Bills sign troubled WR Da’Rick Rogers


No one was willing to take a chance on picking wide receiver Da’Rick Rogers, but it didn’t take him long after the draft to find a home, signing with the Bills.

The one-time teammate of Cordarrelle Patterson (first round, Vikings) and Justin Hunter (second round, Titans) at Tennessee, he was kicked out last August after failing multiple drug tests, and finished up at Tennessee Tech.

He’s the most polished of those three Tennessee receivers in my opinion in terms of route running and all that,” Bills scout Tom Roth said, via the team’s official website. “He reminds me physically of Eric Moulds, that body type. That’s what I thought when I saw him. A big, physical, muscular guy. Explosive. He had a 39-inch vertical. He ran a 4.48 at the Combine. He’s got all the physical stuff.”

As a sophomore in 2011, Rogers was All-SEC, catching 67 passes for 1,040 yards and nine touchdowns. But for whatever reason, the off-field concerns were significant enough to cause him to slide beyond the draft, in a way that didn’t impact Tyrann Mathieu’s status, despite a similar storyline.

If the problems are behind him, they might have found a steal. If not, he’ll be discarded with most of the rest of the slappies who are signed after the draft, wasting a promising talent.

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  1. The Bills absolutely stole him. They are going to use Robert Woods as the #1 receiver, and Da’Rick Rogers will be the #2. They are moving Stevie to the slot, and will have Goodwin/Graham be our burners. Pair all of that with our new franchise QB and Spiller/Jackson, and the Bills have the potential to have one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL in the future. It’s exciting to be a Bills fan this off season.

  2. Did he fail more than 10, like Honey Badger? This is why I was shocked he wasn’t drafted. Look, he messed up, probably knows it, but he got to at least catch on at another school and try to stay out of trouble finally.

    The Bills should hope he is like another Eric Moulds and then Woods or Goodwin could become their next Andre Reed and Stevie J performs and gets better. He is good but makes some key drops at times and still needs to mature some and knock off the Ocho-TO antics.

  3. Hopefully he makes the team and the Bills have a high octane offense next season.

    Rogers has been rated as high as a 2nd rd pick by credible people, but his baggage likely caused him to slide.

  4. The Bills have added three players with troubled college careers, two by draft and now Rodgers. I think these can be “steals”, if the coaches can manage them. With a Head Coach fresh from college, instead of a crusty NFL veteran, the odds are looking good. Even if only one or two can stay on track…….. nice job Buffalo Bills!!!

  5. Bills fan here. I like Da’Rick Rogers a lot, especially where the Bills landed him but lets not get crazy. Having a checkered past can make you fall into the later rounds but I also saw a guy on tape who isn’t very shifty with the ball in his hands. He takes awhile to get up to speed and doesn’t exactly run away from people either. Good speed but not Elite, adequate acceleration but not great. Will not make people miss and will not create great separation. I see a guy that lacks explosiveness in and out of his breaks, cuts. Stiff hips.

  6. I was hoping the niners would draft him with at least the seventh round picks, they chose to let him go, and who knows, maybe he won’t make their team and end up over here anyways. Great Baller, but I think he has the T.O. ego, so they didn’t want that mess again.
    Good luck man, the bills lookin relevant in a weakening division.

  7. I still can’t believe he went undrafted. Rogers was an incredible athlete at Tennessee & Tennessee Tech. I mean Mathieu failed a bunch of drug tests and got drafted in the 3rd round. HIS TEAMMATE THAROLD SIMON GOT ARRESTED THURSDAY NIGHT AND STILL GOT DRAFTED. It really doesn’t make any sense to me. I was praying the Texans would take him, but they’re idiots and took some random guy late in the draft. I’m gonna be upset about that one for a while. Rogers is gonna have a productive NFL career. You heard it here first.

  8. I think the NFL has finally gotten with it and realize that a lot of this generation smoke marijuana. It didn’t keep Warren Sapp out of the Hall of Fame. And getting kicked off the team may have “scared him straight”. As long as he doesn’t overindulge during the season, (and is mindful of the drug tests), he will be fine.

  9. being compared to Eric moulds is quite the compliment.he was a physically strong receiver with good hands.if rogers is half the guy moulds was they did well.

  10. wanted the kid for my rams but we got a couple little pinballs in Austin and bailey from wvu so im happy I spent 16 yrs in Tennessee so I hope rogers catches (pardon the pun) on if not give him a map to St Louis we will give him a shot

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