doing the same thing. mmmmmm. That’s right get used to following the best team in all of pro. football. Your WASHINGTON REDSKINS.!!!!

  33. Wellllll! The Eagles had 3 chances to draft him too. But passed 3 times before seeing the light. Or the best no risk deal on the board. But i do like this kid’s attitude about it all. Geno Smith’s too. Some QB, or 2-3, in this draft is going to make them pay the price for oversight. Just like Joe Montana, Russell Wilson and others did. There”s something about Barkley that’s hard to pin down. So I’ll explain it the way I see it. There are John Elway type drafts and there are Joe Montana/Tom Brady type drafts. They often produce a few unexpected HOF’ers. If there is a hidden Joe Montana & Tom Brady in this draft, I’d lay odds that it is Matt Barkley and Dino Smith. Just because of what they went through.

  34. The guy can play. Bottom line Barkley played through a 3rd degree shoulder separation that he is still rehabbing and is the reason why he dropped. Barkley is ultra competitive, and lives in the film room. Taking him in the 4th round was a no brainer for Kelly who knows Barkley like a book.

  35. I really wanted Barkley for the Raiders in the 4th round, I thought he would fall there to the Raiders. So strange though for the green birds to take him with this pick and the offensive style that Kelly likes to play with.

    I feel really sorry for this kid, this is not where he needed to go.

  36. Good thing he didn’t come out last year. The Browns would have taken him in the first round with the 3rd pick and been stuck with him.

  37. Yet another over-rated USC QB. Guess I wasn’t the only unimpressed individual watching this.

  38. I find it funny how Matt Barkley dropped so much in the draft….I think 3 things caused this major drop….Aundrey Walker getting Barkley whacked from the blindside and messing up his shoulder…… Cyrus Hobbi getting blown back into Barkley every play in the Stanford game…..and most of all Lane Kiffin coaching the team

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