Draft review: New York Jets


After analyzing the draft needs of all 32 teams, PFT will review how well each team addressed those needs. Up next: The New York Jets.

What they needed: Quarterback, pass rusher, wide receiver, tight end, safety, offensive line

Who they got:
Round 1: Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama; Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri
Round 2: Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia
Round 3: Brian Winters, G, Kent State
Round 5: Oday Aboushi, OL, Virginia
Round 6: William Campbell, G, Michigan
Round 7: Tommy Bohanon, FB, Wake Forest

Where they hit: Nick Saban won’t like that I’m writing this, but Milliner fills the hole (on paper, anyway) opened by the trade of Darrelle Revis. Winters, Aboushi and Campbell definitely help an offensive line that badly needed younger bodies to increase the talent level and competition for jobs during offseason work. Bohanon fills the need for a player who could conceivably be called “T-Bo” if and when the Jets finally say goodbye to Tim Tebow.

The mess the Jets have made at quarterback obscures it a bit, but it was worth the shot on Smith at the 39th pick. He may not wind up being the long-term answer for the Jets, but acquiring him allows the Jets to move on from Mark Sanchez and that’s a win for the team right now. It’s easier to let Smith learn from the bench if David Garrard is the guy taking snaps than it would be if Sanchez were getting booed off the field every week, if only because it sells the idea that there are no quick fixes for a team that needs a total overhaul.

Where they missed: Where are the pass rushers? Richardson is a good player and Rex Ryan will put him to good use, but there’s still no one who scares you coming off the edge. Maybe Quinton Coples gets more time in that role with Richardson on board, but it wasn’t an area they addressed directly.

Where are the receivers? Another reason to resist starting Smith would be the total absence of new offensive weapons added over the three days of the draft. The Jets had their eyes on Tavon Austin, but no one else tempted them once he went to St. Louis and the receiver situation with the Jets is still an ugly one. No safety either, as the Jets left several of their biggest needs unattended.

Impact rookies: Milliner will be expected to start from day one, which means he’s got to take as much time as he needs to be fully healthy after surgery to repair a torn labrum. He won’t be Revis, but the Jets will be strong at corner all the same if he’s ready for the NFL. Richardson is going to play a lot, although his exact role will be defined once the Jets start working as a team. Winters will probably challenge Stephen Peterman for a starting spot at guard. He and Aboushi can also play right tackle, where Austin Howard is hardly irreplaceable.

Long-term prospects: With Ryan’s future beyond this year up in the air, it’s hard to know what to make of the Smith pick. Is he going to have to learn two offenses in two seasons while playing under a coach who doesn’t want him? Or does picking a quarterback who most believe needs some time and the two defensive pieces in the first round signal a desire to stick with Ryan beyond this season? The other picks are guys who can work under any system, more or less, but the quarterback will certainly be impacted one way or another. And the quarterback will ultimately decide how things look in the long term for all involved.

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  1. That’s a big corner with a big upside. Revis is coming of an ACL injury not worth the risk when you get a guy like Sweet Dee.

  2. They really needed a playmaker on offense and the Bills really screwed them over trading the pick to the Rams to take him, because everyone knew the Jets were going to take him with their next pick

  3. Jets grabbed some help on D. But the offense is just doomed.

    You gotta really like a guy to draft him with your first pick, ignoring the 5 major surgeries he’s had

  4. Thought they should have went with Eifert with one of their first two picks. Sanchez needs all the help he can get and they have no red zone threat at all.

  5. Their entire draft comes down to Geno.

    Milliner will be a good player. They were right to cover DJ Hayden, though, and both he and Jamar Taylor may end up being more game-changing type corners.

    Richardson will be solid but have little impact, and T-Bo (nickname: done deal) was a solid steal in the 7th, but the rest are just-a-guy types. Winters could be an outstanding backup, but if he’s a starter he’ll be average at best.

    So simple enough: if Geno is a real QB who can give the Jets leadership and production, this was a great draft. If not, it was a blah draft.

    T-Bo. I’m gonna chuckle all week on that…

  6. Rich Eisen was definitely trying to spin/create some drama with the Geno pick. He acted as if he was shocked that they drafted Geno Smith….as if Sanchez was a franchise QB with no issues. It baffled me as to why he acted so dismayed.

  7. geno is a guy who seems to crumble under pressure, and you put him in New York. Rex is in an obvious 1 year fail situation and is likely to be fired at the end of the year. whoever comes in to coach is going to want his own QB.

    this just won’t go well, and that isn’t even getting into the injury issues millner has and how hes replacing the best in the league who also has injury issues. just putting these guys into a really tough situation. sort of like trading for tebow and making sanchez into a ball of stress.

  8. draft grades are useless. Show me the guy who said The Patriots got the steal of the century in 2000 and I’ll show you 50 who said the Giants overpaid to trade Rivers for Eli.

  9. Santonio Holmes, Jeremy Kerley, Stephen Hill. Arguably a better receiver group than the Jets had during the AFC Championship run. Injuries last year exposed a lack of depth, but those three guys are actually pretty solid.

  10. fantastic first draft for Idzik with the trade for Ivory we got what looks like 6 starters in this draft – the best qb and best cb in the draft – and good work building up the o line and d line. I also think we had no interest in Austin and played the Bills into trading out and not taking Milliner

  11. Idzik must be a science guy. Not having upgraded the offense in any way other than QB, they can now test how much of last year’s disastrous offense was on Sanchez, and whether someone else could have turned the ball over less and scored more.

    So they can at least understand the past. Moving forward, I’m not sure how Geno Smith can make this drying-paint offense any more exciting to watch.

  12. Remove the fact that the media has a vested interest in perpetuating the “Jets are a circus” angle (as it generates the most attention, generally from buffoon trolls – see this site as ex. 1), and the reality is that Idzik continues to do an outstanding job.

    Any honest analysis realized this was a two year rebuild minimum, and with another solid draft – combined with a significant amount of cap space next year – Idzik may actually have cleaned up Tannenbaum’s mess in record time.

  13. bigjoe2269 says: Apr 28, 2013 5:23 PM

    fantastic first draft for Idzik with the trade for Ivory we got what looks like 6 starters in this draft – the best qb and best cb in the draft – and good work building up the o line and d line. I also think we had no interest in Austin and played the Bills into trading out and not taking Milliner

    The Jets had their eyes on Austin the whole time and Buffalo knew it. The Bills may have liked Milliner, but were no where near selecting him. Trading out of their pick was the plan. Buddy Nix was talking about trading back 2 weeks before the draft, It was just a matter of finding a trade partner. Had the Bills not found a team to trade with, they would have selected Tavon Austin themselves. Trading their pick to the Rams was a great move… they blocked the Jets from getting Austin, received a 2nd and 7th round pick and took the QB with the highest ceiling in the draft, their Franchise QB. Go Bills!!!!

  14. They added to the D which they needed to but not enough.
    They have no WRs or good TE’s. Offense will again
    hurt this team and they will go below .500 once again. In a league that begs teams to throw the ball, they run it. Mind boggling.

  15. You have to include Ivory in that deal. Keep hearing people say the Jets have no offense, yet they rebuild there line with both NFL experienced OL and rookie OL.

    Jets will have a dominant running game this year. Next year they can retool the Offense(TE & WR) and get a Safety and OLB either via draft or FAs. Can’t do it all in one year.

  16. Why does PFT keep ripping Austin Howard!?! Why don’t you look up his ranking on PFF before talking down about a player who went from the Eagles practice squad and graded out as one of the top 15 RT’s in the NFL and a top 10 run blocking OT overall as per PFF! Please research!

  17. egomaniac247 says: Apr 28, 2013 4:42 PM

    Rich Eisen was definitely trying to spin/create some drama with the Geno pick. He acted as if he was shocked that they drafted Geno Smith….as if Sanchez was a franchise QB with no issues. It baffled me as to why he acted so dismayed.
    Because Rich Eisen (1) is an ESPN-trained talking head, (2) because he can’t help but try to stir the pot, even when it’s already bubbling, and (3) because he’s a tool.

  18. @EJ

    bwahahaha you guys reached yet again for a crappy qb – buddy nix is the real clown and has done nothing good for that franchise with all the picks they have had in the top 10 for the last 15 years – everyone is still scratching their heads at that pick in the first round

  19. also Eisen was over the top with his comments trying to stir stuff up – funny because he is a jets fan too. go see what Casserly said about our draft and get some insight

  20. Let Idzik’s plan play out. The daily news and other media outlets are slamming the Jets hard cuz Idzik won’t tell them his future plans. They act like little children when they don’t get the answer they want. Just like when the Jets didn’t have the end of year presser last season n they all threw a tantrum. They also act like they care about Sanchez feelings all of sudden about Geno but last year they ripped on him on a daily basis in the papers. So they got no answers n they just roll with the old trusty circus act cuz they know the Jets are sensitive about it. Its crazy how were talking about grown men and women in the city of NY acting like this. Its like middle school behavior on a much bigger platform.

  21. Richardson is an outstanding player, but does he really fit any position on a 3-4 front? He hasn’t played a snap of 5-technique in his career and is actually undersized to played end in a 3-4. If he does end up playing well at a 3-4 end, they can afford to move Coples to rush backer, which may wind up being quite the frightening situation for offenses before the end of the year.

    Either way, I hope this team becomes less of a laughing stock for the sanity of Jets fans. Over the last couple of years, the story lines turned jokes coming out of New York have been comparable to one liners regarding Tyrann Mathieu’s bong water and Irsay’s majority share purchase of Makers Mark distillery.

  22. Breaking News, Idzik was Director of Football Operations in Arizona from 2004-07 and graduated from Dartmouth.

    Why is this significant?

    Idzik had the an up close view on Matt Leinart, seeing him fail to gain a starting QB job, thus creating a mental stereotype, albeit a subconsious one against USC QB’s.

    Sanchez agent is his brother, who graduated from Yale.

  23. As all jets fans know, what is the point of a good defense when you have a 31st ranked offense and CAN’T score points? Our offense went three and out and defense had to come back on the field before taking their first breath and sitting. So this defense is pointless. We can score to keep us in the game. That’s why we couldn’t finish games, our D was too tired. Geno Smith will be no different if we cant get gelp at WR. Austin should have been our first need with Vaccaro picked at 13.

  24. FYI William Campbell is a DT. He never played on the OLine. But he is a guy that has potential. He was a former 5star prospect that Rich Rod never got developed early on.

  25. I actually think they had a really good draft. To take a chance with the top rated QB in the 2nd round is a no brainer. As you all know how you win in this league is with a franchise QB. Hopefully Smith will be that. In the 1st round they got the top rated CB Millner which will hopefully relieve some of the pain of losing Revis and Richardson will give them pressure up the middle and move Coples outside. Austin was taken there really wasnt any legit offensive player to take that high. The offensive line needed help and they took care of that. Yeah I think they should have went safefty Rambo and offense. But with all of the needs you were leaving this draft with holes regardless. This was a step in the right direction. Next year they will have a ton of picks. 4 compimentary picks and 3rd round from Tampa. Next year draft looks better on the offensive side of the ball and I think thats where they will go. You really have to combine this year and next year draft with all the needs to judge how good they did.

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