Jaguars sign a pair of quarterbacks

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The Jaguars were considered a team likely to draft a quarterback this year and they did select a guy who made a name for himself at the position in college.

Denard Robinson isn’t going to be playing quarterback in the NFL, however, and the seventh round ended without the Jaguars adding any competition for Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne. That changed once the team started signing undrafted players to contracts.

The Jaguars signed quarterbacks Jordan Rodgers and Matt Scott as free agents, adding two more arms to the mix that will compete this summer. Rodgers started at Vanderbilt for the last two years and showed steady improvement over that time, although the fact that he went undrafted didn’t come as much of a surprise. Rodgers, who announced his signing on Twitter, will be trying to earn a contract that pays significantly less than the one his brother Aaron just got from the Packers.

Scott also broke the word about joining the Jags on Twitter and his drop to the undrafted ranks was a bit more unexpected. The Arizona product visited a lot of teams during the weeks before the draft and his ability to use his feet as well as his arm had some people talking about him as a middle-round pick. Like most quarterbacks in this draft, though, Scott found a soft market for his services.

With the new Jaguars regime less than sold on Gabbert and Henne, Jacksonville’s not a bad place for an undrafted quarterback to land. Rodgers and Scott should get more than cursory looks to see if they can help the offense.

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  1. I think there is a chance both of these guys find a way to stick–one as a third stringer and another on the Practice Squad–assuming the one who goes to the PS doesn’t get poached by another team. I see Scott being on the roster and Rodgers on the Practice Squad.

  2. one thing I like about football is unlike baseball these contracts are not all guaranteed I think one of these 2 may beat out henne or gabbert don’t be surpised to see one or both of them cut the jags new mgmt. reminds me of my rams getting younger and faster and cutting dead weight

  3. also I live in Tucson and while im not a wildcat fan I cant help but see his games living in this town hes gonna play sooner rather than later

  4. Those two will be gone by the start of the season. There will be camp cuts better than them the Jags will pick up. Possibly Mark Sanchez and Nick Foles. That was what Caldwell was anticipatiing, I think. Why waste a draft pick?

    But the Jags like their QB situation more than most teams. They’re rolling with Gabbert, and not nervous about that fact. They are the only team in the bottom half of the standings that has made no serious moves at the position in the off season. Some teams have added two or three new guys via trade, free agency, or the draft. Jax, nothing. Two UDFA camp arms.

  5. Rolling with crapbert and not nervous about it! HAHAHA!!! He’s one of the worst QB’s in the league! When I watch him play I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

  6. I honestly think Gabbert will excel with some much needed protection help from his O-Line. I think that is what Caldwell is really doing. He stated that Gabbert was the youngest QB in the league and will give Gabbert every chance to prove himself. If he doesn’t after the first half of the year I say cut your losses and hope for some better QBs to come out next year…jmo.

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