Will Barkley find a home in round four?


Last year, it widely was believed that USC quarterback Matt Barkley would have been one of the top picks in the draft, if he had decided to go to the NFL.  And while the scouting process may have indeed resulted in a drop, it’s hard to imagine Barkley falling out of the first three rounds in 2012.

This year, 97 players have been taken, and Barkley still waits.  On Thursday, there was a belief in some league circles that the Jaguars were targeting Barkley or Ryan Nassib at the top of round two.  By Friday afternoon, that became an expectation that the Jags would take Jonathan Cyprien or Johnathan Banks with pick 33.  (They took Cyprien.)

Some believe that a run on quarterbacks will happen in round four — in part because it has to happen at some point.  But the belief also flows from the reality that, in a draft that featured widely diverging opinions about the individual quarterbacks, at least four teams had Barkley rated as the best of them all.

The teams that could take a serious look at Barkley in round four include the Jaguars at No. 98, the Raiders at No. 100, the Patriots at No. 102 (which would allow them to trade Ryan Mallett, and enable the media to once again proclaim Bill Belichick to be a super genius), the Cardinals at No. 103, the Packers at No. 109 (Graham Harrell . . . enough said), the Cardinals again at No. 110, the Browns at No. 111, the Rams at No. 113 (Sam Bradford, given his contract, arguably is in a make-or-break year), the Steelers at No. 115 (they’ve said they could take a young quarterback to back up Ben Roethlisberger), the Bengals at No. 118 (they love guys with first-round talent who slide), the Seahawks at No. 123 (Pete Carroll recruited Barkley), and the Texans at No. 124.

Of course, the fact that we’ve listed so many likely means one of the teams drafting in round four that we didn’t mention will take him.  We’ll find out whether and where he goes in round four fairly soon.

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  1. Problem is drafting them even in round 4 will create a qb contoversy for teams that want to avoid the distraction. Still good value for them in round 4 though.

  2. One of the overlooked factors in Barkley’s drop is that people just don’t trust USC Qbs anymore. He has Mark Sanchez and Matt Leinart to thank for that.

    Things fell pretty well for the Jags, who have been able to fill several other holes and still have a great opportunity to get a QB with starting potential.

  3. Maybe teams are getting pissed of all the pressure being put on QB’s getting picked early and figure that maybe they’ll pan out better if they are drafted later and have less pressure on them. It’s not like anyone of them are considered to be the next coming of Montana or something.

  4. “the Bengals at No. 118 (they love guys with first-round talent who slide)”

    Yeah, every player on their roster is a first-round talent, an All-Pro, and a sure-fire first-ballot Hall of Fame selection. A lot of good their roster full of first-round talent has done them. 22 years without a playoff win and counting.

  5. He has no one to blame but himself. Should’ve gone pro last year instead of sticking around campus to chase coeds for another year. He would’ve been a top 10 pick last year. He should’ve learned from Matt Leinert who would’ve been picked #1 by 49ers (who picked Alex Smith) but stuck around another year to be picked #11 by Cardinals.

  6. Not to sound like Captain Obvious–but he comes off the board today! How is that for a prediction? Lol. I don’t know. I’d think he has to go in round 4-6 for sure–him and all of the remaining QBs that have a draftable grade.

    I will say this–one team is going to find them a solid starter out of all these guys. I agree with another commenter–maybe this is the best situation. Draft for depth and let them sit and learn. You just never know. No one really thought Tom Brady was going to be Tom Brady until Bledsoe went down and then he took advantage of his opportunity and hasn’t looked back.

    For some reason, I get the feeling that out of the guys remaining, the ones with that potential aren’t even Barkley or Nassib though. I think Bray, Wilson and Dysart–possibly that Scott kid, could all end up becoming solid pros down the road.

  7. If Barkley is there at #4, this is where the Raiders will take him. He is a great value at this spot.

    His touchdown to interception ratio is awesome. His only real problem is that his coach was Lane Kitten, the worst college coach ever!!!! What did Al Davis ever see in this guy. Total Putz.

    Barkley at four, Raiders go to WAR.

  8. @yojoemama
    “sticking around campus to chase coeds for another year”

    As Bryce Harper would say, that’s a clown comment. Barkley’s personal life is like Tebow’s minus the attention whoring.

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