CFL GM says Tebow would compete to be a backup


Now it’s starting to get ugly.

The general manager of the Montreal Alouettes, the team which holds the rights to Tim Tebow North of the border, said he’d welcome the former Jets backup.

To be their backup.

Alouettes general manager Jim Popp said Tebow would be the backup behind Anthony Calvillo, while he learns the Canadian game.

“If he wants to come to Canada he would be in the same situation as the one he was in with New York,” Popp said, via Dave Naylor of “He can come here and compete to be the backup to Anthony Calvillo and learn the game, just like Jeff Garcia did [behind Doug Flutie]. And one day he might be the guy; that’s our vision. He can learn from the best.”

That said, Popp hasn’t contacted Tebow’s agent, and assumes he’s going to try every avenue in the NFL before he even considers coming to the CFL.

“If [Tebow] wants to come to Canada he will reach out to us,” said Popp. “And if he wants to come to Canada we would take a look at him.”

The way today’s going, it may be worth a look, as no one in the NFL is really rushing to his aid.

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  1. Ouch. I’ve been a pretty big Tebow basher (I like the guy — just not his skills), but even I think these comments are pretty harsh. I mean if I’m a CFL team I would at least put the guy on my bench to sell tickets.

  2. Damn what is this? Bash on Tebow day? It’s funny on a Man who has a deep faith in God, gets bashed by the Massses. But’s it’s okay for Ray Lewis to talk about God. Something is definitely not right here! Put all football skill aside. The Million dollar question? Why is it a bad thing for Tebow to have faith in God and it’s a good thing for Ray Lewis to talk about God? People got this stuff twisted. Well anyways, God Bless.

  3. Anthony Calvillo has more career passing yards than any QB in pro football history, including Favre, Moon, etc.

    This isn’t harsh. Calvillo is without question a better QB than Tebow.

  4. The guy just needs to give up the NFL aspirations and go be a preacher. He’ll make more money and have more success “saving souls”. The comments of the GM reflect reality. The truth hurts when you live on things like “faith”. Tebow can have all the faith he wants in his ability to be an NFL QB, but the dying quails he throws up there say otherwise.

  5. Not fair. You’re painting him as a backup in the CFL when it’s not that simple. He would only be a backup in Montreal because Calvillo is statistically one of the best passers to ever play professional football. So yes he would be a backup but only because the starter there is the CFLs version of Peyton Manning.

  6. He should go the redskins – they need a QB as bobby griffin can’t stay on the field. But he might want to go somewhere else if he wants to win a playoff game as that ain’t happening in DC

  7. If they made a documentary about Tim Tebow, he’d have to compete with another actor to play himself.

  8. Two to one Belichick is licking his chops. Tebow would be an idiot to not go play a non-QB position for the Patriots, and I don’t think he’s an idiot.

  9. The concerns about Tebow’s throwing accuracy in the NFL are just as valid in the CFL, with its wider field and three-down rules.
    Would his sideline passes have too much hang time?
    Would he complete enough percentage passes to keep the chains moving?
    Would he adapt readily to facing 12 defenders, instead of 11, without a prolonged settling-in period?
    That said, the NFL game is evolving more toward the read-option game prevalent in the CFL and in college football.
    Tebow could excel north of the border, but it will take time. And there are no guarantees of instant success.

  10. This is arrogant talk from a GM in a 2nd rate league.

    The CFL is probably too pass happy for Tebow but I think Tebow has a future in the NFL and if Jacksonville wants to easily sell tickets it will jump to claim him.

  11. The Bucs should bring him in as team pastor and how not to play quarterback coach. They’d probably lift the blackouts by just having him on the sideline too.

  12. I just justified this post with a view to ask “haven’t we had ENOUGH already?” Is there NOTHING else going on today? Give it a REST! We GET it! Tebow is not an NFL caliber QB! Move on!

  13. I like Tebow as a person. However, this should serve as a final wake-up call and a pretty big indication that it’s time to consider a switch to his more natural position. One he’s got all the skills to excel at and possibly even become an All-Pro. Long Snapper.

  14. First off the CFL is more of a throwing league that the NFL. So Tebow will never have a chance there….maybe. The CFL however is more than homw to second and third-rate players. They also have second and third-rate scouting and management…so I can see Tebow going to the CFL afterall.

  15. For what it’s worth, Montreal’s QB has been there since the 90s. Which is why they refer to him as “the best” – he’s like the Peyton Manning of the CFL I guess. The problem, of course, is that the Peyton Manning of the CFL isn’t Peyton Manning, because it’s the CFL. But it’s not like they have guys shuffling through and they’re saying he could compete to be the backup. They probably think he could be a backup for a couple years and then take over as the long-term starter.

    His “mystique” will be gone in Canada, though, because it’s not America. I think caring about Tim Tebow is a pretty American thing. He’d just be a dude up there. He’d do better in America not playing football than he would in Canada playing football. If he went up there for any length of time, he runs the risk of people forgetting about him here, which would damage his brand and any future plans he might think he has.

  16. Not a huge Tebow fan, but no wussy French Canadian should be talking down to him, New England be patriots and sign him, then let him run all over the Jets.

  17. What is left out of the story is that he would be backing up a quarterback with 78,494 career passing yards. The story has been spun to bash him .

  18. There’s no shame in becoming a strong safety. As bad a QB he is, he should know how to read passing routes.

  19. Tim might have problems with the language and culture in Quebec. The population is illiterate in two official languages, and culturally, well, Tim wasn’t even born in the ’70s.

  20. Anyone trashing the City of Montreal has never been there, or is from Boston (and loves the Bruins so much that liking Montreal is not an option). Montreal is a fantastic city full of people who are wonderful.

    I think Tebow would be well served to make the move to the CFL. The Alouettes would probably trade him. When Doug Flutie went to Canada, he became a god up there. When he returned to the NFL he was a much better player. Tebow has potential to do the same.

  21. Not a Tebow fan but the one year he did play he led the Broncos to the playoffs and they beat a pretty good team there if I remember correctly. I wonder if he went up to the CFL and ran the read option I have a feeling he could be very successful.

  22. Jim Popp is an American. If he’s not good enough for the Broncos or Jets he’ll certainly get a look from the CFL. But to proclaim him a starter is foolish. Also, let’s keep this patriotic crapola out of this conversation…we gave Warren Moon his first shot as a qb when all NFL teams wanted to convert him. The CFL may not be the elite football league, but it provides employment and aspirations to many Americans.

  23. I’m just not sure the kid deserves all the hate he gets from people, and the black-balling he is getting from the NFL. He took a mediocre Denver team and lifted them to a divisional title and the playoffs. His real curse is that he was drafted in the first round. He was never a first round talent, and needed a lot of work on other parts of his game. It’s a shame that he could not have just sat behind a great QB and just watched, learned and developed for a couple of years. No GM is going to touch him because of the media scrutiny, and the JEST totally giving up on him. No one wants to look like the fool on this one (worse than the Jets already have,) even at the minimum salary.

    He will be a star in the Canadian Football league. It will improve his passing game too, with the smaller field.

    Hopefully he does not sign with the buffalo wild wings/beef/whatever they are called.

    Go to Canada Tim,

    Good luck.

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