Bucs will pass on Tebow, too


When listing the teams that could be interested in Tim Tebow, I threw a dart in the direction of the Buccaneers.

It ended up being roughly as accurate as the average Tebow throw.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Buccaneers have no interest in acquiring Tebow.

For several reasons, the move would make sense.  The quarterback position remains in flux over the long haul.  Tickets aren’t selling, and Tebow would draw plenty of folks from Gainesville and Jacksonville to Tampa.  Then there’s the fact that cornerback Darrelle Revis has raved about Tebow as a leader, along with coach Greg Schiano’s like-mindedness with Pats coach Bill Belichick, whom many think will be inclined to try to lure Tebow to Foxboro.

Regardless, it’s not happening in Tampa.  Still, even if 31 teams say no, all it takes is one to say yes.

22 responses to “Bucs will pass on Tebow, too

  1. We gonna run down the list of all 30 teams that haven’t had tebow on their roster yet?

    – Packers show no interest in Tebow.
    – Saints show no interest in Tebow.
    – The Mighty Ducks show no interest in Tebow.

  2. No that makes little sense. If he isnt better than Freeman or Glennon what good would it be to bring him in? Very little positive would come from signing someone magnetic as Tebow. Media circus would be insane. Really the only place he’d make sense would be the CFL.

  3. It would never work here with the decent chunk of ignorant fans who have already been begging for Freeman to be replaced.

    In fact, it won’t work with any team that doesn’t have an elite QB like a Brady or Rodgers. Those are the only teams where the media circus wouldn’t be constantly bombarding teams with questions of whether or not Tebow should start. The media has essentially ruined his career, and that applies not just to his doubters but those who love him like Skip Bayless as well.

  4. Wow it’s not even 11 yet here in ny and already we have seen mike insult and belittle another athlete 20 times. Mike I understand you don’t like tebow but right now your acting like a complete ass making a new article about each team that doesn’t want him. In each article you post more insults. Your lucky tebow is the great man he is or else he would walk into your studio and whoop you. Your acting like a child who’s jealous and petty and its kind of sad to watch. Pretty much your acting like a child. How about read the news. It’s people like you who keep insulting and picking on others til they snap. So next time your speaking of tolerance and wondering why so many terrible things can happen in this world look in the mirror and remember your no better if your instigating it

  5. “Tebow,” “Revis,” “Jets,” and “Feet” are instant clicks for the New York market. We’re going to be seeing it quite a bit today.

    I still say Tebow should go to Minny. It would be frightening to see that kind of upgrade, but it would also make for some more interesting games.

    Right now, the Packers own the purple pansies.

  6. I cannot, for the life of me, understand the “Tebow sells tickets” argument.

    There are already at least two QBs on the Bucs roster that would guarantee Tebow never sees the field unless he changes position, which he has already shown a donkey like resistance to do.

    Do you really think people buy expensive NFL tickets to watch a guy hold a clipboard?

  7. The only difference is when you throw you lose when TEbow throws more than likely he is going to win.

  8. really? another tebow passing accuracy crack? just can’t help yourself this morning, huh… maybe it was as accurate as your report of “momentum building” for the redskins’ name change…

  9. “It ended up being roughly as accurate as the average Tebow throw.”

    Not a Tebow fan by any means, but way to go throwing dirt on top of a guy when he’s down. Classy.

  10. He should go work for the Church. He could start a ministry as big as that Joel Osteen guy and make more money anyway.

  11. My question for the Bucs is…is Tebow better than Orvlosky and the other bottom feeder on the roster and how many QBs do they plan to start the season with…if 3…I’d let him sit on the bench behind Freeman and Glennon.

  12. so for today you and the others at pft havr posted about 300 stories about tebow………ENOUGH!!! WE ALL KNOW YOU ALL HATE TEBOW AND ARE THRILLED TO SEE HIM GET REJECTED BY EVERY TEAM..ENOUGH! How about you just wait until there is real news and then post something

  13. Ticket sales are fine, by game day the Bucs average around 85% of tickets sold and unlike the other teams in the state they stopped inflating their attendance numbers a few years back.

    As for Tebow I would love to have him but he really doesn’t fit the offense — or atleast that’s what I was thinking. Then I thought some more and basically 90% of the time the offense is based on running it up the middle twice in a row, throwing deep on third down and punting on fourth down. Tebow can do all 4 of those things so maybe he is a fit.

  14. If Tebow wanted to play a TE and occasionally run a couple of wildcat plays, the Bucs might be interested. They aren’t interested in him as a QB.

    As for ticket sales, Tampa was very hard hit by the housing crash because so much of their ticket base was from the Construction trades. It will come back.

  15. If Tebow is willing to try to play another position what have the Bucs got to lose. The kid is one hell of an athlete and he could play FB, RB or TE or maybe even be used in the wildcat. Every ones big complaint about Tebow is his throwing motion and claims that he can not be a QB in the NFL. There have been a lot of QB’s in the NFL that did not have the proper mechanics but they were given a chance and still able to be productive even with bad mechanics. But really he has had not much of a chance to get proper coaching from someone who knows what they are doing. I think he at. least deserves a chance. I know there is a lot of baggage with him because of his religious beliefs but Faith is not a bad thing and it just might help a little.

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