Draft review: Tennessee Titans


After analyzing the draft needs of all 32 teams, PFT will review how well each team addressed those needs. Up next: The Tennessee Titans.

What they needed: Guard, defensive end, wide receiver, safety.

Who they got:

Round 1: Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama

Round 2 : Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee

Round 3: Blidi Wreh-Wilson, CB, Connecticut

Round 3: Zaviar Gooden, LB, Missouri

Round 4: Brian Schwenke, C, California

Round 5: Lavar Edwards, DE, Louisiana State

Round 6: Khalid Wooten, CB, Nevada

Round 7 (248): Daimion Stafford, SS, Nebraska

Where they hit: After getting the middle of their offensive line blown out last season, they made sure to restock. Putting Warmack together with holdover Fernando Velasco (with Schwenke in the wings) and free agent addition Andy Levitre will help give Jake Locker a moment to see things, and should open some holes for Chris Johnson (and I suppose Shonn Greene).

Where they missed: The didn’t add pass-rush, but they did put some speed on the field. Adding Gooden to second-year linebacker Zach Brown gives the Titans two guys who can fly, and that gives them an opportunity to move some pieces around on defense.

Impact rookies: The made a move to get Hunter in the top of the second, and he could get a chance to shine soon. The Titans badly needed someone to make a play on the outside, as they have several guys with potential, but a funny way of not delivering on it.

Long-term prospects: The Titans will be exactly as good as Jake Locker is this year. If he grows into his draft status, they have a chance to be a very solid team. If he flounders, and God forbid Ryan Fitzpatrick ends up on the field, they’re going to be picking in the top 10 again next year. Owner Bud Adams isn’t a patient man, and many of the moves they made this offseason (including hiring Gregg Williams) could fairly be described as desperate.

8 responses to “Draft review: Tennessee Titans

  1. I am very satisfied with the Titans draft this year…wish we could have gotten a good pass rusher & a big back but maybe some of these undrafted guys can help us….GO TITANS!!!!!

  2. The Titans drafted and added enough free agents to change the entire team. In Munchak’s third year he finally shed’s all that was a Jeff Fisher team. This year should and will look like a team created by a former HOF offensive lineman. As a fan this is very exciting.
    I love the Titans draft and I have hopes for the upcoming season. But desperation can be an ugly thing. The one key that solidified this year as an all-in move was trading next years 3rd rounder. This was a bold move and Hunter now has a 1st round label. Hunter will need to play as well as any of the three wide receivers selected before him.
    As someone who watches way too much football I see one glaring mistake from the Titans draft. Drafting a QB at any point is never a bad thing. With one selection, this whole season could have been a pot bet vs. an all-in season. My number one rule for any team that misses the play-offs. Draft a QB every year till you make the play-offs.
    I will cheer for the Titans year in and year out. I think that taking a QB like Barkley, Nassib, Wilson, or Jones would have cost very little. With the outcome being nothing but positive. Going all-in is a very sexy move. But having a QB in waiting is the same as having a chip and a chair….

  3. Pass rusher would have been nice, but there just wasn’t value there at the spots they were picking except the 2nd rounder maybe, but the trade was specifically for Hunter.

    The Titans will open up more cap room with the cuts of Amano and others, maybe even Nate Washington (decent cap figure)… so maybe finding a stopgap like John Abraham to rotate in is in play.

  4. Love the Warmack pick. It really was the only way to go, and it’s the perfect fit.
    In round two, I thought for sure they’d go Tank Carradine. Like when they picked Kendall Wright, I thought “receiver? Really?” But the thought of Britt, Hunter, and Wright is exciting. If all (and by “all”, i mean “Britt”) can stay healthy and out of trouble, this could be one of the receiving corps in the league for years to come.

    I’m excited about the linebackers. A young, fast corps gets younger and faster. Brown and Gooden will help against dual TE’s, especially having to face the Colts, with Fleener and Allen, twice a year.

    Probably could have gotten DE earlier, but Edwards in round 5 was great value. He’d have started anywhere else in college.

    Good to get some secondary depth, as well. Good draft, and great offseason all around. It’s all on Jake, now.

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