Tebow “probably gone” soon


The Jets held the rights of quarterback-of-all-trades Tim Tebow through the draft, holding out hope that someone would offer, say, a conditional 2030 seventh-round draft choice for the 2010 first-round pick.

Now that the draft is over, Tebow’s time in New York could be, too.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Tebow is “probably gone” at some point soon.  The move would drop the Jets’ quarterback depth chart from six down to five.

It also would leave the Jets on the hook for $1.531 million that must be paid to the Broncos in 2013.  The cash represents a salary advance given to Tebow in 2011.

Mehta’s report comes two days after Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Tebow, who showed up for offseason workouts a full 15 pounds lighter, has gotten the team’s attention with his efforts to improve.  Per Schefter, the longer Tebow is in the building, the more support he secures.

We’ll regard that last leak as a last-ditch effort to get someone to try to trade for Tebow.  Now that the draft has ended, the Jets are on the clock to cut Tebow.

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  1. Kid should have been gone months ago. Not a Tebow fan or sympathizer, but what the Jets did to him was a supreme d-bag move. Can’t even say “they were shopping him,” because everyone knew the writing was on the wall and no one would have traded for him.

  2. lol. A conditional 2030 pick…….

    would you have the courage to write that is he practiced a different religion?

    I doubt it!

  3. Leviticus 16:27-28

    For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what he has done. I tell you the truth, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.

  4. The guy won a playoff game for Denver, something Peyton Manning could not do, and won’t do. This guy will win Superbowls with someone soon.

  5. This holds as much surprise as whether the Jets will keep green and white as their colors.

  6. A conditional 2030 pick…….

    Tebow forgives you.

    And even God thinks he would be better off in Jacksonville.

  7. Good for him. As a fan from D, he did NOTHING, to deserve the harsh belligerent criticism he got from every analyst in sports.
    And did nothing but what was asked of him in 2012, to resurge a broncos team, and by no means should have deserved the inhumane treatment of being shipped off by elway to the New York circus which all but destroyed his reputation as a player after he gave your franchise relevance again..

  8. I’d be shocked if ANYONE picks him up. Not because he isn’t a good athlete, he is. But he is not a game changer, not a quarterback and, most importantly, WAY too much of a distraction. Why would you want that distraction if you are trying to win unless the player is a game changer?

  9. I predict Tebow will sign with the Patriots after being released and will have a huge chip on his shoulder. Belichik has a long history of signing role players who are great atheletes. Tebow will be a multipostion role player .

  10. Dude puts Denver on his back and takes them to the playoffs and takes Pittsburgh out in the first round. Jets get him and don’t even use him and can’t wait to get rid of him. Just put a sign in the locker room, “winners not allowed.”

  11. Someone, anyone, please give Tim Tebow one more shot… I believe that if given another chance, no matter where he plays he will make a huge impact. The kid just knows how to win, he believes in himself, and he makes everyone else around him feel the same exact way. It would be very unfortunate if his career ended before showing the world what he has to offer. He did it in Denver and he can do it again.

  12. Jets are better off cutting Sanchez. Both Geno and Tebow can run the same spread offense.

  13. Tebow should switch to TE.

    Then after awhile he could be a Wide receiver …..:)

  14. Scandiman, for crying out loud, leave religion out of the equation, would you? Tebow is a bad passer, no matter what religion he is. His mechanics are terrible, he can’t read defenses and he’s just not a pocket passer. This has absolutely nothing to do with religion.

    His faith is his faith and that’s one thing. Being a poor quarterback, which is the issue here, is quite another.

    Having said all that, I agree that he was treated like crap by a crappy organization. He was just brought in to try and light a fire under Sanchez’s arse. Problem is Sanchez was smart enough to know his job was safe because Tebow was anything but competition.

  15. If Tim can’t make it in the NFL then I hope he goes to Canada and stars up there.

  16. Reports have surface that New York Jets GM John Idzik called newly-signed veteran QB David Garrard into his office the other day and had a 20 minute chat with him. Idzik was to have told him, “David, in an effort to improve this franchise, we have felt that it is necessary to promote you to 4th string and give you the opportunity to make a real contribution to this team. You will still be behind Greg, but you will still get more of a shot than Tim.”

  17. The Jets will cut Tebow this week. In August, they will either cut Sanchez or renegotiate his contract and trade him (he won’t fight it, he doesn’t want to be the backup in New York, he would rather play anywhere else, he knows he is hated here). Simms will be gone before final cuts.

    Final depth chart will be Smith starting, with Garrard as a veteran mentor and McElroy at third string.

    Book it.

  18. “the longer Tebow is in the building, the more support he secures”

    In other words, the other players are realizing Tebow’s the best qb they’ve got.

  19. Last time I checked, the only thing Tebow did in College was be a leader among men and help his team win. Not surprisingly he did the same thing for the Broncos when given the limited chance he had.

    As soon as he gets another chance, which I assume will be with another team, Rex will be fired.

    I like Rex and I like Tebow, but the kid has never been given a fair shake when his results are more positive than negative.

  20. I feel bad for the guy. They could have at least used him in goal line situations instead of Fumblebutt but they were too stupid to even try.

    Now they just hang on to him for no reason. It is seriously pathetic how they handled him. Just like they hung onto Revis and ended up paying him an extra mil. Who does that?

    I get that the Jets are posted here way too much but when your organization is a daily train wreck how could you not?

  21. No team with a good starting QB would ever sign or trade for Tebow. 1,000,000 religious fundamentalist Tebowmaniacs (most of whom know little or nothing about football anyway) would be screaming for the starter to be benched right after his first incomplete pass, just so they can see their hero play.

    Tebow may be a nice guy but he sucks as a QB, is a polarizing figure among fans, and should therefore be avoided like the plague.

  22. The Jets somehow thought someone was going to give them essentially what they gave up for Tebow. In all reality, Tebow’s unorthodox QB style can win some games. Tebow is deceptively fast and could be a viable backup QB for a team who wants to run the lead option. Otherwise, I would look to the Canadian league if I were him…

  23. Go to the CFL Tim. You’ll be beloved and if you work hard you can work your way back to the NFL like Flutie. Beats being a permanent backup/distraction, which the latter is what will make him unattractive to almost all teams.

  24. He should have been working 24/7 at TE/FB the last year. It was a waste of any chance he has to have a real career.

  25. The sad thing is, none of this circus is Tebow’s fault. He says all the right things, doesn’t intentionally draw attention to himself, and is clearly dedicated to improve his football skills. The fact that the Jets made it a clown show and will eventually seal his fate in NY is completely on Rex and Woody. Tebow deserves a real team with a real coach who could use him correctly (maybe TE).

  26. scandiman

    Since half the NFL is ultra christian… and none of the other teams are offering anything at all for his rights… I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he’s not being discriminated by the NFL for his faith, but for his lack of ability to play football at a professional level.

    Even in his “good” games, I haven’t seen any real talent that says he’s worth keeping.

    And I have nothing against his religion whatsoever. I am just not a believer in him as an NFL quarterback.

  27. Im by no means a fanatic of this guy. But the way GMs in the league have screwed around with this guys career is kind of sad. Its like, he led a pathetic team to the playoffs in his 2nd year. He gets replaced and sent to another franchise, who seems to have signed him inexplicably just to get a few days press coverage. The QB ahead of him could be the worst year in year out starting QB in NFL history, but they dont even give him one or two meaningless games at the end of the year to prove himself. Why? Because they were afraid he would prove himself. Now hes being released because they just drafted a rookie QB who likely will flame out after 3 seasons. Meanwhile, somehow i get the feeling that Sanchez will somehow be starting for some team next year somehow.

  28. What did the Jets pay Tebow besides that 1.5M they owe to the Broncos? He has to tithe, pay his agent, pay living expenses, etc. One would have to think speaking engagements mean more to his bottom line than not playing QB in the NFL.

  29. scandiman

    Aaron Rodgers and Drew Breea are also Christians. They seem to be treated fine. Perhaps because their abilities are greater than Tebows…. and not their religion.

  30. I don’t get why they didn’t cut him a long time ago, what was their reason for holding him this long?

  31. For God’s sake Tebow-just GO.I can’t the media has found someone more nauseating than Favre.

  32. Listen i’m in no way a Tebow fan nor do I think i’ll ever be, but what the Jets did to him was just plain wrong! Kind of like a foster parent wanting a child to care for and when they get the child they treat the kid like a piece of crap and just wanted the kid for the attention! Honestly he shouldn’t be in the NFL! His best chance now is 3rd string QB on a bad team!

  33. Something tells me the NY Jets will dump Sanchez and have Tim Tebow as their starter with Geno Smith as backup. Follow me on this….If they started Sanchez and had Tim and Geno as backup, the fans wouldn’t know who they want to start (Tebow or Smith). With Sanchez out of the equation, it makes it a lot easier to bench Tim Tebow for their 1st round pick – Geno Smith.

  34. 1.5 mil to cut Tebow, what’s the problem? Cut him and eat the dead money. They are not going to get it back, nor a draft pick. It will be better for both sides for a clean break. At least then a team can give him a shot as a backup QB.

  35. Will the Jets send Tebow out solo for his own press conference to announce his departure, just like they did when he arrived there?

  36. I agree with packerbackernj.

    There was NO way that any team was going to trade for Tebow, so there was no reason to make him twist in the wind because of the sins of GM that traded for him, or because of the brain fart that resulted in him being drafted in the 1st round!

  37. It’s sure been fun writing Tebow punchlines over the years, but now that I’m trying to be serious for a change and think of a team where he’d genuinely upgrade the QB position, I’m drawing a blank. Just take the money and show up on Dancing With The Stars, I guess.

  38. Why not keep him, if he win’s the starting job, let him play. If he fails, we put in Gino, if he does well, oh well, it’s Tebow and T-Bo time and team has success.

    If he doesn’t cut it as a QB, cut him as soon has he throws a duck in training camp. Fair?

  39. i’d sign him up as an all around player,not at the starting qb position or even qb position,but running the wildcat,catch passes, being an rb at times,the guy is good at all those type of plays,he just ain’t a qb!

  40. It’s funny, because we know…
    1)Sanchez sucks
    2)Garrard has been out for 2 seasons
    3)McElroy is mediocre
    4)Geno, imo, might not be good (not exactly Russell Wilson or RGIII on the mic)
    5)Tebow has won a playoff game with only 16 starts, while compiling a respectable rating only coming in halfway thru the year. Definitely, get rid of Tebow…

  41. @shoestorm, What freaking world do you live in? In what universe do you see Tebow starting for the Toronto Argonauts in the CFL, less more the NY Jets. At some point you have to get in touch with reality dude! Tebow’s done as a QB in the NFL, period!

  42. Once Tebow can realize he’s not a QB, but a football player, then he can open his eyes to being a FB or TE. The Jets knows he can’t throw a ball, but he can run and catch.

    Then should they cut Sanchez, you’ll have Garrard, Smith and McElroy.

  43. @watermelon1, don’t worry, Tebow will be “freed” in a couple days. He’ll be free to go and start his television ministry or something along those lines, because he’s done as a QB in the NFL, and most likely, done period, because no one, and I do mean no one, wants to deal with his circus that follows him around and destroys lockerrooms. He fostered this deranged following, and now that cult that follows him around, along with the fact he can’t throw the football, will be the end of his NFL career. Good job, cultists!

  44. @cmdrsmooth, nice try. If wins the job. Its so funny to read pro Tebow comments. You people are so out of touch with reality one wonders what planet you’re from. If he wins the job. If it were for lawn cutter of the year, he’d have a shot. But you Tebow supporters seem to forget one very important thing, YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO PASS THE FOOTBALL TO PLAY QB IN THE NFL!!!! Unless some miracle has happened over the past couple months, Tebow has about as good a chance of a snowball in, where you know where, of playing QB ever again in the NFL.

  45. Is there really a team where he could be a qb in a system that fits his style of play? If he were cut would he give the Vikings a better option than Ponder? Maybe, is all I can come up with. I am not a Vikings fan. But he wouldn’t have to pass a whole hell of a lot with Peterson. And when he would throw the rock I’m sure he could hit a few receivers to say the least. Really though I believe he would be a good fit there. But if nobody gives him a shot, he can thank god for his short time in the NFL, the fame , fans, and money he made. Plus he did one thing nobody thought he would ever do. Take the Broncos to the playoffs and win a playoff game. Sucks the way the NY JETS treated him. They show they have no class and one of the worst franchises in all of sports.

  46. From an NFL fans point of view. Tebow needs to be in the perfect situation. He needs to go to a team that can afford the chance to develop him. I’m just thinking maybe the 49ers. Kaepernick is holding down the starting and the back up is McCoy. Since Harbaugh likes players who can do more than one thing. I feel Tebow could excel with the 49ers.

  47. Tebow’s a class act and does not deserve the ridicule he got. The Jets organization was the joke last year and he was one of the few people who showed class. I believe his Christian faith is why he’s trashed so much. From a Niner fan, good luck Tebow.

  48. Tebow’s development as a QB is pretty much done. He’s not going to get much better than he already is. Potential reached.

    Now that he’s already gotten way more opportunities than a hundred other good leader/bad passers, it’s time for him to meet his fate. Back to your college town to sell cars/insurance/real estate.

    See what Chris Leak is up to.

  49. You know what. With quarterbacks playing until 35+ plus these days and as a cowboys fan I say bring him to us. He can sit under romo or witten. Let him fully develop no pressure and unleash him on nfl defenses. I have spoken!!

  50. Hey TeBLOW- dont let the door hit ya where the good lord split cha!!!

    tebows a bum who played his way out of the NFL, GOD must not be a tebow fan either

  51. Say what you will about Tebow. All the guy does is work and succeed at each step of the way. Best of luck to him. He’s won more playoff games as a member of Broncos than the ole 40 acre forehead has.

  52. He will sign with the PATS within 24 hours of being cut by the Jets……he will play H Back, TE, Slot Receiver, LB and special teams Kamikaze!! He will also be on the opening day 53 man roster!

  53. I predict Tebow will sign with the Patriots after being released and will have a huge chip on his shoulder. Belichik has a long history of signing role players who are great atheletes. Tebow will be a multipostion role player .


    why do people always say this? why do so many people feel tebow can play multi positions? guess what guy? i dont. i dont think he can he effective at any position. not at te, not at wr, not at fb or tb or qb or any position a coach might create for him. hes a good athlete in a league filled with great ones and there isnt a spot for him. sorry.

  54. Seriously, he needs to go to the CFL!! He would be a king up there media wise.

    And all they do in the CFL is pass, so that would be great experience for him to pass all of the time.

    Spends 3 years in CFL getting your passing game tight and come back to the NFL and he will be the man.

  55. God with strike down his wrath upon the Jets for the treatment of his nephew. The 11th commandment says “Thou Shalt Not Bench Tebow”

  56. As a resident of Jacksonville, his hometown, I have seen the Tebow self-promotion team, firsthand. So, those that say the distraction is not his fault, you are not correct. He did have success in high school and at UF. However, his presence in Denver created a huge distraction…he didn’t fail, but as a Jaguars fan, I saw David Garrard have a similar run recently, without all the hoopla..Tebow kind of brought all this on himself, and until he really proves that he is a good QB, he needs to change positions…or move along. I don’t blame teams for backing away from him.

  57. The Jets are the most dysfunctional team in the NFL – Jerry Jones’ Cowboys can only look at the Jets with envy in that category because even they have nothing on the Jets when it comes to being a human zoo. Tebow is better off being away from that mess.

  58. rangenius says:Apr 28, 2013 7:54 PM

    The guy won a playoff game for Denver, something Peyton Manning could not do, and won’t do. This guy will win Superbowls with someone soon.

    Someone needs to put the pipe down and walk away.

  59. Tebow will be excited when the Jets release him.
    This will be anther exciting chapter….don’t ya think.

  60. People might bag on Tebow, but in the few games he has started he’s done three things – sell seats, make the contest fun to watch, and win more than he loses. They just gave Romo $108 million, and he doesn’t do any of those things.

    Even people who hate Tebow love to hate Tim Tebow. You know why? Because hating Tim Tebow is like hating the Yankees – its beyond hate, its fun. Only the legends reach such heights, and that’s pure gold in professional sports. Plus he wins more than he loses. I don’t see why he won’t play in 2013, he’s a mint to print money first season anyone gives him a try.

  61. snowdogbilly says: Apr 28, 2013 8:48 PM


    Aaron Rodgers and Drew Breea are also Christians. They seem to be treated fine. Perhaps because their abilities are greater than Tebows…. and not their religion.
    There’s being a Christian, and being an ostentatious, me-and-my-next-door-neighbor-and-good-pal Christian. I side with the man who walks the walk without making it his constant subject.

    That said, and despite the fact that I think Tim Tebow is a lousy quarterback, I’m rooting for him. He really got the shaft from the Jets.

    I’d like to see him get a fair, unbiased, shot somewhere–but I’d also like to see him stop wearing his faith on his sleeve so much. This isn’t about your buddy Jesus, Timmy, it’s about leading an offense. Like Tony Romo with his golf, blondes, and semi-beard, Tebow’s theistic fervor has nothing to do with the job at hand.

  62. I’m a steeler fan,not a jets fan and I think
    that he go a raw deal altogether by the jets.
    but you can see the way he is that nobody’s
    going to break him .He’s just to good of a
    person to waiver and he get on with another
    team,whereas sanchez will never be a starter
    again with any team

  63. The Jests were nuts for not giving Tebow a fair shake last season. The guy wins games when given the opportunity. They had nothing at all to lose, either. If he sucked, so what, couldn’t have been any worse than Sanchez was. If he did win a few games, great, shop him around and turn him into a draft pick or two. The way they wasted him bordered on downright cruel. He’s an exciting player and deserved better.

  64. i argee with you rangenius he will if someone will give him a chance tebow has the pointel in being a hall of famer if you give him a chance denver shouldn’t have traded him to the jets and don’t know why the jets got him and didn’t use him and remember that jacksonbille almost got him stupied jets i hope they never win a superbowl

  65. “I’d be shocked if ANYONE picks him up. Not because he isn’t a good athlete, he is. But he is not a game changer, not a quarterback and, most importantly, WAY too much of a distraction.”

    Lol – he was INFACT a game changer and changed the face of the broncos franchise for the better. It was elway that dished him off to the circus that is the NYJ. Who never gave him a chance and basically ruined his reputation as a player and person.

  66. Bill Belichick has a long history taking crap players and turning them into real NFL’ers.

    Doesn’t mean every crap player is a Bellichick project.

    Not to mention, all of this religious talk and distraction has hurt his chances anywhere. Nobody wants to deal with the circus… and certainly not the Patriots.

  67. For all the people that think Tebow should go to the CFL really doesn’t seem to know how the Canadian game is played. He would throw just as badly there as he would in the NFL and there are only 8 starting jobs right now where I don’t seem him taking out any of the incumbents. If he really wanted to learn to be a passer he should do arena football like Kurt Warner which would be better than sitting on the bench in Canada.

  68. “…holding out hope that someone would offer, say, a conditional 2030 seventh-round draft choice for the 2010 first-round pick.”

    That literally made me laugh out loud. Great line. And a good assessment of Tebow’s value.

  69. Free Tebow. The kid deserves a chance to play somewhere. Even a back up for some team. If some team used him wisely. He could be an asset to a team.

  70. I believe if the powers that be would stop trying to change us throwing motion he might relax and have a chance. Sometimes coaches need to accept that all QBs don’t alway have Peyton Mannings throwing motion. Just let the kid play. Give him a real chance . HTTR

  71. Seattle showed recent interest in him and I could see Pete Carroll going after him if he gets cut.

  72. I wonder if photo-0p Christian, Tebow was a Muslim, if random Quran quotes would be popping up here like the Biblical ones.

    Something tells me, um, no.

  73. im go out on a limb and say if any offensive coordinator in the nfl could use tebow well & correctly it might cleveland’s norv turner!!!!
    IMA BROWNS FAN i wouldnt mind having him as a 3rd stringer he’s better then thad lewis and he’d sell tickets and get more fans for us

  74. People please stop with the tight end nonsense. How often do tight ends lead terrible teams fro a 1-4 start to the playoffs. He is not traditional but given the right system he has shown he can win games and playoff games. If he is so terrible what does that says about half the qbs in the league. What’s more important having a traditional pocket passer or a qb that wins games

  75. As a hawk fan and idzik coming frm here its obvious gerard will be the starter with smith being molded to take over next year. sanchez will be gone next year and the other 3 released by seasons start. the big news however is rex ryan,this is his last year and then your gona see gruden,mooch or cower take over in 2014.

  76. Tebow has been a fraud. He can’t play QB at the level a successful NFL QB needs to play. But..with that said, the Jets did the kid a disservice by bringing him on and keeping him for as long as they have. If they had any kind of decency what so ever then they would release him immediately and let him continue his false prophet journey.

  77. LOL at all the usual “all Tebow does is win when given the chance” comments from the irrational Tebowites. Yeah, his putrid play every well enabled the Broncos to barely reach double digits in points and luck out that the defense kept them in all those games that Tebowites give their savior all the credit for winning.

  78. would love him in Philly (even tho there’s no room for him) I think chip would use him the best way possible and no wise asses I’m not talking about the bench

  79. Emma, a lot of people in Jacksonville support their hometown son. My guess is you are from NY or NJ. Good luck with Gabbert and even MORE empty seats.

  80. Bummer is the kid just wants to play football. Why all the negativity? I hope he goes to the CFL and gets a chance to play. If he proves worthy of an NFL job I hope he says NOPE. Happy here thanks though.

  81. Id like to see Tim Tebow in a Orange Helmet, Brown Jersey with the #15. He’s always been a leader &see a winner Gruden likes him which is a good enough for me.

  82. If I were Tebow I’d rather sit at home than spend another season with the Jets. They’re the worst thing that ever happened to him. I still remember the 49ers vs. Jets game last year when Kaepernick came in on a package of plays and was a total game changer… not even that woke up Rex Ryan. Tebow should have gotten way more playing time than he did. But it wound up ruining his career, and mentally ruining Sanchez’s. Nice job Jets.

  83. Massive fail to draft Gino Smith then cut the guy who would be the most similar backup, would make no sense whatsoever – so I guess the Jets will do it!

  84. Why is it that NO NFL team wants to win??? LOL!! Tebow is a victim…the Jets ruined his reputation…Elway traded a playoff winning QB…..LOL! It’s because of his religion…his beliefs….

    Stop it! He just can’t play & can’t THROW! Goodbye Tim.

    Lots of better QBs haven’t made it in the NFL

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