Report: Packers make linebacker Desmond Bishop available in trade


Could more changes be coming to the Packers’ linebacking corps?

According to Daniel Jeremiah of NFL Network and (via his colleague, Ian Rapoport), the Packers are willing to trade inside linebacker Desmond Bishop.

The 28-year-old Bishop notched a career-best 115 tackles and five sacks in 13 games in 2011, but he missed the 2012 campaign with a hamstring injury.

Bishop, per Rotoworld figures, is slated to make about $3.46 million in 2013 and $3.52 million in 2014.

Earlier this week, the Packers waived D.J. Smith, their Week One starting middle linebacker a season ago. Smith, who is recovering from an October ACL tear, signed with San Diego the next day.

37 responses to “Report: Packers make linebacker Desmond Bishop available in trade

  1. Discount double check in the end gave the packers a great deal. He ends up with 18 mil per year which is 3 mil less that fluckoo is getting. I cannot beleive they gave Fluckoo that kind of money. In mid season I thought he looked like a buffoon.
    Rogers gave the Pack some breathing room but Ted is a pay as you go guy so he has to shed anyone who he cannot afford.

  2. #Broke.. You cant win with just a QB.. Remember packer fans your defense was a top 5 defense and led the league and takeaways that year.Another 12 14 wins for the packers and then a first round exit in the playoffs, and one more thing Aaron Rodgers has been 1 and done, or failed to make the playoffs accept that 1 run they had..

  3. But I thought he was a major piece of the Packers coming back to win it all next year once all the guys are healthy?

  4. DJ Smith…gone. Bishop…going.

    AJ Hawk…staying. Oh,the irony…

    Yeah, makes sense…dollars and cents.

  5. So what would all you genius GMs do? Just let two perennial all-pros go? Cut them? Trade them. I anxiously await a response.

  6. I can’t believe it or don’t want to. If they take anything less than a 3rd I will shoost somebody.

  7. 2010 is in the rearview and getting farther and farther away.

    Ted has a lot of work to do. The Rodgers-era is shaping up a lot like the decade post-1997.

  8. DJ Smith…gone. Bishop…going.

    AJ Hawk…staying. Oh,the irony…

    Yeah, makes sense…dollars and cents.
    TT doesn’t tend to like LBs near 30 coming off of big injuries is probably the more likely reason than anything directly financial. Ask Nick Barnett for example. While i agree on wishing it was Hawk, this move would make some sense as paying a backup 3+M wouldn’t be wise.

    I am getting tired of the constant GB bashing about Rodgers and Matthews contracts. If some of you can just get past your hate you would see the overall contracts are actually good for GB.

    Rodgers overall is a 7 years, 130M contract with it front loaded with money from last year carried over and extra money this season. Its well under Flaccos. Matthews is a similar deal. The average is closer to 11M per and the guaranteed money is very low. Between them financially its really not any different than say Romo and Ware which no one is complaining about on these boards.

  9. Total scheme change.

    Datone Jone pick shows that Thompson/Capers are going away from “versatile” and towards “athletic”.

    After years of being taught to value versatility in players it is exciting and scary to move away from the guys who’s technique is greater than their physical talent to guys with higher physical talent but a more unproven football IQ.

  10. Trade him to Baltimore for both of there 4th rounders this year. The packers need players that can help protect Rodgers, and stop the Read Option. Starting this year, not next year.

  11. The idiots thinking the Packers are out of money have ZERO CLUE!! Are you kidding me? The Packers were able to front load both Matthews/
    Rodgers deals because they have so much space. They arent out of money. Looking to trade a ILB that tore him hamstring says they dont want to put alot of faith into a critical position on damaged goods. All 3 players they waived or are looking to trade this week are coming off MAJOR injuries. Smith (ACL) and Bishop didnt stand a chance, no pun intended. Saine (RB, ACL) was expendable.

  12. One more left over Packer cast off for the Queens to pick up. They pick up enough ex-Packers, they might actually have a good team someday.

  13. darkneptune73 says:Apr 27, 2013 2:01 PM

    Never mind. Saw that cheesehead bedubyatoo post one
    Most Wisconsinites are proud to be known as Cheeseheads.

  14. All these people talking about Rodgers and the Pack’s cap situation remind me of the guy who pretends he’s not jealous of his neighbor who bought a Hummer, because his 4 cylinder toyota gets such better gas mileage.

  15. Or could they just be out of money after paying Predator pose and discount double paycheck?

    Are you kidding me? Rodgers got what he deserved and the Pack have more cap room, even after his deal, to sign any FA that any other team had already signed… seems to me the rich are getting richer, not looking for cap room!!

  16. Pure rumor and not true at all. Bishop is here to stay and anyone watching football knows this.

  17. oh yea, here comes the big slide for years to come because now they can’t afford paying everyone else. You better hope you don’t have bad drafts.

  18. What’s funny is the 49ers actually have done well the last 2 years after blowing chunks for 20! They get to the dance and LOSE!!!!! To Flacco!! What’s even more amusing is when a Viking fan even says a bad word about ANY team. 0-4 in Superbowl and the last time they were there Bud Grant was the coach! God shut up until your team actually has done something!

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