Chip Kelly, Doug Marrone passed on their college players

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Several mock drafts had the Eagles taking Dion Jordan, coach Chip Kelly’s top pass rusher at Oregon. And even more mock drafts had the Bills taking Ryan Nassib, coach Doug Marrone’s quarterback at Syracuse. It didn’t work out that way.

In fact, the Eagles didn’t draft anyone from Oregon, and the Bills didn’t draft anyone from Syracuse. The familiarity that the coaches had with their old college players didn’t translate to reaching for them in the NFL draft.

In fact, the Bills clearly weren’t as high on Nassib as many believed, as Buffalo moved down in the first round before drafting Florida State quarterback E.J. Manuel. And according to Peter King of, the Eagles weren’t going to take Jordan with the No. 4 overall pick even if the Dolphins hadn’t traded up to take Jordan third overall.

Oregon had five players drafted: Jordan, guard Kyle Long in the first round to the Bears, linebacker Kiko Alonso in the second round to the Bills, running back Kenjon Barner in the sixth round to the Panthers and safety John Boyett in the sixth round to the Colts. Syracuse had three players drafted: Nassib in the fourth round to the Giants, offensive lineman Justin Pugh in the first round to the Giants and safety Shamarko Thomas in the fourth round to the Steelers. Kelly and Marrone had opportunities to draft their old players, but they passed.

The Bills have reportedly signed one of Marrone’s old players, offensive lineman Zach Chibane, as an undrafted free agent. And the Eagles have reportedly signed one of Kelly’s old players, defensive tackle Isaac Remington, as an undrafted free agent.

But in the draft, Kelly and Marrone passed on drafting any of the players they knew best.

25 responses to “Chip Kelly, Doug Marrone passed on their college players

  1. okay so this weekend there is an article on the site saying Kelley wasn’t allowed to trade up to get Dion and now your saying he passed. another joke of an article

  2. It’s probably the smartest thing they could have done. The coaches may play favorites or the players them selves may feel like they are owed something to them by their coach. And that could possibly create an uneasy locker room. I know this as a Bills fan I DID NOT WANT NASSIB for the reasons I mentioned. Nassib would have been Marron and Hackett’s little pet. Stuck at the hip. That didn’t work out with Fitz and Gailey too well. When Fitz started to go down hill Gailey didn’t have the cojones to bench the guy. It would have been tough seeing Marrone go down the same path as Gailey because Marrone is the man. Best coach since Marv for sure.

    Go Bills! Circle the Wagons! We are #BillsMafia!!

  3. I wouldn’t call Chip Kelly passing on Dion Jordan they had to give up a 3rd rounder to move up and found that too much for a rebuilding eagles team. Put sure if thats how you look at it go ahead and call it that…

  4. Or this just shows that GM’s really do have more influence then coaches at the draft. Especially first year headcoaches.

    By the way, that IS the GM’s job isnt it? I don’t get why people so often blame/praise coaches for personnel decisions.

  5. Good thing the fish traded up to get a player that only plays 40 snaps per game ahahahAh loooooosssseeeeeerrrrrsssss

  6. Why does this surprise anyone? The means of getting players are different in college and professional. Not to mention that the pool of players is different as well.

    In college the players can choose where they are going, with the draft it isn’t like that, the teams choose.

    It does make a difference.

  7. Chip specifically said in his press conference that Fisher, Joeckel, Jordan, Johnson were the top 4 on their board, and they would take whoever was there, if it happened to only be one guy. Wonder what King’s source knows that Chip doesn’t.

  8. Jordan went before the Eagles picked and Long and Alonso went stupid early. The only players Kelly passed on were the 6th rounders.

  9. I think both of those guys were like a kid in a candy store with the draft. They had an equal shot at talent that they didnt have in College recruiting. It’s not a surprise they would go for the guys they wanted but couldn’t get because their programs, while elite, are not the highest levels.. They had to accept slightly lesser talents than the Pro Football Factories. They did great with that slightly lesser talent, but they can now compete on an equal footing.

  10. I am glad that Chip Kelly chose skill over his ties to his former university.

    The Eagles had a great draft and nabbing Matt Barkley in the 4th round proves that the Eagles will be running a Patriots style offense rather than the read option.

    Which makes this Eagles fan very happy!

  11. i feel that chip did a great job. clean out andys old fireman / players and start fresh. chip had a great first draft. lets see how this draft worked out after 3 yrs.

  12. Those who thought Nassib was a first rounder were Teo’d (ie., you’re incredibly naive and ignorant). These mock draft people stole McShay’s mock draft or were so desperate to feel important that they had a “source” that they were too foolish to realize they were being used by the Bills to put out false information. It was rather odd that Nassib “suddenly” moved up into the first round the last week by several self-proclaimed analysts.

  13. This is a dumb story. Do you think any of these coaches had the say so to pick any of their former players? They are coming into organizations that have entrenched scouts and GM’s. Plus they are rookie coaches. Do you seriously think that their evaluation of their former players will carry much weight. That’s like any of us going to out place of employment and recommending that our family/friend gets offered a job.

  14. I think Kelly would have loved to have drafted some of his players, but the draft didn’t fall into place for him to do so. At least without trading up, or reaching down.

    But Kelly did draft several players that were on opposing teams he faced at Oregon.

  15. It’s not as insidious as you make it. Kelly has already said he was taking Jordan if he would have been there.

  16. Kelly didn’t “pass” on his players. He’s already said that he would’ve taken Dion Jordan at #4 and Kyle Long at #35, but neither player was there.

    “In fact, the Eagles didn’t draft anyone from Oregon”
    In actual fact, they did draft Oregon CB Jordan Poyer in the 7th round!

    Stop making stuff up.

  17. FACT: Poyer played for Oregon State Beavers not the Oregon Ducks.

    Florio was right…dynast77 was wrong.

  18. We have Steelers fans hatin on the phins for Wallace, Ravens fans for ellerbe, falcons for grimes, and now eagles fans for Jordan. Yah sure, the plan was to take lane Johnson #4 all along. Got it. keep cryin about teams that your supposedly not intimidated by.

  19. This afternoon on 97.5 The Fanatic, Howie Roseman claimed they did not even attempt to trade up to 3. They were just going to let the chips fall where they may in the first round.

  20. According to Sal Pal Dion Jordan was the Eagles pick but Miami beat them to the punch … Sal lives in the area and covers the team … Peter King??

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