Dolphins, Eric Winston staying in touch


Talk of a trade sending tackle Branden Albert from Kansas City to Miami turned out to be more smoke than fire.

The two sides could never agree to terms for a deal during the draft, leaving the Chiefs with a $9 million left tackle to with first overall pick Eric Fisher. The Dolphins, on the other hand, drafted Dallas Thomas in the third round of the draft to be their only offensive line addition. Thomas can play guard and tackle, but it may be a stretch to think he’s stepping in to start at either one from the first day.

So they still have Jonathan Martin, Nate Garner and a question mark about one of their starting tackle spots. Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins have maintained “a steady dialogue” with free agent Eric Winston, who is believed to be looking for $3-4 million a year from a new team after getting cut by the Chiefs early in the offseason.

Winston is a right tackle, so Martin would likely be starting on the left side if he came to Miami. Unless Bryant McKinnie were to wind up in Miami, it seems like a safe bet that Martin’s going to be at left tackle regardless of Winston’s whereabouts because there aren’t too many other options available for the job in 2013.

According to Beasley, we should know in the “near future” if a Winston deal is happening. If it isn’t, the Dolphins will likely continue the hunt for more options at tackle than they currently have on the roster.

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  1. Save some cap space on a couple defensive cuts (which will happen) and get this guy in there on a one year. He’s a veteran and good team player.

  2. Ireland thought he could snooker KC but it didn’t work. KC will have the best line in the league and Tannehill is gonna get pummeled.
    Way to protect your QB investment.
    Can’t wait till Tannehill goes down for the count. HAHAHA

    Dolphins-A commitment to mediocrity

  3. The Dolphins are fine on the o-line with or without Winston. There are players that can play all over the line. The best combo would likely include Winston at RT but they are by no means desperate to sign a tackle

  4. I think the Dolphins had this setup all along. I think they knew they could get Winston, but wanted to see what was available via the draft, and how much they would have to give KC to get Albert. They didn’t like KC’s asking price, and they didn’t draft a starting tackle, so now they’ll sign Winston.

  5. Used the Chiefs like a lady of the night. What does it say about franchised Brandon Albert that not one team was willing to meet his or KC’s asking price? I’m sure keeping him as a $10 million compensatory 4th rounder was the plan all along!

  6. bryany mckinnie will end up in san diego..thyeh hsve kept dialouge with him as a fall back short term fix if they didnt get a LT in draft…

  7. Dolphins, no O-Line.

    Patriots 12-4
    Bills 8-8
    Jets 5-11
    Fins 4-12 and Tannehill out with multiple concussions

  8. people mocking the chiefs seem to miss the big picture here. Yes, KC is “stuck” with one of the better tackles in football. darn. that really sucks. KC now has to play fisher at RT for the year unless they can trade albert for a next year’s draft pick. Darn. that really sucks

    but wait, while KC has TWO top notch tackles to help their offense this upcoming season, the dolphins have Martin and Garner, and are calling a tackle the chiefs cut because he was incredibly I neffective and frankly a tool.

    Advantage Chiefs.

  9. Jonathan Martin should be able to handle LT for Miami and if they can sign former UM’er Eric Winston for the right side they will be fine.

    Remember, Martin was coached by Jim Harbaugh and was good enough to protect Andrew Luck’s blind side for a few years before getting drafted in the second round last year. He started all 16 games in 2012, about half of them on the left side after Jake Long (predictably) got injured. Never understood why PFT was making such a big deal out of this.

  10. Finfans will realize the massive mistake this whole LT fiasco was once the season starts.

    Your QB is going to get killed with those tackles. How do you think Cassel ended up getting knocked out? Winston isn’t the cure, and Martin is wayyyyy worse than him.

    Good luck. You just can’t go on the cheap with tackles for a reason, and you’ll soon see that fact. We’ll revisit this subject about week 3-4.

  11. Jeff will be fired for not giving the chiefs what they wanted. Jeff will be fired for taking an under sized, under played, over exaggerated DE. Lol Mia had all the power, you fans are delusional! Tan will be out by week four. Take Winston he can buy you +\- a week. To think your gm had the power. Lol

  12. so many thumbs down, not even one argument that can make the case that its bad for the chiefs to have Albert still on roster. Not one person who can defend the mediocre to bad play of Winston last year. at least for a 5.5 mil RT.

    KC can still get a 3rd round comp for albert after tagging him, and can even do so again next year. that is a nice rental, so to not get a 2nd round pick, all of 1 round ahead of that third, isn’t so bad when you get albert at LT or RT for the next season or two.

  13. The Fins were not going to pay Albert more than Long as he was/is that good. The chiefs can over pay him for a year and then he’ll get a reality check in next years free agency.

  14. It will be 100% sickening if the Dolphins do not sign Winston. He’s a gladiator on the right side.

  15. Haters are gonna hate…you people make me laugh with your nanny-nanny-boo-boo school kid crap. The Dolphins O’line will be just fine.

  16. So we head into the new season with a below-average left tackle. Another key position downgraded, just like CB, TE, RB and slot receiver An elite franchise would have not put itself in this position.

  17. Wow… I guess we can add quite a few Chiefs fans to Jeff Ireland’s friends and admirers list, although some sound as if Jeff inquired about their mothers profession or something.

    Their neighborly concern for the health and safety of Ryan Tannehill is touching however… and I’m sure there’s no truth to the rumor that Kansas City stores have placed massive orders in New Orleans for Tannehill voodoo dolls.

    I guess Chiefs fans ARE authorities on tackles… as most seem to think they know more about Johnathon Martin and his capabilities than actual fans of the team Martin plays for.

    Chiefs fans being authorities on tackles does make sense… as contrary to one fans opinion that Eric Winston was cut because he was “ineffective and frankly a tool” – others have stated it was because the Chiefs also drafted two OTHER tackles last season who were now ready to contribute. Along with Fisher this year, and their 10 million dollar franchise player Albert… maybe they should rename the franchise the Kansas City Tackles? Considering their recently exercised draft position – perhaps they should have tried a tackle at QB last year?

    In any case, as several Chiefs fans have noted… they should have no trouble unloading their 10 million dollar tackle for a 2014 draft pick. I mean it isn’t like two other teams recently replaced LT’s who were younger or better blockers than Albert *cough* Eugene Monroe *cough* *cough* Jason Peters *cough*… and may be looking to do the same thing. No competition = easy peasy Japaneasy!

    In any case, I know we all wish the Chiefs and their neighborly fans great luck in 2015 (the next draft in which they will possess a 2nd round pick) selecting their next great tackle!!! Thanks guys!

  18. so many thumbs down, not even one argument that can make the case that its bad for the chiefs to have Albert still on roster. Not one person who can defend the mediocre to bad play of Winston last year. at least for a 5.5 mil RT.

    KC can still get a 3rd round comp for albert after tagging him, and can even do so again next year. that is a nice rental, so to not get a 2nd round pick, all of 1 round ahead of that third, isn’t so bad when you get albert at LT or RT for the next season or two.

    The argument has been made about 100 times in these comment sections over the last few days. Here it is again. You are capped out. You franchised a guy just to trade him after you decided to go in another direction, guaranteeing him $10 million. The guy declares he will not play anywhere but on the left side this season, rightfully so considering the enormous pay reduction that would mean in his impending free agency. The compensatory pick you get, AT MOST, will be tacked on at the end of the third round, really a 4th rounder, and that is only if you make no roster changes during that same offseason. NO TEAM IN THE NFL WANTS THIS GUY AT THE PRICE HE/YOU ARE ASKING. The Dolphins USED THIS SITUATION AS A SMOKE SCREEN. They had no intention of meeting his contract demands or giving a 2nd round pick up. So now you have a franchise tendered guy on your roster with no contract. When is that ever advantageous to anyone? So now you are faced with the envious position of playing the #1 overall pick out of position to satisfy a malcontent, a possible trade demand/holdout from said malcontent, the prospect of a $10 million rental for a triple digit pick, or even better, please by all means, franchise him again and make it a 2 year $20 million dollar rental for a malcontent for said 4th round pick, when you are going to have to restructure just to sign your rookies. Is he a good player? Sure he is. Is this situation advantageous to the Chiefs? We all know the answer to that. You overestimated his trade value, and now you will have to make it work. There are worse situations, but this is not how your front office wanted this to go down….at least we hope, for your sakes.

  19. I forgot to add he is injured, so there is the risk of value reduction from that….the time value of money and all that jazz.

  20. Word out of camp is martin is bigger and stronger than last year, bulking up for his new position. He is going to be fine there.

  21. iknoweverything is such a troll. It amazes me how someone could find time out of their day to post on every article about a team they obviously do not like. It leads me to believe one of two things either A. you are a snot nosed kid who doesnt hold a job and mommy and daddy pay all of your bills or B. you are a adult who does not work yet you let hard working Americans pay your bills why you sit at home posting on pft because you are too lazy to get a job.

    The Dolphins are going to compete this year and will give the Pats a run for their money. An oline consisting of Martin, Incognito, Pouncey, Thomas, and Winston is more than solid enough to get the job done. The only factor going into the season is how much has Tannehill progressed. If Tannehill makes a leap from last season the Fins are without a doubt a playoff team but if he is the same or regressed the team will pick up right where they left off. I think Tannehill is a smart player and is going to step up his game this season while Jordan, Starks, Soliali, and Wake make Tom Brady’s misserable.

  22. I have a question for this poster known as wannstache (a terrible name for a terrible poster based on a terrible coach). What are you going to do when the moves all work and the Fins put together a good campaign? Where will you and your complaints go then?

    You and the other repeat doomsayers are negative 100% of the time, so we know you can’t possibly even be somewhat accurate, because nothing is ever 100% right and nothing is ever 100% wrong. Grow up.

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