Flynn is Raiders’ QB now, Pryor and Wilson will compete


Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie said just before the draft that Matt Flynn is the starting quarterback, and that Terrelle Pryor will have a chance to compete. After the draft, when the Raiders selected Tyler Wilson in the fourth round, that plan hadn’t changed much.

We’re going to begin with Matt Flynn,” McKenzie said before the draft. “Now, the quarterbacks who will be on the roster from that point on, they will all compete. Like I said, every position, it’s all about getting players that can play and competing.”

Asked after the draft if Wilson can compete right away, McKenzie suggested that he’d get his shot, but that nothing had changed about the plan to give Flynn the first shot.

He’s a rookie,” McKenzie said of Wilson. “I want him to learn the playbook first. Get out here and make sure he gets behind the center, not behind the guard. You want these guys to come in and just show the coaches and their team, number one, that they belong. Then all the other stuff will come.”

Reading between the lines of what McKenzie says about Flynn, you get the sense that McKenzie believes Flynn is a smart player and a safe bet who won’t lose games for the Raiders, but that Pryor and Wilson have more upside.

“I think he’s going to be a solid quarterback,” McKenzie said of Flynn. “Now how good can he be? We’ll figure that out, but I think he’s got a chance to be a good, solid quarterback. He hasn’t played a lot of games so that’s what’s ahead of him, to see how he plays. He’ll get in here and compete and try to see if he can show his team and coaches if he can play.”

So Flynn enters the offseason as No. 1, but it wouldn’t be surprising if a young quarterback beats him out for the starting job. Just like in Seattle last year.

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  1. Last year year Flynn was injured when he lost the competition. Don’t see that happening again.

  2. Whoa, when I first read the title, I saw “Flynn is QB….Wilson will compete” and immediately forgot he was traded to the Raiders (even though somehow my eyes didnt see Raiders in the title) and thought Russell Wilson would be backing up Matt Flynn lol

  3. I like McKenzie’s approach here of drafting a QB instead of only rolling with Flynn.

    The goal is to find a franchise QB and you basically have three unproven quarterbacks on the roster. Let them compete in camp and let the cream rise to the top.

    If all three don’t seem like the long term answer, then keep drafting QBs until you find the guy. It’s not very scientific, but franchise QBs rarely come by in free agency (Manning and Brees are recent examples) and you need to build that position through the draft.

  4. I would not so surprisingly if he loses it again to a rookie and he got another big contract to not win again. I haven’t questioned big reg yet but if this matt ain’t icy your ice will be a whole lot thinner.

  5. The goal is find find a franchise QB???
    Really … I thought they just got rid of one.
    First you have to get WRs who can catch a ball and run the right routes … the QB’s best friend.

  6. A. Good! They have a plan and it will be Flynn’s job to lose. At least they didn’t leave the situation in limbo like some teams would. Addressing it now makes the most sense.
    B. They drafted Wilson because they need another QB and let’s face it- the FA market sucked.
    C. Pryor needs another year in a stable work environment before they make a decision on him.
    D. Well, DUH!!!! You gave him a $6M contract! You didn’t sign him to sit him!

  7. I liked what Pryor showed in Week 17 v. the chargers. He was raw, but there was something about his performance that spoke well.

    I hope Big Reg gives him a chance.

    He is the last pick ever of Al Davis. That reason alone he deserves the benefit of doubt.

  8. Wilson needs a year to learn the system and clean up his mechanics. He’s got the gunslinger mentality, and a decent arm.

    Flynn has a year to prove he’s an elite QB.

    Pryor has a year to become a career backup.

  9. This years raiders are going to be run heavy and short yard passes to talented full backs and tight ends. Every games is going to be a grind. They will maintain long drives and keep the other teams offense off the field. No more long incomplete passes and three and outs! It is going to be nice to see players not give up or blow coverages on defense. Big Reg is putting guys with heart on the field and I am looking forward to the season and seeing young talented players that are going to stick around for many years.

  10. In other words, we still don’t have a franchise QB and will be looking to the draft for the next year or two……Flynn is smart, hardworker, but arm strenghth is very questionable. Teams will cut the field off and will blitz him into a concussion or pick six(remember Jeff Garcia). Pryor has the skills but is still too raw, has an inconsistant throwing motion, and is not as fast as we thought. Tyler Wilson has some upside and has a gunslinger mentality. Let him sit for two yrs while you build both lines and get some posession WR’s.

  11. Tyler Wilson be the week 1 starter I promise all of you. He will have a better year than RG3, Andre Luck and Wilson out of Seattle.
    Tyler Wilson will be a franchise QB

  12. I’m an LSU fan so I have some love for Flynn but Really Oakland!! He had 1 good game as a pro in a system that made him look great. He lost out to a Russell Wilson that was unproven at the time … Didn’t you learn last time from your Stellar LSU QB (JaMarcus) Take a ride across the bay and learn how to build a team

  13. spellingcops says: Apr 28, 2013 7:36 PM

    Does it really matter which mediocre to bad QB of theirs leads them to 3 wins?
    Does it really matter if fetus head wins 13 games in the regular season just so he can have time to sell lousy pizza during the playoffs? Commitment to Commercialism.

  14. Not much has changed or… nothing has changed? Looks and sounds more like nothing.

    Pryor and Wilson both will have the chance to win the job away from Flynn. I got no problem with that and it seems that neither do Pryor or Wilson.

  15. None of the QB’s in Oakland will flourish until RM builds an O-line that will support them. Watson was a move in the right direction but way too little for the need there. Great lines, especially the O-line support a run game that will take the pressure off the passing game and keep the defense off the field.

  16. Some players do not practice as well as they play. I have a feeling Flynn is a gamer, one of those players that steps up in the real action.

    I think he needs regular season game time opportunities.

    All I want is for Flynn to get the opportunity to start the first five games. That will tell us all we need to know about his future.

    What the hell, why not. The Raiders next Superbowl win is not until 2015.

    I wish Flynn well.

  17. It’s clear that Flynn is the conservative plan at QB where he can at the very least be trusted to be the game manager. He’s accurate enough to pick apart zones but he’s not going to make our terrible receivers better.

    McFadden and Reece are going to get a lot of work this year catching passes and, unfortunately, the development of Denarious Moore, Jacoby Ford, Juron Criner and Rod Streater is going to suffer.

    The hope is Pryor or Wilson show enough that they can spend a year getting comfortable in the NFL before taking over. This isn’t rocket science. It’s not like there’s a star QB in free agency sitting there and we’re just ignoring him. Wilson was the best of a lot of average options at QB because of his intangibles (things you can’t teach) and functional QB skills (things our coaching staff can polish).

  18. Hilarious….Raiders fans bragged about what a godsend Palmer was and how great Hue was. Now they are saying how great Flynn and McKenzie are…It is going to end the same…
    It is okay to admit your team is in shambles and can’t be fixed anytime soon.

  19. Flynn is basically on a “prove it” one year deal. Pryor has flashed but something must be giving the Raider brass pause or they would not have used the 4th round pick on a third QB. Flynn WILL start the season. He certainly won’t be beat out by a rookie named Wilson for the second year in a row. Nobody is talking Tyler Wilson up like they were Russell. That kid is special and would have beaten several QB’s last year. Green Bay drafted Flynn and they’re pretty good at seeing QB potential. Seattle traded for him and paid him good money but the Wilson pick did him in there. I’m happy to have him in silver and black and think he’s going to do great…..if McFadden and the WR core STAYS HEALTHY.

  20. I’d rather have Richard Pryor on my QB roster than Terrelle Pryor.

     1 1 
    Thank you for your feedback. We will look into it.

    Sorry I hit the wrong button…..but I agree with u.

  21. What does it say about Pryor that the Raiders keep finding ways to keep him on the bench?

  22. My how things have changed. Back when Palmer was jettisoned all Raiders fans were pissed at Mackenzie. Happy to see Palmer go but pissed to see just how depleted the entire roster really was. Now how exactly has anything changed from the draft? They had needs at every position and the only thing raiders fans seem to care about is who’s backing up a 4th year first time starting qb? This is going to be a long year. Things may be getting better in Oakland but its clear the fans won’t have the patience for the rebuild

  23. Bye, Bye Pryor, no chance to be back up QB! Pryor’s been learning for 3 years, and he’s still raw!! Change position or get cut! Wilson will be the back up!

  24. I hope for the best for Raiders fans who’ve had to endure a nearly unbearable run of ineptitude for quite some time. They are really not very talented and may struggle to compete this year, but I like where Reggie has this team headed. Watson and Hayden have the ability to be 10+ year Pro Bowl caliber players.

    All that being said, Raiders fans should be prepared for a season replete with brutal ass kickings, beginning week 1 in Indianapolis.

  25. Tyler Wilson has 1st round talent, he’s a vocal leader, fearless in the pocket and has an NFL arm. He has some work to do but he could be the Raiders QB of the future. I really liked that pick for Oakland.

  26. joetoronto,
    All 3 Raiders QB’s have a stronger arm than Andy Dalton.

    Deal with it, Bunghole fans.
    Jafarcus has a strong arm too…If Andy Dalton was traded to Jokeland, you would all be praising him as the 2nd coming of Daryl Lamonica just like you have with every other slappy you got (Palmer, Campbell, Flynn, Wilson, lol). You have no hope and you need to find something else (like a job)to do than be on PFT all day/night. You are embarrassing yourself defending the Raiders. We went through this in the nineties and the fans demanded a better product, we did not condone/perpetuate the insanity. You are setting yourself up for disappointment. Find some other interests!

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