Draft review: Kansas City Chiefs

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After analyzing the draft needs of all 32 teams, PFT will review how well each team addressed those needs. Up next: The Kansas City Chiefs.  

What they needed: Offensive tackle, running back, inside linebacker, outside linebacker, tight end.

Who they got:
Round 1: Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan.
Round 3: Travis Kelce, TE, Cincinnati.
Round 3: Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas.
Round 4: Nico Johnson, ILB, Alabama.
Round 5: Sanders Commings, DB, Georgia.
Round 6: Eric Cush, C, California (Pa.).
Round 6: Braden Wilson, FB, Kansas State.
Round 7: Mike Catapano, DE, Princeton.

Where they hit: If Fisher is even an above-average left tackle, the Chiefs will have done well taking him No. 1 overall considering the value of his position. The Chiefs can control his rights for up to five years. Kelce doesn’t lack for talent, and if he can avoid off-field missteps, he figures to be a key part of the TE mix in the coming years. Johnson, an experienced contributor for a powerful Alabama defense, strengthens a position of need.

Where they missed: All things considered, the Chiefs did well to address areas that had to be bolstered. Down the road, outside linebacker could be a need, but the Chiefs still have Tamba Hali and Justin Houston signed through 2015. In the short term, there were other priorities that rated more highly.

Impact rookies: Fisher will be an immediate starter on the line. The question now is whether the Chiefs deal Branden Albert, removing any doubt that the No. 1 overall pick will start on the left side. Travis Kelce, the brother of Jason Kelce, whom Andy Reid coached in Philadelphia, could vie for immediate playing time. Johnson also looms a threat to compete right off the bat at inside linebacker. Finally, Wilson may have a shot at stepping right in at fullback.

Long-term prospects: The Chiefs’ first three picks of Andy Reid’s tenure were offensive players: Fisher, Kelce, Davis. Moreover, the Chiefs’ second-round pick was sent to San Francisco in the deal for quarterback Alex Smith. The success of this offseason — and likely this draft — will be tied to the play of the offense in 2013 and beyond, what with the defense already in good-enough shape to win. If Fisher quickly becomes a quality starter on the edge of the line, and if Smith thrives working with Reid, the Chiefs could quickly be on the move on the AFC West standings. From the looks of it, the Chiefs are laying a solid new foundation.

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  1. Average draft, average team, average coaching staff, more average seasons. Charles is the Fitzgerald of RB’s, all the talent in the world, enough for HOF, held back by teams mediocrity. Franchise an average LT for 10m, can’t dump him anywhere, so basically you drafted a starting RT #1 overall.

  2. All time great coach in Reid w the 15th best winning percentage of all time. Six pro bowlers from a poorly coached team in 2012.

    The Chiefs will battle for the division and may take it.

  3. I see this draft as glass half empty; Fisher is fine no doubt. But an injury riddled RB in the 3rd round when the depth behind Charles is fine, a Division 2 player in the 5th round when quality players were still there, NO QB (Bray is not that good) and FB that probably could have been had in FA, and the enthusiasm is on the back burner for now.

  4. Mixed emotions from Vols fans on Bray. Reminds me a bit of Jeff George. Huge arm, even bigger attitude problem. If the right people can mentor him and get him to grow up, then this could be a gem. I’m not holding my breath as a Vol fan and Chief fan. I saw him quit on the Vols quite a bit.

  5. Who cares, the Chiefs have always been, and will always be, irrelevant.

    They are a joke, they are the Chiefs.

  6. You are a joke sir I can make an argument that they have no holes on their team while having good to great players at every position and a lot of good back ups and out of all of their starters Derrick Johnson is the oldest at 30

  7. Fisher could be an elite left tackle and can play right for now. Kelce is an elite run blocker with deceptive speed at 6 5 running a 4.6 40. Compared to Jeremy shockey. Davis is my fav and a steal at the end of the third he is 5 10 227 and ran a 4.3! He was injured in 2011 and has fumbling problems but could be the next Peterson. Also fisher and joeckel put up a respectable 27 reps at the combine while Davis put up 31! Nico is a great run stopping ilb and that’s exactly what kc needs with decent size and speed he can take wrong angles and doesn’t show much in coverage skills but with 3 pro bowlers and Derrick Johnson to learn from you can’t do much be get better and better. Sanders commings was a physical cb that has bad footwork and allows the inside angle to easily to wr but with 4.4 speed at 6 ft he can easily make conversion to safety and challenge Lewis with his good coverage skills and physicality sounds like a good free to me. And bray is the best arm coming out of college in a while and is 6 6. He needs to fill out with his height and become more consistent but with a rocket arm and accuracy to boot Andy Reid made detmer feely mcnabb Vick and kolb look like stats I’m sure he can make him and chase Daniels great. And he’s also known for his talented later round finds in te and rb which we got all 3. This draft class lacked a high 2nd rounder but potential to be great in the upcoming years. Go chiefs!!! Go Andy and Dorsey

  8. arrowdead

    Doh I see what your talking about that was the 6th rounder that was Division II. I think he is a long snapper though which makes him a little more valuable.

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