Cardinals release Adam Snyder, sign 16 undrafted free agents


The Cardinals didn’t draft guard Jonathan Cooper with the seventh overall pick so that he could sit on the bench, so it is no surprise that his arrival has coincided with the departure of a veteran starter from last season.

The Cardinals announced Monday that guard Adam Snyder has been released after making 14 starts for the team last season. Three of those starts were at center as Snyder shuffled over to cover for injuries to Lyle Sendlein and Rich Ohrnberger. Snyder, who broke into the NFL with the 49ers, signed a five-year deal with the Cardinals before last season and may be designated as a “June 1” cut to spread out the remaining cap hit from the $17.5 million deal the Cardinals will absorb over the next two years.

With Arizona also adding Earl Watford in the fifth round, there was no longer room on the roster for guard Jeremiah Warren. Warren signed with the team in January.

The Cardinals also announced the addition of 16 undrafted free agents. They are: Clemson wide receiver Jaron Brown; Arizona wide receiver Dan Buckner; Colorado State tackle Joe Caprioglio; Michigan linebacker Kenny Demens; Cincinnati linebacker Dan Giordano; Oklahoma safety Javon Harris; California cornerback Josh Hill; Oklahoma safety Tony Jefferson; Alabama A&M tackle Jamaal Johnson-Webb; Wyoming linebacker Korey Jones; Louisiana-Lafayette wide receiver Javone Lawson; Marist wide receiver Michael Rios; Florida A&M Padric Scott; NW Missouri State wide receiver Tyler Shaw; Tennessee cornerback Prentiss Waggner and San Jose State cornerback Ronnie Yell.

8 responses to “Cardinals release Adam Snyder, sign 16 undrafted free agents

  1. Synder backed up every OL position except Center for the 49ers so I’m surprised you wouldn’t want him around. I guess the money was too much?

    We’ll take him back!

  2. “Versatile” does not necessarily mean “good”. It does help his chances of latching on somewhere, though.

  3. Hey he’s better than 50% of the linemen out there plus he can play every position on the line more than competently. It speaks to how good the 9ers line is though that we don’t need him anymore.

  4. He can play every position on the line…POORLY! I know it’s mean to say but, he made me upset several times this year by being the weak link. Even the rookie tackles played better than him.

  5. I really didn’t see him play last year because who but the most dedicated albeit delusional Card fans (a total of 3) watches Card football unless the Cards are A. playing their team or B. forced at gunpoint to watch Card football?

    Maybe Adam Snyder really digressed last year. Maybe it was poor coaching and scheme. He was decent while at the 9ers and he’d probably be decent if he came back.

    I’d love the Cards to become a competitive team again and remain so. The NFC West needs to dominate for a few years before the east coast media wakes up and realizes there are 50 states in the U. S. of A.

    Right now SEA and SF are built and will be very tough to beat any given Sunday. I suspect that STL will be pretty tough this year as well. Fisher knows what he’s doing and has some good talent.
    C’mon AZ, step it up.

  6. Javone Lawson will be the 3rd WR by the middle of the season. The kid has great hands and quick feet, perfect for the slot. If he hadn’t been hurt half the season he would probably been drafted.

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