Run on quarterbacks continues as Raiders take Tyler Wilson


It took until Day 3 of the 2013 NFL draft, but we’re finally having a run on quarterbacks.

The Oakland Raiders took former Arkansas quarterback Tyler Wilson with the 112th overall pick, making Wilson the third quarterback to go in the fourth round. Wilson follows USC’s Matt Barkley to the Eagles and Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib to the Giants.

Wilson had an excellent 2011 season against great competition in the SEC and was viewed as a potential first-round pick. But in 2012, the entire Arkansas program fell apart when coach Bobby Petrino decided to take his mistress for a motorcycle ride, and Wilson struggled along with the rest of his team, and as a result his draft stock took a tumble.

The 6-foot-2, 215-pound Wilson has a strong arm and looks like a future starter in the NFL. The question is how he’ll fit in a Raiders depth chart that also features Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor. That may turn out to be one of the most interesting quarterback situations in the NFL this summer.

50 responses to “Run on quarterbacks continues as Raiders take Tyler Wilson

  1. I doubt Wilson beats out Flynn in camp, and I’d also be surprised if Pryor’s release papers weren’t being typed at the moment.

  2. As a raider fan I think the ESPN draft coverage of the Raiders has been awful–I just came on to find out what the raiders got from Tampa–the talking heads on Espn havent mentioned anything yet and not a word yet on WIlson–I guess they will get to it…………
    I was hoping the raiders woul dhave gotten a DT or grabbed OL with this pick–didnt we just sign a QB…..

  3. Well we all know the Redskins wont take a QB cuz they are set at QB til 2040. Everyone is jealous of RG3 Redskins will win the next 12 Superbowls! God’s team!



  4. Another QB…really? Maybe Matt Flynn loses his 2nd potential starting job gig to yet another later pick rookie!

  5. The Redskins don’t need to draft a QB so they used their 4th rounder on SS Phillip Thomas!
    What a pick! Can you say Probowl? Defensive rookie of the year forsure! Redskins just won the Superbowl! Its locked up til 2040! HTTR!

  6. “The question is how he’ll fit in a Raiders depth chart that also features Matt Flynn and Terrelle Pryor.”

    It’s called training camp/pre-season QB battle!

  7. Great pick by the Raiders, was talked about as a possible top 15 pick. Kid is smart and is able to check all his reads before checking down. His last year after loosing all 3 of his top receivers, offensive line and coach means nothing. My guess, in time he will be the Raiders QB of the future.

  8. It would be hilarious if Tyler Wilson beats out Flynn. Not saying it will happen but who knows. That would be two steals in a row at QB at Flynn’s expense.

  9. I am pleased on how Reggie is handling the draft trading to get more pick but not so sure about the picks. We need OL & DL stop piling players where we don’t need. Anyway I hope we get some good guys in our next 5 picks. GO RAIDERS!

  10. Great value in the 4th round. Should be an interesting QB battle. At least having Flynn here gives a veteran presence if Wilson is not ready. I like Pryors attitude, he seems to want to work and improve himself but he probably will never be a starter in this league. Hopefully they can convert him to something else because he is a freak, but we’ll see how this all plays out first.

  11. What happened to the most glaring need as in a DT? Lots of DT were on board and the teams that drafted them got an A+, whereas the Raiders got a B in the grading. What happened to the best player and position? I don’t like these picks at all.

  12. Gibbyfan. Funny you should say that about draft coverage! I have felt the same for years. We have gotten laughed at for our picks then in the later rounds the picks have gotten little mention. Many times I am waiting for the raiders pick then ” commercial”. It they cut to a analysis that talks about another teams pick froma previous round?!??
    I know I sound bitter but does it happen!?!? YES…
    However I would have liked a big stout defensive line beast! Maybe they thought a talented QB would not be available in the 6th round. I am sure there is a plan to get a big body on the line? Would like to see them take a stud safety too!

  13. raideralex99 says:

    Seriously … What happened to fixing the defense?
    What were you expecting, we started out with no 2nd and 5th, no proven QB’s, a defense with many needs…he picks DJ(1rd) and Moore an OLB(3rd) and still was able too get M. Watson OT(2nd) and we still have the 6th (4picks)? SB no, playoffs probably a hell no but a future team Hell Yea! The Real Nation, Go Raiders!

  14. I like the picks! Keeping true to the statement…. We want “football” players on this team. All picks seem to have same things in common. High skill sets, competitive, tough, good football IQ.
    This is what it is like to build a solid foundation.

  15. these are all picks of “need” its coming together, we have a nice mix of veterans at d tackle, and if they produce they will be rewarded with $$$, if not, then we will draft d-line in 2014 draft, most of the players we added via freea agency (vance walker, pat sims) are under 1 year contracts so if no production, getting rid of them will be painless, smh, use logic

  16. This is a great value pick. This guy was a project first round talent until his coach screwed him. We need a third qb anyway. Would u rather have a retread or a potential starter. I’d take the later. The draft is just part of the process. We can pick up a DT or DE later in the process when more vets are cut or from unsigned free agents. There won’t much difference at the point anyway. So nation calm down.

  17. Our DLINE is better than last season. Kelly was garbage,Symour was retired,Bryant was overated,Shusnassy never recovered from injury.

    2013 DLINE so far:
    DE:Crawford,Carter,Houston,Hunter and Moore plays on the end in passing situations.

    DT:Christo Bilukidi,Pat Simms,Vance Walker,Houston(Played in College).

    I could see us picking up someone in the 6th to see if they can make the team.

  18. They must of saw something in him in the senior bowl I get it they need a 3 string qb, but they got bigger needs, seems like tp2 can get a break didnt they see what he can do agaisnt Sd give kid chance! If they liked Flynn so much why give him guaranteed money and give picks up, now they pick up T Willson, dont get it! Too many holes just to gamble and QB, oh well I hope they get the players in the 6th round they 4 of them

  19. I’m liking the picks so far. Loved the Watson pick.

    So the Raiders need help on the DLine, but aren’t people happy that they aren’t drafting for need and instead are drafting the best players available?

    Great job Reggie. Really happy with the way things are being done.

  20. rolltide510 says: Apr 27, 2013 1:08 PM

    I doubt Wilson beats out Flynn in camp, and I’d also be surprised if Pryor’s release papers weren’t being typed at the moment.
    There is nothing to be gained by releasing Pryor. He’s only making $595,000, and with the addition of Wilson the Raiders only have three QBs. Besides, he’s 6’6″, 235lbs, and runs a 4.4 40. They should find a way to get him on the field.

  21. I think Matt, will step up and bring his A game to the practices. If he doesn’t he could get to the place where he’ll absolutely hate the name, Wilson.

  22. Teams need 2 or 3 QBs for the final roster, usually 4-5 in camp. This is a late round pick. Some 3rd or 4th rounders don’t even make teams. I don’t think a late round value pick says much about the roster status of current depth chart. It might mean there’s no clear separation between 1-2-3 on the depth chart, a good prospect is available, and he might be able to compete with what’s there or take a seat and compete 2-3 years down the road.

  23. I want to know, ” WHO IS GOING TO RUSH THE DAMN QB!” This has been a frustrating draft for me as a Raider fan. Why would we draft a QB with the smallest hands in the draft. FUMBLE! FUMBLE! FUMBLE! 8-3/8 in hands. Sad. TP should be giving a fare shot to start and I still think we need to take a flyer in VY. VET MIN contract. We need LINEMEN REGGIE!

  24. gotta have a plan for DL….like the qb but didnt think we would draft one……maybe loves last years DL picks?

  25. Maybe I’m missing something here: seems like some folks haven’t been paying attention. For one thing, taking Wilson isn’t a reflection on Pryor at all. Most teams have three QB’s, we only had two going into the draft. So it’s a good pick, and a great pick considering he was rated so high in 2011. His draft stock only fell when his jackass coach got caught with his mistress which threw the whole Arkansas program outta whack. (Petrino, I’m from Louisville, karma’s a bitch ain’t it?)

    Secondly, doesn’t anyone remember how deep we are at LB now? We’re even deeper by selecting Moore in the third round. This tells me we’re planning on using a 3-4. Now, I’m not a pro-football player, but to all the folks complaining about a pass rusher last I checked LB’s can rush the passer in a 3-4.

  26. And further more, if everyone has such a hard-on for DT’s JaMarcus Russel is a free agent! ‘Prolly get him on the cheap! LOL! Kidding…..kidding….

  27. I really think the Raiders wanted Barkley, but he was gone, it was why they traded down. Still, a good pick for the future. Really, this kid was forgotten it seems from all the draft guru’s. I had him first round, the kid can do it. Good job Reg and company.

  28. raid2055 says:
    Apr 27, 2013 2:20 PM
    I want to know, ” WHO IS GOING TO RUSH THE DAMN QB!”

    With the first pick of the 2014 NFL draft the LA Raiders select Jadeveon Clowney.

  29. Brandon Jenkins just got of the board !! Darn almost slipped to us. I like Joe Kruger ( utah) though? He has connections with players and coaches on the team?!?

  30. However, not a good sign for Pryor. With the Flynn signing and now drafting Wilson, this shows you that Reggie wants a pocket passer type system. Pryor will have a limited role this year, and if we suck really bad which is what I think, maybe he can change Regies mind and get playing time, but I don’t think so. The last pick of the Al Davis era will be trade bait next year, this pick proves it.

  31. slickster35 says: Apr 27, 2013 2:11 PM

    Why not Williams here?

    People are gonna run all over the faid, again.
    Like your hero Charles did last year? 14 carries, 14 yards.

  32. Love this pick. I was excited about the Flynn signing, but we all know how well he fares in camp competitions against rookie QBs named Wilson…

  33. Raiders looking at 2-14 or worse. Chargers had a great draft along with the Chiefs.Reggie wiffed last year and again this year and lost the quality free agents on the team.

  34. nflfolly says: Apr 27, 2013 4:05 PM

    Raiders looking at 2-14 or worse. Chargers had a great draft along with the Chiefs.Reggie wiffed last year and again this year and lost the quality free agents on the team.
    The Chargers had a great draft? I love it when someone time travels to bring us news we would otherwise have to wait for.

  35. Settle down Raider Nation…if ur loving the draft picks so far, then obviously Big Reg doesn’t seem to think any of these D-linemen are of any significant talent. Otherwise he would have went after whoever he wanted! Reggie Mac has gone on record saying that the Raiders aren’t looking to fill specific needs…THEY WANT GAME CHANGERS!! Keep in mind there is still another round of free agency to go through!

    Reggie got this!!

  36. To all you pundits here is how it went down……….In my humble opinion.

    The 2 top rated DT’s didn’t go until the the what???? 22nd pick??? So why waste your time on drafting them higher than 10!. The whole draft order got flipped. It was supposed to be Floyd and Star then the 2 offensive tackles. Once the tackles got taken 1 and 2 the DT’s fell off the board. The only Defensive player projected in the top 5 was Jordan from Oregon and Miami made the deal to get him. He wasn’t a steal, he went where projected.

    The Raiders are loaded on the Dline, not with big names but with cats who if they show and prove can get a phat contract. This was a master stroke by McKenzie. He got extra picks and the guys he wanted. Did anyone notice the running back that he took or the LB from UConn????? C’mon, open your eyes. Side bar: I live in Norcross and watched Brice Butler play. Top rated WR in Georgia before going to USC and that train wreck that was Pete Carroll. Trust me, if he can make the team he will be a monster!!!!!!!

    This draft went very well for Oakland and they got the players they “wanted”!!!!

  37. I would’ve liked to see another DL taken in the 4th round.

    I liked what Pryor did in Week 17 against the chargers, but I guess it wasn’t enough.

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