Jerry Jones wants Tony Romo to work like Peyton Manning


Now that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has given quarterback Tony Romo a six-year, $108 million contract, Jones wants to see Romo make his entire life revolve around football.

Peyton Manning-type time on the job,” Jones said he wants Romo to work, via the Dallas Morning News.

Jones said he and Cowboys coach Jason Garrett would love to see Romo spend the majority of his waking hours at the team facility.

“If Tony, for instance, would be here Monday through Saturday . . . from seven in the morning to six o’clock at night all over this place then that’s better than the way it’s been,” Jones said. “We’ll have more success, and Jason believes that. It’s certainly at quarterback but he believes it at the other positions. Tony is going to have more time, more presence, not only in the offseason but when the season starts, beginning Monday, assuming we played Sundays. He’s going to have more time on the job. A part of what we agreed with was extra time on the job, beyond the norm.”

Fair or not, Romo has taken criticism at times in his career for a perception that he doesn’t always have all his focus on football: Whether it’s working on his golf game, dating celebrities or going on vacations during bye weeks, Romo has heard talk that he has too many outside distractions.

Jones recently called that criticism “ridiculous,” but Jones also says he admires the way Manning doesn’t just do what is required of an NFL quarterback, and he hopes Romo will use Manning as his role model.

“Anybody will tell you that Peyton Manning’s involvement in what they do is a bonus as opposed to what the general commitment is of top quarterbacks in the NFL,” Jones said. “That’s a bonus. Again, because I haven’t been in meetings with Peyton for a long time, but we’re committed and [Romo’s] committed to that type of in-season and off-season approach for these years under his contract.”

Romo is certainly being paid enough to work overtime.

61 responses to “Jerry Jones wants Tony Romo to work like Peyton Manning

  1. Tony Romo wants Jerry Jones to let people that understand football to make football decisions, like Robert Kraft.

  2. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Romo is not going to suddenly transform into a dedicated qb.

    Jones should have thought this through before giving him the money.

  3. If Jones really feels this way the best thing for him to have done was not pay Romo right now, make that expectation clear and let him prove it. Though I’ve never heard of a guy 30 at QB who has started for the better part of 7 years improving his work ethic. At this point you are signing the guy as is. Also, it’s not really wise of Jones to make this public.

  4. Every owner would like their quarterback to work like Peyton Manning.

    But not everybody’s Peyton Manning. That guy eats, sleeps, breathes, and thinks football 24/7. I can’t really blame other people for not being like that, even if they’re paid the same. Other people have lives, but Manning has football. Football is his life.

    It’s part of what makes him so damn good.

  5. Communication through press release is not exactly the best management style. There’s a reason why Belichick never tells anyone anything ever. The reporters hate him for it – and he doesn’t care.

  6. Nobody works like Peyton Manning. But Jerry should have probably cleared that up with Tony BEFORE signing him to that huge contract.

  7. Ummmmm, Peyton Manning works like Peyton Manning because he’s a perfectionist almost to a fault. It’s part of his fundamental make-up as a person that just rolls over into his work life and other areas.

    Sorry ‘Jerr-uh’ but a person doesn’t become a perfectionist unless they’re born one. Romo can, though, expect and demand high expectations for himself and try to reach those expectations.

  8. If Jerrah were there a lot less and all over the place, Cowboys would have a lot more success.

  9. Hey Jerry, as my grandfather used to say “people in hell want ice water” but that doesn’t mean they are going to get it (no matter how rich or important you think you are)

  10. Jerrah has not been happy with Romo’s work ethic for years and yet he rewards him with a six-year, $108 million contract!?!?

  11. man – 24/7 work would not change a thing – romo is a second tier guy no matter how much you apologize or him or try to shove him into a round 1 hole – he CAN’T be elite – move on jerry…

  12. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander….. Romo has every right to insist that Jerry Jones work like a franchise owner and put his pride on the shelf and equip the Cowboys with a legit football GM and end this circus act.

  13. guys I tried to read the whole article but jerry jones continues to show his gm skills with another soso draft at best after signing romo to 106 mil now he wants his work ethic to improve he should have thought about the fact that in 9(what is it 10 years ?) hes led the cowboys to as many playoff wins as tim tebow can you say get a new gm cause its too late to get a new qb

  14. Kind of like giving a kid (and Romo is a kid) his allowance before he earns it, but then who are we to questions Jerrah’s talents as a GM, afterall, he did reach “just a tad” for that offensive lineman.

  15. The funny part…is it is probably true. The reason Romo is not getting it done…is lack of desire & leadership. He’s the “get along with everyone” kid.

  16. Right after Romo lines up behind a fourth round center drafted in the first round. Sure.

  17. remember hard knocks, jerry kept patting himself on the back for the terrifying “3-headed” monster running game he acquired in the 08 draft (Felix/Tashard to compliment Marion) and …. then the cowboys went nowhere.

  18. I like how when Russell Wilson was a rookie last year he did all of this, yet romo has been in the nfl for like 8 years and still doesn’t take responsibility. This is why he will never win a superbowl and kolin, Russell, luck, and RG3 will all at least have a superbowl win.

  19. Sorry Jerry-Tony says he’s gonna be too busy planning vacations with the $55 million you GAVE him to make it to the office much.

  20. If someone paid me 100 plus million to be a loser then what would I be worth if I was a winner? Jerry, the horse is out of the barn, as they say. In this case, you don’t get what you stupidly paid for…you get exactly what you had before. You’ve got no Manning, Brady, Rogers…hell, and for sure you have no Luck!

  21. Lol. Since Peyton chokes in the biggest games just like Romo, everyone pretty much knows what Jerry wanted to say, which was “be like Eli.”

  22. It’s amazing how many people must follow Romo around and peak into his home to know exactly what he is doing at all times. Do you KNOW he isn’t watching film at home during the off-season? He is in as many golf tournaments as Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

    Speaking of Brady, with all the extra preparation he was doing while Romo was at Cabo, he still LOST to the same Giants that Romo did.

    An event that makes no difference IS not difference.

  23. I am a Cowboy fan for life, good or bad I am there. Letting others help in decision making is good. My only hope is that all these grown men will learn from there poor past decision making. I love the Cowboys, but like Romo, I too am getting old and need to see some results. I don’t pray for the Cowboys because it does’nt help. I need victories, not victims.

  24. TheWizard says:
    “Don’t talk about Brady and Romo in the same paragraph please.”

    Yeah, facts are sometimes hard to deal with.

  25. Jerry Jones is not a football guy, he’s a check writer. Before the salary cap he spent more than other teams to buy ringers and stuff his roster with the beter players so it was a winning team. Ever since salary cap it’s become a competion of football knowledge and since then the Cowboys have won, what?, just one first level post season game? Now he’s still trying to buy quality? buy work ethic? Cowboys will always be simply average as long as Jerry Jones owns them.

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