Add the 49ers to the list of teams passing on Tebow


Throw another log on the fire.

Along with the Jets, the Buccaneers and the Eagles, it’s time to add to the list of teams that don’t want Tim Tebow today.

According to Matt Maiocco of, “all indications are the 49ers have no desire to bring Tebow.”

There’s a reasonable position that he might fit there. For someone to make it work, they’re going to need a clearly established starter whose job is stable enough to prevent the speculation from fermenting, and a coach flexible enough to work with a non-traditional player.

The 49ers satisfy both qualifiers, but apparently aren’t interested in the added attention he’d bring. The also think seventh-rounder B.J. Daniels brings some of the same qualities.

“He’s got a real sense when he runs of alluding defenders,” Harbaugh said of Daniels. “Buying time in the pocket, extending plays, very strong arm. And then you wonder with the athleticism, just how many ways could he contribute to this team and this roster.

“Can he be a running back? Can he be a wide receiver? Can he be a kick returner? Can he be a punt returner? That idea of being a Swiss army knife kind of comes up again. And we’ll see just how many things he can be good at. But, he’s a tremendous athlete with great foot quickness, strong arm, two-time captain. I think we’re fishing out of a good pool there that he’ll be able to contribute to this football team.”

Many of those same things can be said about Tebow. But that’s apparently a dry hole for the 49ers.

24 responses to “Add the 49ers to the list of teams passing on Tebow

  1. Instead of a new story for every team that doesn’t want Tebow, why not just write one up if any team ACTUALLY DOES want him? This might save you from having to post 31 stories.

  2. I find it ironic that Tebow won’t humble himself and become a TE. Would be signed today if this were the case. Hey Timmy, 1st Peter 5:5

  3. This site is set for articles for the next couple of weeks as everyone says no to Tebow 20-something articles to go 🙂

    Gotta think it’s Patriots (and a position switch) or bust. That or a place with a similarly situated starting QB (i.e. set in granite). Much more likely that it’s away to Canada like Doug Flutie.


  4. Can’t we just have ONE story listing all 32 teams that don’t want Tebow until after he clears waivers? Or are we going to get 28 more stories, one for each team that hasn’t checked in yet?

  5. JaMarcus Russell prayed in public this morning. So, he wants his 32 stories about not being taken, too.

  6. So basically, more teams have “passed” on Tebow vs. Tebow’s passing against them.

    Seriously, can we stop with the “Poor Timmy” stories. A couple hundred players were just drafted, and a few dozen unrestricted free agents were just signed.

    That would indicate that the NFL believes there are at least 300 players more worthy of a roster spot. I don’t hate the player, but I despise the hype. And I suspect that 32 GM’s agree.

    When a team switches from a 4-3 to a 3-4 or vice versa, there are always some ends and linebackers who are released. Where is the fan and media outrage over those releases?

    This is simply a case of a player who does not have a skill set that translates to the way the league currently operates. A good passer who cannot run is far more valuable than a good runner who cannot pass.

    Tebow is out of the league because his game is more like Dan Kendra than Dan Marino.

  7. A smart coach would tie Tebow down and force him to watch tape after tape of Mike Alstott.

    He could be in the league another 8-10 years as a bruising goal line/short yardage guy. Play some fullback…learn pass protections….move around a little H-Back style…

    He could be a great football player. He just needs to realize this QB thing isn’t working before it’s too late. Most QB’s don’t have the physical options he has.

  8. How do you allude defenders, exactly?

    That middle linebacker for the 49’ers, his first name rhymes with “Hat Trick”.

  9. I’m a Niner fan and maybe people won’t agree with me and that’s ok but I really think that Tebow will fit good on the rooster,just think of what Tebow can do. With Greg Roman’s offense, we can mix it up a lot more and leave the Defenses guessing, he can run, he can pass, he is strong. Of course he is no Keap but like I say Tebow can mix it up.

  10. I’m not sure if I’d want him – but would it be much of a circus if he went to Green Bay? It’s not like he’d have a shot at starting, but he could learn a lot of McCarthy and Rodgers

  11. Teams would rather take T.O. than #15.

    After seeing Schefter report that Tebow refused to play TE while being shopped around the trade deadline that should indicate us that he’s not this team player/good guy that everyone made him out to be.

    He’s an aspiring QB with passing game ineptitude and possible defiance.

    I am saying nothing wrong because many of these players are a lot better to people off the field like #15, but have their selfish ways. His refusals are forms of selfishness. If that is the case why is #15 The “locker room good guy” after he expressed refusal, why is Cam Newton so hate worthy??

    Why was T.O.??

  12. I think he adds a lot of value to a team in practice he can run the read option to help the d get ready. But he should change positions he could be a great tight end with work. And still add that value in practice and it opens a roster spot cuz you don’t need to carry 3 qbs. That said I don’t know if I want what comes with him in SF.

  13. As a niners fan, I hope they at least explore it, but he wants to be a QB, so might end up going to a team with that need for camp.
    The 49ers drafted a QB, but he looks to be a possible jack of all trades guy. Also signed another with the wide out factor.
    Its intriguing because he is a baller, just might not have room. Plus did you hear, they invited Nate Montana to rookie camp, so probably just let my thoughts fizzle out!

  14. As a Niner fan I hope they never explore it and hopes he steers clear of Santa Clara. Tebow is 3/4 Media nightmare and 1/4 Fullback. Niners need neither.

  15. According to Sal Pal last night on SportsFinal in Philly, Dion Jordan was the pick for the Eagles, but Miami beat them to the punch. Sal lives in the area and covers the Eagles on many fronts … Peter King ehhh.

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