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A day after the Jets organization said everything it needs to say regarding the future of Mark Sanchez by using a high second-round pick on quarterback Geno Smith, offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said some more things about the fifth overall pick in the 2009 draft.

“Mark knows what I think about him, I was excited to get here and, about two weeks ago we started the process,” Mornhinweg said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger.  “I have spoken to him, we speak quite often but he understands, this is competition now, let’s rock and roll.  Here we have four, or even more quarterbacks, who say hey, I’ve got an opportunity to win a job here.  That thing’s going to filter out with competition.”

It’s funny that Mornhinweg doesn’t know how many quarterbacks the Jets have.  Jets fans may use a different word to describe it.

The correct number is six.  And Mornhinweg previously said Sanchez would have a “leg up” on the job.  Now that the team has put a “leg up” in a different way on Sanchez, the powers-that-be will continue to say “competition” when it comes to Sanchez because they know it’s a competition he’ll ultimately lose.

Either way, the fun starts Monday, when Phase Two of the offseason program begins.

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  1. Mark Sanchez is not an in-roster competitor.

    He needs everything to be there for him and now he’s going to buckle down under pressure with Geno Smith in town.

    If Geno outplays Sanchez in mini camp and OTAs the Jets should cut him as a June 1 deadline designation.

  2. This might be the best draft since 06′! Nothing is proven until it is, of course, but how can you not live what the Jets did this year. That D front is going to be scary! I can see Brady whining already. Milner is a great pick up and will plug right into a starting role. Geno, in round 2, was an awesome value and need pick! Lots of starters coming out of the draft, couldn’t be happier. Hopefully there’s a FA gem in the group as well.

  3. The Jests put all their eggs in one basket (Sanchize), and ruined that omelet! Now, they have half a dozen. I can’t wait to see those eggs scrambled!!

  4. The Jets plan to play all six QBs at once, maybe using one or two as receivers or RBs. Since they don’t seem to have any receivers or RBs.

  5. He was saying at least 4 guys have a chance to win the job, and maybe more. Don’t see how that means he doesn’t know how many QBs they have.

  6. I think they do Geno a disservice if they go to camp with Sanchez still on the roster.

    Typically, you’d want to have a rookie learn from an aging, past-peak veteran who was good in his prime. That way, he can learn the ropes without being seen as a threat.

    Bringing him into a contentious situation to unseat a 26-year-old guy who’s naturally going to do everything he can to keep his job is not ideal.

  7. Sanchez couldn’t handle the “competition” of Tim Tebow! Of course he’s gonna lose. When he’s faced with competition he plays worse, unlock ANY other player in the NFL. Usually when faced with competition players up their level of play, Sanchez gets worse.

  8. The writings on the wall for Sanchez, one way or the other he’s out of N.Y. after this season. I stated a while ago he’d be the most expensive second or third string QB in the NFL. It’s not that he wasn’t given a chance, the Jets were too patient with him, just think how fast Bill Parcells would have got rid of him.

  9. Did you honestly think they’d keep all six quarterbacks? 2 of them are practice squad players and the only reason one of those two are even notable at all is because his last name is “Simms.” Throw enough **** to the wall and eventually some of it will stick.

  10. You can almost see this one coming a mile away. Tim Tebow is going to be starting for the Jets, with Geno Smith as his backup. Early word from mini-camp is that the Jets are really likeing what they see in Tim Tebow after the off-season improvement and wpork he put in. Not to mention the fact that Tim Tebow brings with him a huge following and character and work ethic to the job. The Jets would be fools to not seize the moment to try out Tebow and see where he takes them. Tim Tebow has never taken a team anywhere BUT to a good place. With Tebow at center, the Jets should be playoff bound.

  11. What an ignorant author. Clearly the Offensive Coordinator of the New York Jets fully understands that there are now SIX quarterbacks on their roster. However, if the author were even somewhat intelligent, he would be able to grasp the concept that out of those six quarterbacks, Mornhinweg is explaining that there are at most FOUR who are even in contention to compete for the starting position come week one. Bleacher Report needs to give this guy the boot. His work is rubbish at best.

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