Not so fast on Duron Carter to Minnesota

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Former Vikings receiver Cris Carter says his son, Duron, will sign with the Vikings.  The Vikings say that Duron merely has been given an opportunity to try out for a roster spot.

Via both Tom Pelissero of and Mike Garafolo of USA Today, the Vikings have yet to offer Duron Carter a job.

While it remains a possibility, the younger Carter first will have to show up and show what he can do.  Per Garafolo, the Ravens also have extended Carter an invitation to try out.

At a time when each team can carry 90 guys, having to try out to get an offseason roster spot doesn’t bode well for the player’s long-term career.  But at least he’ll get a chance to get a chance to make a team.

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  1. That “hating school” thing (as Cris Carter put it) doesn’t work well when the NFL may or may not hate your football playing skills, or lack thereof. Take heed.

  2. He showed promise as a college freshman, but it was not the “Hey, this guy’s an NFL player whenever he goes” type potential. It was more like “Hey, this guy has the pedigree, the raw skills, and he could really be good if he develops over the course of a Div 1 college career.” Of course, he went through 3 schools without getting on the field. So he didn’t develop.

  3. I’ve heard Mel Kiper say a couple of times that it’s actually better to go undrafted than to be selected in the 6th and 7th rounds.

    As I recall, Kiper was saying that if you come to the team as a walk-on, your odds of making the team aren’t really much different than a 6th/7th pick. The difference is that unlike a player who was drafted, you have some options to try to pick a team that’s a fit for you.

    And the elephant in the room is that the young Carter will get more of an opportunity in Minnesota because his dad is still beloved there.

  4. He might not be a very good WR but then again, this is the Vikings. What difference does it make if the guy could get open, Ponder can’t throw worth a lick anyway.

  5. Vikings fan here. I’d have rather seen his kid sign elsewhere and am surprised Spielman made this signing.

    I know it may be considered a low-lisk, potential high reward sign, but could you imagine of the Chicago Bears had signed/drafted Walter Payton’s son?

    Vikings would have been better off leaving Cris Carter in the past.

  6. this guys’s a little longer shot to make the team than the packers are to win a playoff game anytime soon

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