Report: James Starks on the trade block

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The Packers have added a pair of running backs in the draft and that may mean that it is time for one of their current backs to find a new place to play.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reports that the Packers “have made it known” that they would like to trade James Starks. The team sent Brandon Saine a pink slip before the draft and also have DuJuan Harris and Alex Green on their current roster. They also checked in with veteran Cedric Benson this week before drafting Eddie Lacy and Johnathan Franklin in the second and fourth rounds respectively.

Starks was a sixth-round draft pick in 2010 and got a slow start to his NFL career thanks to a training camp injury, but played a key role in the postseason as the Packers went on to win the Super Bowl. Injuries have continued to be a problem with Starks, limiting him to 19 games over the last two seasons and forcing the Packers to look elsewhere for help in the backfield.

We’ll see if the Packers can get anything for Starks or if the rest of the league sees the writing on the wall and just waits for the Packers to send another running back packing.

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  1. how can the packers possibly entertain trading away a genius Sweatty Teddy Thompson pick….this guys (like everyone the Packers drafted this year) is headed for the hall of fame…ask Packers fans.

  2. Thompson’s email to the GMs announcing Starks’ availability gave everyone a moment of laughter, adding a little levity to a stressful weekend in the NFL.

  3. no one claimed that Starks would be hall of fame worthy, but for a 6th round pick, he helped us collect a superbowl win…
    so…that means he’s got more rings than Adrian Peterson/Fran Tarkenton/Jared Allen/John Randle combined….

  4. It’s funny that these same fans that defend TT were ready to lynch him at the mid-way point of the super bowl winning season. It’s amazing how one albeit well timed winning streak turns the GM from a worthless piece of crap to a Hall of Famer who can’t possibly make a mistake.

    p.s. no one will give you anything for Starks, most teams have backs on their practice squad as good as any RB on your team.

  5. Vikings fans know all about building a team for championships.








    Oh man. That was good.

  6. I’m confused by the disparaging remarks made by some Packers fans against Starks, heretofore one of their own. According to fans of the green and yellow (excuse me, gold), every player who dons the uniform is having a HOF career, pees eau de cologne and walks on water. Oh, yeah, now I remember. That is before the player is cut, traded or leaves in free-agency, at which point he’s considered a crappy player who isn’t worthy of being urinated-upon if on fire.

  7. The man has a ring – he was an integral part of that run to the Superbowl. NFL means not for long – but he doesnt need to be dumped on. We have those who get hurt and those who dont – He cant seem to keep healthy – hope he earns another pay day with some other team – but if not – He was a Packer and always will be.

  8. Time to concentrate on your two new running backs along with DuJuan Harris. Your current running backs are fair at best, time to let go. As for you Vikings fans, please go polish your Super Bowl trophy case. Oh, that’s right, you don’t have any.

  9. Are the Packers really so stupid as to think any other team would give them something for a practice squad player?

    Do they realize that given their porous defense they will be passing the ball every down, so drafting a few low round lineman and a couple running backs is a bit of a waste. Do they realize they must play defense too?

  10. From the moment I read about the hard-luck, difficult-to-overcome facets of his early life and college career, I was a James Starks fan. I made me feel wonderful when he got in some great plays leading up to the SuperBowl win.

    Then came the injuries, etc. shucks. Every time he healed enough to get back in, that felt good. And I continued hoping that he would bust loose into a fantastic career on the basis of his years of concentration on working hard to make opportunities for himself.

    Best of good luck to you, James.

  11. The truth is greenbay cant pay him
    to stay. the packers need cap room
    and Starks is a running back, the packers dont use RB’s. Rodgers will pass on every play

  12. Starks “was” good back in 2010 & at least he has that. IMO I also see Kuhn not making the team either this yr. Harris takes Kuhns spot & Benson doesn’t get re signed

  13. I’m afraid the Pack is gonna have to rely on the draft and getting the cheap for years to come after tying up so much money into two players.

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