With 63 draft picks, SEC produces a quarter of the NFL’s talent


The Southeastern Conference dominates college football to such an extent that a quarter of the new talent coming into the NFL this year comes from that conference.

Of the 254 players drafted over the last three days, 63 of them came from SEC schools. That’s more than double the number of draft picks that any other college conference produced. The ACC was second with 31 picks, while the Pac-12 was third with 28 picks.

Although an ACC school, Florida State, led all colleges with 11 players drafted, the other four schools in the Top 5 all came from the SEC: LSU And Alabama had nine each, and Georgia and Florida had eight each. Another SEC school, South Carolina, tied Rutgers for sixth place with seven players drafted.

SEC football is the closest thing to the NFL on Saturdays.

35 responses to “With 63 draft picks, SEC produces a quarter of the NFL’s talent

  1. Considering the talent level in this draft, I’d rather brag about how few players my team’s conference had in this draft.

  2. Pretty damn amazing. Of course, how many of them will translate to success in the pros. Many of them will be solid–many could be perennial Pro-Bowlers and there are some future HOFers for sure. I have to admit–last night I was all about SEC, then Big 12 and Pac 12 as far as the talent–but then I remember, ACC, Big East and Big Ten have some future solid, Pro-Bowl and HOFers too; but there are some mid-majors and small schools that end up producing some pretty damn solid talent as well in the end. I saw guys drafted or signed as undrafted free agents from small schools–some so small I didn’t even know they existed or had a football team.

    Even a guy from my alma mater (2nd year in a row one has found their way to the NFL)–which is really shocking because they just pretend to have a football team and are often devoid of any real talent. They sure can produce some decent Offensive Line man though or so it looks like. Time shall tall. Even if they go on to have solid serviceable careers as backups, that’s huge for our little school that will never have a winning season; at least probably not in my lifetime.

    But back on point, yes the SEC is pretty damn dominant each year. I could kind of see why some people think some teams like Alabama could probably play against an NFL team. I don’t think they would win but I think they’d fare pretty well and hold their own for much of the game.

  3. Ok so there were more than twice as many SEC players drafted than players from any other conference and the past 7 BCS titles have been won by SEC teams, but after that, what’s the SEC really have over the other conferences? Besides 4 of the past 6 Heisman trophy winners… I mean its pretty much even after that.

  4. A quarter of the players in the draft is not quite the same as a quarter of the players in the league.

  5. Maybe not many QB’s, but a few that did: Stafford and Cam Newton recently. Oh yeah, and Jamarcus Russell, lol.

    SEC is old school football, runnin’ and defense. No shame in that game.

  6. I hope we will get just as precise a count in three years of just how many of these SEC guys were overrated on draft day. Think the Chiefs are as excited today about choosing Glenn Dorsey #5 as they were on draft day? No, because he was a bust and is with the 49ers. Think the Saints are still glad they wasted two #1 draft choices on Heisman Trophy Winner Mark Ingram in 2011? No. He barely gets on the field, and Saints fans were clamoring last year for the team to play two undrafted free agents instead of Ingram. These are just two examples. Watch Cincinnati destroy Florida in last year’s Sugar Bowl, and then tell me that no one can ever compete with the SEC. Watch Texas A&M – one year removed from the “weaker Big 12” – whip the two time “National Champions” at home last year and tell me no one can ever compete with the SEC. The rest of the country is catching up to recruiting in CA, FL, LA and TX. It is only a matter of time before this cycle self corrects.

    The Group Think that has overtaken the College Football Establishment / Media Complex regarding the “eternal overwhelming dominance” of the SEC is insufferable. As long as the College Football Playoff Selection Panel is not stuffed with SEC sycophants, and not rigged so that 3 to 4 SEC teams are always in the playoff every year, the playoff will soon take care of this “eternal overwhelming dominance of the SEC” problem.

  7. “yes, but not many QBs come from the SEC though to have great NFL careers”

    Current NFL starting quarterbacks from the SEC:

    Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Jay Cutler, Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford, and Matt Flynn. They’re well represented.

  8. Yea you see that, FSU with the most players in the draft. SEC may be the better conference but Florida State is the premier institution. Numbers don’t lie.

  9. There is an ebb and flow to all thing. Puff out your chest SEC and enjoy it while of lasts. Remember when Ohio St, ND, Nebraska and Michigan were the best? Not so much now…..

  10. “SEC football is the closest thing to the NFL on Saturdays.”


    Aside from A&M’s Air Raid football, the SEC is about as far from NFL style play as you can get. Successful NFL teams no longer go for the 3 yards and a cloud of dust.

    Get it right instead of going for cheap cliches MDS.

  11. Great stat, rewrite the article after the season starts. Include roster count and starting line up count. I don’t think there will be such “dominance”

  12. Reason anybody with physical talent that good is in SEC to begin with, plays college ball at all to begin with (i.e., play for free), is because of rigged system between NCAA and NFL.

    Remember basketball? Smarter kids like LeBron and Kobe and K.G. realized they don’t need to make Coach K. $millions$ playing for free, during some of their best physical years – they can just go straight to NBA, skip bloodsuckers of college sports, and make $$$ directly.

    The old boys’ club turned that off real quick, didn’t they? SEC is a product of that, of people being forced to work for free when everyone knows they’re worth $millions. What an ugly, exploitive thing on display I find college sports more and more because of that.

  13. Good thing they got drafted because their SemiEducateConference education is a joke at best. They’re a natural fit because they already get paid and don’t have to go to school. Most of them won’t be there later because they’re too stupid to grasp a NFL game plan.

  14. Idiot Nole fans….listen! Mayock called you out! How do you have so much talent, yet your team sucks. Continually underperforms….Jimbo is a bum. You have and will continue to be Gator bait!!

  15. while I agree with the ones that say SEC isn’t the best when it comes to QBs its not the worst either. it puts out aBout just as many qb studs as other conferences. 5 current NFL starting qbs are SEC. Compare that to any ind individual conference and the numbers are similar if not better. fyi Eli, Peyton, Cam, Matt Stafford, and Jay Cutler

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