BenJarvus Green-Ellis gets familiar vibe from new TE


Bengals running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis knows firsthand the benefit of two strong tight ends.

And after playing with Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez in New England, he thinks the Bengals might have something similar with Jermaine Gresham and first-round pick Tyler Eifert.

“Long story short, if you have two tight ends and they are both big guys and you don’t feel like you have to cover them with DBs, it actually brings more people in to the box,” Green-Ellis said, via the team’s official website. “If you have two guys and you feel like one of them is really a receiver then you approach it differently.”

If you’re making that comparison, the running back said Eifert is probably more like Hernandez at the moment, with his movement and receiving skills, which should create opportunities for everyone as defenses decide how to cover them.

“That was the big thing when I was in New England with Hernandez. [In] the first quarter we had to see how teams were playing us, like, would they play us in nickel personnel to put a DB on Hernandez?” he said. “Or would they leave a linebacker in there because now it gives you options from an offensive coordinator standpoint? You could either go back or say, ‘Well, if they are going to play us in nickel personnel with both tight ends, we will run the ball. They play us with big people personnel we’ll just put one of the receiving tight ends out and have them run routes.’ Altogether you can’t really say two tight ends is going to make it better because it all depends on how the defense you’re playing that week is going to approach it.”

At the moment, the Bengals have an edge, because both of theirs are well and able to take the field, unlike the Patriots duo.

But if they deliver on anything like their potential when they take the field, along with A.J. Green and rookie running back Giovani Bernard, there’s a reason quarterback Andy Dalton’s saying there are no excuses.

13 responses to “BenJarvus Green-Ellis gets familiar vibe from new TE

  1. Lemme know soon as Eifert and Gresh combine for 170 catches, 2300 yards and 26 TDs in one season. Then again, as mentioned, at least Cincy’s TE’s are healthy.

  2. Love the combo – but I would stop short of saying the Bengals have the edge until Gresham stops dipping his hands in olive oil before the games.

  3. I doubt that they can put up the same numbers as the NE tight ends, but no one else does either. The Bengals just need something besides AJ Green as a threat in the passing game, which Eifert and Gresham should provide -especially if Sanu can come back effective.

  4. Freeing up AJ will be the biggest impact from 2 strong TE’s. No more double teams! If they do decide to double AJ, the other receivers will have a field day

  5. I’m really happy with the resigning of Smith and our draft “and the past 2-3 drafts we’ve had. I understand the Bengals prefer drafting and molding there own players however bringing in a big name free agent every once in awhile doesn’t hurt but they hardly ever do. But that aside I think were getting closer then ever to advancing in the playoffs and to a superbowl.. WHO-DEY!!!!!!

  6. With all the talent we have on offence this year I hope that we don’t get hampered by Jay Gruden’s lack luster play calling and game planning ….. Jay get it together use Hue Jackson to the best of your ability remember what he did with the Raiders and he had half the talent the Bengals currently employ

  7. @redpillmindstate I love what the Bengals are doing lately and drafting but redpill said it best Gruden or whoever is drawing the playbook with a crayon and actually calling those plays in an NFL game need to stop. If we had Rob gronkowski we wouldn’t know what to do with him. We have players but no one know how to use them! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 1st second and third play of the season…….. Run up the middle…even tho the WR are uncovered as the cornerbacks are lined up behind the DT’s…..

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