Jets moving William Campbell from defensive line to offensive line

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The Jets’ decision to draft quarterback Geno Smith grabbed a lot of headlines, but they pretty much kept things simple in John Idzik’s first draft since becoming the team’s general manager.

Four of the seven picks were on players who played on either the defensive or offensive lines. One of them was on a guy who played on the defensive line in college, but will be moved to the offensive line in the NFL.

Sixth-round pick William Campbell played defensive tackle at Michigan (after graduating from the same high school that produced mega-bust Vernon Gholston), but the team announced they are going to be moving him to the other side of the ball. Campbell worked out for teams as a guard as well as on defense while making the pre-draft rounds and the team’s expected to try him at guard. The Jets lost Matt Slauson and Brandon Moore, last year’s starters, as free agents and signed Willie Colon before drafting Brian Winters in the third round.

Moore made a similar move when he came to the Jets and developed into a very good player for several years with the teams. While the move will limit any impact Campbell makes this season, they’d take that if it meant something close to what they got from Moore.

11 responses to “Jets moving William Campbell from defensive line to offensive line

  1. Campbell can be better than V. Gohlston.
    But, saying Campbell went to the same H.S. as Gohlston makes as much sense as saying Gohlston was a bust because he played at Ohio St. Absolutely zero correlation! If Campbell plays hard and stays out of trouble he will succeed.

  2. Poor Geno he’s up the creek without a paddle, The jets will be picking first overall in next years draft.I wonder who will be there next head coach

  3. Well… some things don’t change. jets had the worst draft in the division and look locked in the cellar for the foreseeable future.

  4. Mel Kiper graded the Jets draft better than the rest if the AFC East… It’s not about what position you didn’t get, it’s about what players you got. Hehateme, yes I hate you.

  5. You can always look to the Jets the day after a draft if you want a good laugh.

  6. There are 32 teams in the league. Most hardly get a mention. Do the Jets really deserve the constant threads about the most trvial details?

  7. Just…could…not…resist the urge to start another thread about the AFC East’s worst team, could you?

  8. Will Campbell was a 5 star blue chip OT in high school. He played OT for Michigan first and wasn’t any good, so they moved him to DT figuring as big as he is he at least could clog the line. He was barely any good there and was only a rotation guy. He was not draftable at DT. He will probably be on practice squad for a few years and if he can find some fire maybe will be a backup G.

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