Steelers’ 15 undrafted free agents include Golic’s kid

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The moment the draft ends, the land rush for undrafted free agents commences.

The Steelers already have closed the deal with 15 of them.

They are Northwestern defensive end Brian Arnfelt, Northern Illinois linebacker Alan Baxter, San Diego State guard Nik Embernate, Utah wide receiver Reggie Dunn, Penn State offensive tackle Mike Farrell, Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike Golic, Jr., Louisiana-Lafayette defensive end Cordian Hagans, UAB guard Chris Hubbard, Florida defensive tackle Omar Hunter, Hawaii long snapper Luke Ingram , West Virginia center Joe Madsen, USC running back Curtis McNeal, Baylor center Ivory Wade, Michigan State defensive tackle Anthony Rashad White, and West Virginia wide receiver J.D. Woods.

Golic is the son of former NFL player and ESPN Radio personality Mike Golic.

36 responses to “Steelers’ 15 undrafted free agents include Golic’s kid

  1. Only name i ever heard of was Golic. Don’t know how he’s going to turn out but we added him and 6 other OL. They added some depth there though you never know with undrafted players. Hopefully a couple work out for back ups.

  2. Nic Embernate yes, thought he was a 7th rd target. Golic Jr good job, a Ls & a Center. Good pickups

  3. Mike Golic, Jr. Golic is the son of former NFL player and ESPN Radio personality Mike Golic.


    Gee thanks for clearing that up. Thought it might be Bob’s kid.

  4. So of course PFT shows a picture of the Notre Dame guy. Will he be as overrated as his father, with a retroactively brilliant career?

  5. They blew it when they passed on Eifert to take a de that is one hit away from being retired. Man, has this franchise fallen.

  6. Before ripping on Golic, fans should check the facts. Golic was on the 1988 Eagles who won their division at 10-6. That same year, the great Steelers lost 11 games (5-11) and were firmly entrenched in the basement looking up at the Oilers and Browns (10-6) and Bengals (12-4).

  7. It is funny to me that Golic Sr. is from Cleveland and has been a Browns fan his entire life. Now, his son is on the Steelers?

    Can’t wait to see this guy in Pittsburgh wearing Black and Gold, just because I never thought I would see it!

  8. The Steelers need to spend more time and energy on trying to close the deal on getting rid of Rottenberger!!!

  9. Half these guys will be starting for the Ravens in a few years.

    If they are talented, that may be true. The mark of a great franchise is choosing potentially great players that lesser teams have trashed. Joe Flacco, for instance, was not the No 1 or 2 pick but look who turned out to be SB MVP. Steelers are always trashing Flacco but now they are calling him asking, “What’s the secret to putting together five successful seasons in a row? We’ve never been able to do that, Joe.”

  10. Close what deal?? And who do all the Big Ben haters rather have as QB? Some backup on another team or a rookie? Don’t see any more Andrew Lucks or RGIII clones in the near future. He’ll retire a Steeler like it or not. Dude needs to learn how to throw the damn ball away! Last 2 years he’s got hurt AFTER the play broke down. Yes its hurt us..but not having a Reliable back up even hurt us worse.Unless you have a answer for his immediate replacement stop all the “get rid of Ben” talk

  11. That fact that someone took the time to defend the elder Mike Golic by pointing that once upon a time, nearly 30 years ago, he played on a division winner the same season the Steelers stunk is fascinating stuff.
    Almost makes me glad I took the time to read this thread about another irrelevant Notre Dame player who was “exposed” by Alabama…

  12. blackngold:
    Take off the blinders.
    The Steelers are 6-3 the past three seasons without SuperBen.
    And do you honestly think the Steelers will be willing to continue to pay Roethlisberger $20 million a season indefinitely? The drafting of Landry Jones is the beginning to an exit strategy…
    Three seasons from now, in 2015, Roethlisberger and Bruce Arians will be reunited. The writing is on the wall.

  13. Thank goodness we don’t have a QB controversy with so much infighting. This is why the Ravens have five consecutive seasons with at least one playoff win — something the Steelers will never achieve!

  14. Only two coaches have started their careers with six consecutive playoff appearances: Paul Brown of the Cleveland Browns and Bill Cowher of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Cowher did so with multiple quarterbacks.
    Do your homework before posting on a subject that you obviously know nothing about.

  15. bobzilla1001, let me try and again…real…slow… like. I said
    “the – Ravens – have – five – consecutive – seasons – with – at- least – one – playoff – win —-— something the Steelers will never achieve!”

    I never said Steelers never made the playoffs six years in a row. I said Steelers have never won a playoff game five (or six) years in a row. Apology accepted.

  16. Nothing embarrassing about being right. Steelers have never won a playoff five years in a row. Ravens have. You’re wrong and you call me an idiot for being right. Not surprised. Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

  17. LOL who cares about consecutive playoff DONT get rings or trophies for that.Thats like counting all the AFC championship games we lost. They count for nothin but heartache. Be happy with the 2 Superbowls you have and Quit tryna add useless stats

  18. Who cares about consecutive playoff wins? Apparently not Steelers fans cause their team can’t put together such an impressive streak as Joe Flacco and the Ravens. Yet, for Bill Cowher to make the playoffs six years in a row and then lose the first game ….we are all supposed to go Wow. Get your stories straight.

  19. And speaking of useless stats, how about listening to the 8-8 Steelers fans drone on ad nauseum about their number one pass defense? Talk about celebrating heartache! Yikes.

  20. When the Ravens win seven consecutive playoff games — which the Steelers did from 1974 to 1976 — get back to me.

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