Cowboys give Brandon Magee a hefty guarantee

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Ten years ago, the Cowboys found their future franchise quarterback in the ranks of the undrafted free agents.  They got him with a signing bonus of $10,000, and he turned down a $20,000 offer from the Broncos.

After the 2013 draft, the Cowboys agreed to terms with undrafted Arizona State linebacker Brandon Magee.  To seal the deal, the Cowboys gave him $70,000 in guaranteed money, per a source with knowledge of the deal.

That’s more guaranteed money than any seventh-round pick received in 2012.  Last year, Colts offensive lineman Justin Anderson received a signing bonus of $69,124 as the first pick of the last round, and the numbers went down from there.

It doesn’t mean Magee will be guaranteed a spot on the 53-man roster.  But it means that the Cowboys really wanted to give him an opportunity to latch on as a weakside linebacker in the team’s new 4-3 defense.

15 responses to “Cowboys give Brandon Magee a hefty guarantee

  1. Pointless. The national media coverage of the Cowboys is secretly against the organization. Just slap the words hater across your forehead.
    It’s quite obvious.

  2. Ha media gives cowboys so much attention! You couldn’t put it but you meant the story to be taking the p*^s about the boys! If he makes the squad it’s a steal

  3. Magee played really well at ASU. I hope he’s able to make a roster and be a good NFL player.

  4. If the Cowboys would have had a 7th round pick, that’s probably they guy they would have taken. Pay him the money, get him into camp, and watch him work. If you decide Bruce Carter can play the SAM, then you might have just found your WILL of the future. If Carter plays WILL, you have a solid, solid backup. The kid can play.

  5. I didn’t get the negative outlook some of your have stated… As far as the Draft is concerned, this is a very interesting story about what the Cowboys did, almost says they would have drafted this kid with the 7th, they just didn’t have one, but do want him.

  6. ason says:
    Every headline towards the Cowboys is negative, regardless of the move.

    Duh…ever listen to their owner?
    Here’s a recent gem after paying Romo a boatload of money, even though he has 1 playoff win,
    “If Tony, for instance, would be here Monday through Saturday … from seven in the morning to six o’clock at night all over this place then that’s better than the way it’s been,”

    What a moron…how about have him do that 1st, then pay him the big bucks?

  7. Dude, what about the headline is negative????

    Seems like your looking for something to cry about. Just facts here. Facts about Magee getting $70,000. Facts about Romo getting $10,000 and turning down $20,000 from Denver. What’s yer problem?

  8. We are America’s Team and we have those haters. I am a die hard, win or lose, period. Fortunate enough to witness all our great teams and our bad teams. Jason Garrett is building a winning program. I honestly feel we had a great draft. They are all pieces to plug in. I can’t wait for the season. Dez is a beast, if Austin can stay healthy, he is the prettiest-smoothest awesome route runner! I could go on and own. Jerry believes in Jason and respects his brilliance. To the press and even us thinks he is methodical and boring. Believe this, he has a plan.

  9. Seriously cowboy fans?
    Year in and year out football fans get cowboys blah blah blah shoved in our faces by espn for doing jack crap. Oh, the holy cowboys… Heaven forbid a negative thought is said about them. You want the damn praise and glory and adulation from media, then deal with the crap that comes your way when you fail… The fact is “America’s Team” had a successful 6 year run or so from 1991 – about 1996/7…. The rest of the time since then has been average at best..FACT!!!!

    And you can withhold your Buffalo Bills comments because I routinely admit that they suck to near comical levels…

  10. I don’t see anything negative about this article. The bills fan has a point, you can’t be America’s Team (no quotations, it’s Dallas’ nickname, get over it) with all of the perks that come with it, and not expect the negatives that also accompany the title. Oh, and FACT, our team had a little more than one good run, or they wouldn’t have as many Lombardis as they do. Be sure to thank Ralph should you ever meet him for two of those, haha. Have fun getting swept by the pats and dolphins this year bud!

  11. This article tells me they drafted another luke warm player like Romo. Cowboys are reaching. No matter the team that’s assembled, it’s still assembled around Romo who has proved time and time again that he folds under pressure and just can’t off a game with any meaning.

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