Dolphins: Mike Wallace’s remarks “do not reflect the views” of the organization


The Dolphins issued a statement Monday responding to remarks posted by wide receiver Mike Wallace on Twitter, with the club saying it believes “in a culture of inclusiveness and respect, and any statements to the contrary are in no way acceptable to our organization.”

Per NBC News and other media outlets, Wallace reportedly wrote the following on Twitter before deleting the messages:  “All these beautiful women in the [world] and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH…”

Earlier Monday, NBA player Jason Collins disclosed he was gay in a Sports Illustrated cover story.

Wallace later wrote the following:  “Never said anything was right or wrong I just said I don’t understand!! Deeply sorry for anyone that I offended[.]”

Here’s the Dolphins’ statement in full:

“Mike Wallace has apologized for his comments, and we have addressed the matter with him. Mike’s comments do not reflect the views of the Miami Dolphins. We believe in a culture of inclusiveness and respect, and any statements to the contrary are in no way acceptable to our organization.

“We will address the entire team about our policy of inclusion and make sure they all understand the importance of respecting individual choices.”

184 responses to “Dolphins: Mike Wallace’s remarks “do not reflect the views” of the organization

  1. Hate speech or the First Amendment?
    All depends. Didn’t Tracy Morgan recently say some real hateful stuff about gays? Noticed over the weekend he’s doing a few brand new (and likely highly compensated) commercials. Suffice to say the “powers that be” decided not to punish him in the least for his views.

  2. All the great wide receivers in the league and the Dolphins wanted to mess with Mike Wallace…

  3. hahaha what an idiot. I sincerely hope that Twitter ends up costing fools like MW $$$ and respect. He hasn’t even started OTA’s and already the Fish are apologizing hahaha!!!

  4. FINALLY, the media can start reporting on the OTHER AFC East teams. The Circus has left the building…..J E T S Jets Jets Jets.

    Way to go Wallace!!!!

  5. and the first straw to the dolphins realizing they overpaid this guy has been drawn! early i might add its been what like 4-5 weeks loll

  6. People need to stop being so sensitive and stop looking for a cause to champion. Wallace said NOTHING wrong and the Dolphins had no real need to address it. He was not disparaging or disrespectful. He was in no way discriminating either. His opinion is no different from any other. The outrage is because he didn’t throw out meaningless praise for something he really doesn’t care about. Seriously, “All these beautiful Chevy’s in the world and guys wanna mess with Fords SMH” is the same kind of comment yet it would never be considered to be insensitive or dumb or whatever other ignorant claims there have been. It seems that those demanding tolerance are some of the most intolerant of others.

  7. Why does he have to apologize? most people agree. We are so overly sensitive to this gay issue its almost sickening. I really don’t care what someone’s sexual preference is……. people are going overboard with this coverage. its almost as if the media is worried about a backlash if thye don’t cover the story enough.

  8. Everyone says steeler fans were mad when Wallace left. We weren’t mad. This guy is a flat outright egotistical jerk! Wait til dolphin fans see him dropping balls and not running good routes. That tweet will be the least of his problems!

  9. The guy that came out is such a farce. Quiet while teams still want to employ you. Once you are no longer employed, take one last ditch at notoriety. Now if nobody signs him, he can say it was because of this.

  10. This is kinda bad, however Alphonso Smith’s Twitter stuff is indefensible, especially with the typical cowardess hiding behind the “God” card.

  11. Someone better tell Wallace that Dolphins are one of the few animals on our earth that engage in gay sex. Just sayin.

  12. It still amazes me how stupid people are, who gives a crap if one person wants to be with another person? We are in 2013 people, ignorance like this is what should be punished. All the bright people in this world and the dumbest one has the opportunity to have the biggest mouth. Stick a fish in there and shut it and learn how to run a route, running a straight line is not a great achievement.

  13. i have no objection to a guy liking other guys, but being a redskins fan, that’s some crazy unnatural stuff I’ll never understand.

  14. Freedom of speech is a lost cause nowadays. What he said wasnt harmful IMO, but rather just his opinion. I dont have the same view and If I was gay I would have the same opinion as I do now. We all have different opinions, look at the Jets, they traded for Tim Teabag.

  15. Now everyone will have to run to the gay pc police beat. Dude has a great point. We were designed by God to be attracted to women – not other men. Straight up.

  16. Its crazy that he can’t even express HIS opinion on HIS twitter feed without having to apologize and the entire organization feeling like they have to apologize! He didn’t say anything offensive, THE WORLD IS TOO SENSITIVE

  17. Mike Wallace tried to get more money last season and Pittsburgh called his bluff. This season Miami is going to learn the hard way – this guy is fast and DUMB. Of course this team took Ginn with the 7th pick. Based on the moves made by the Bills, Jets, and Dolphins I don’t think New England will have to work hard to win the division.

  18. Any business wants employees to leave their feelings at the door, religion, politics, or whatever.

    No matter what someone says, someone is going to be upset by a comment. Then the team has to talk about it.

    If the person is minding his own business, who gives a crap who they worship, vote for, or choose to have relationships with. They aren’t hurting anyone.

  19. Maybe I am the idiot because I do not see anything wrong with his comments. It was a statement of misunderstanding. Dude does not understand how a man covets another man. How is this a problem? The one issue I have with Jason Collins coming out of the closet is him coming out of the closet. I do not care your sexual preferences. You can practice beastiality for all I care as long as you can put the ball in the hoop, pass, tackle, block or cover. That is it!!! Stop making sports a platform of sexuality. I do not care what goes on in your home. I am not your judge. Do whatever you think is right, now go play football, basketball or whatever sport you play and get off my TV screen with this nonsense.

  20. What’s the big deal? He’s just saying he doesn’t understand the lifestyle. He’s not saying gay people shouldn’t be allowed to play on sports teams or get jobs. You people are too sensitive. And this from a Vikings fan who thinks it’s ridiculous that my squad wasted a 5th round pick on a punter because Kluwe has become a “distraction.” It’s ridiculous, we have lots of holes to fill and we’re wasting a 5th round pick on a punter when we have a perfectly competent punter on the squad?

  21. Looks like ol strike 1 for wallace but for some reason with all that guranteed money doesnt look like he will only get three strikes like johnson.

  22. The thing that nobody seems to realize is that men attracted to other men will be showering with other men that are not. As far as I know there is no place that allows co-ed showers but brothels. Men and Women alike, ask yourself one question, IF you had to shower with a same gender person that you knew liked same gender, would you feel comfy if they were seeing your junk. Nothing wrong with gay players just need diffierent showers.

  23. Trust me Dolphin fans he’ll have a lot more to apologize for by the end of the year. Mostly dropped passes and terrible route running. Call it spilled milk from a Steeler fan if u want but these are facts

  24. Why can’t these talented athletes learn to keep their mouths shut and take their money. It doesn’t even matter what he said was right or wrong, nobody asked for his opinion!

  25. Mike Wallace, Chad Johnson. Sounds familiar. Shut up, take your foot out of your mouth and just do what you ripped off the Phins for and catch passes and not the heat from media outlets!!

  26. Wow, does this concern anybody else? You may consider what Mike Wallace said as stupid, immature or ignorant but can we not agree that by todays cyber standards it was a pretty benign statement? He didn’t call any individual out, he didn’t say something vulgar. He merely stated his personal belief that something was strange to him. We all better start worrying if our employers can now censor our GENERAL beliefs even if phrased in civil terms. I’m no big ACLU guy but this kind of stuff is taking political correctness to a ridiculous level. Clearly the Gay issue is a sacred cow now. If a gay player made a statement “I don’t understand the whole beautiful women thing”, I hardly think an organization would be rushing to distance itself from it and demand an apology.

  27. So, the Dolphin’s DO understand why guys wanna mess with other guys? Well they better cue the rest of the scientific world in because nobody’s been able to find a reason yet.

  28. So tired of this politically sensitive “all-inclusive” world. Mike Wallace, stick to your words and don’t worry what anyone else thinks. The Dolphins don’t really care anyway, they’re just worried about how they look.

  29. Sure seems like the Steelers know how to walk away from certain guys at the right time. Not that they had a choice in this case, but I’ll take Antonio Brown any day over this clown.

  30. Well to his credit, I don’t understand it either. But if my job was to keep good public relations I wouldn’t make disparaging remarks about it. To that I SMH.

  31. There is probably not that much wrong with what Wallace said at least by his perception but why does he feel the need to say it?

  32. Mike Wallace has a great point. Calm down gays, he’s not saying you are wrong for liking the peen, he just says there so many beautiful ladies out there that being gay is not for him. Being gay is not for everyone.

  33. It was a honest question. Don’t knock a man for being ignorant educate the man. I honestly don’t get either.

    He didn’t say anything was wrong with it. He just didn’t understand the lifestyle. There are a lot of guys who are in the same boat. It’s better to educate them than to criticize. Other wise he’ll just be angry and resentful…and he still won’t understand.

  34. Why is everyone so upset? This is America. People shouldn’t have to apologize for what they think or feel and others shouldn’t criticize someone else’s opinion because it doesn’t meet their own.

  35. Doesnt everyone have the right to have their own opinion? Telling someone they HAVE to be pro-gay is no different than a person who is anti-gay telling someone who is gay they are wrong. There’s nothing wrong with being gay, just as there’s nothing wrong with thinking being gay is wrong.

    Cant we all just accept each other regardless of views?

  36. Thank you Mr Mike Wallace! Its about time somebody spoke up. No need to issue the routine fake apology nowdays.
    That condition/mental illness does not have a place in sports, or anywhere else in the world.

  37. It’s too bad all that ” inclusiveness” doesn’t extend to those of use with opposing opinions from bully media and powerful entities that shut down free speech they don’t agree with. My religous faith is forced to take a back seat to others political views. I agree with Wallace. He should be able to speak his mind without repercussions, but sadly, cannot. Ah……a once free America………’s gone.

  38. Its 2013. The only sexual preference that anybody should have an issue with in the NFL is that of Green Bay fans like filthymcnasty1 and their love of having sex with dead deer.

  39. Obviously it wasn’t the brightest thing to tweet (which is fitting, cuz Wallace isn’t the brightest guy). But I think we are going overboard on castigating anyone who makes remarks that are even slightly insensitive.

    All he’s saying is that, as a straight man, it’s hard to imagine finding guys attractive. Not exactly profound, but not hateful either.

  40. Dont mess with a sodomist, dont ask why would a man do that, with all the women around? I cant answer that question either Mike. Wallace didn’t said it was wrong to sodomize your partner. He simply asked why. I guess all you guys who responded against Wallace know the answer but wont share. So to all the sodomist out there have a sodomy day. :-[)

  41. The Mike Wallaces of the world are the reason that coming out is so hard to do. Is he really that stupid to that he needs to have it explained to him? SMH…

  42. What a tool. These players need a social media filter. When they hit send the tweet, facebook post…. etc should go directly to the PR department.

    Yes I said it. They need to be censored.. Cuz they are dumb.

  43. For the first time in a long time, I agree with Wallace. I don’t get it either. And there’s NOTHING wrong with that. It’s as much a person’s right to not comprehend, condone, or advocate that lifestyle, as it is another’s right to live it. It does’t make you a bad person if you have a difference of choice, philosophy, or view.

  44. Sorry Ross/Ireland/Philbin, but this IS a reflection of the current regime, and you three specifically. You guys wanted “Philbin-type of players” on the team, and this is your #1 guy. You, Mr. Ross, are low-class yourself, with your blaming of Sparano and Parcells for your mess. And you, Ireland who didn’t hesitate to throw your friend Tony under the bus just to make points with the boss. Yes, you are all one big low-class organization.

  45. So, that’s his opinion, so what? Would have more respect for him if he hadn’t apologized. Do not see what the big deal is about anyone’s sexual preference in this day and age. Move along, please. Nothing to see here…

  46. Very sad all the way around. You can force or get people to agree your side but when it comes to the truth no one is going to win with a lie. Man may agree with you but God won’t. And His opinion is the only one that counts!

  47. I don’t think anything he said was offensive, it’s no worse than the people who use the word gay as a form of stupid… He didn’t say guys wanna mess with other guys…. That’s blasphemy they are abominations… No he simply just doesn’t understand the logic or thought of a gay man.

  48. Dolphins, shouldn’t “inclusiveness” include things you disagree with – like Wallace’s statement? You know, like tolerance, when you tolerate all opinions, even the ones you disagree with?

  49. Who cares. He has a right to his opinion. Should we be commending walace for being a straight guy. Or does that only matter if someone announces they’re gay. i dnt care that collins is gay or that he came out what bothers me is all the talk and praise for a guy because of his sexuality. I dont remember anyone praising another person for being straight. I just dont get the infatuation with someones sexuality.

  50. I don’t understand gays either. Ever try to fit 2 male or 2 female plumbing parts together? Try it, tell me if it makes sense to you. In a world of don’t offend anyone, how is that only the gay perspective is the only acceptable way? Instead Wallace is chastised for expressing the way most people feel. I think Wallace is a loud mouth but I agree with him here. I too don’t understand.

  51. My follow question is “did you address this with the team before, and if so do you feel you did a good job when you did that or what would you have done differently if you could do it all over again?”.

  52. I’m sure Mike Wallace was just letting all the available girls in South Beach know that he was in town and available for them. If you have ever been to South Beach you know there are many genders available, including transgender persons walking the streets at night. Now the public of attractive heterosexual females know that Mike is in town available for them as a straight male companion.

  53. Many of my relatives have died for things like the freedom of speech we Americans have,,,oh,wait…guess it’s not totally free huh?

  54. Trust me, the JETS will always be the best circus in town. Not really a big deal just a dumb ignorant statement by him. I’m sure he feels stupid about it.

  55. yeah – it is now important to say that you do not necessarily agree with the MAJORITY of the population – it’s important to elevate/support people who made a CHOICE – there is no legitimate science here folks – you won’t find it…you may count me in as a dolphins hater – I’ll bet along with the old guard who still celebrate something that will never happen again while they are on that path…

  56. Wants to get paid like a franchise WR (Larry Fitzgerald), but can’t carry himself like a franchise WR.

  57. Glad he’s not in Pittsburgh anymore. Good luck Miami. Curse of the ex steeler wr. Plax shot himself, santonio fights in huddle, and now this. Haha

  58. to each his own, but i love me a soft tender woman, and wouldnt trade it for anything in the world!!

  59. As much as I don’t agree with Wallace, we’re all trying to tell each other we don’t have a right to our opinion.

    Down that route lies madness.

  60. God forbid should anyone have a different opinion on something. I’m so sick and tired of the gay and lesbian mafia and their ilk. Can we please get past what people do on their own time in the privacy of their own home?

  61. What in the world did he say that was offensive? Pretty sure no straight person understands the attraction a gay person feels. He said nothing disparaging or hateful just that he doesn’t get it. Welcome to America where you can have free speech just as long as you don’t offend anybody. Ridiculous.

  62. Mike Wallace didn’t need to apologize and he should not have apologized. Not should the Dolphins.

  63. Why do these athletes continue to post their every thought on twitter for the entire world to see and judge? you have an opinion -grab the person next to you by the arm and tell them if it means so much for you to get it out!

  64. It was a borderline statement by a guy with a borderline mentality-nothing more.

  65. Twitter is an ignorant person’s worst enemy. You do NOT,repeat-NOT have to post every thought that occupies your mind! If you are well known and you have a thought that has even a slight chance of sparking a controversy,then it’s probably best not to post it. Mike,if you don’t get it,maybe you should ask someone who does.

  66. So no one saw anything wrong with what he said??? What if i say all these damn good white wide receivers and they go with the black guy. Same thing huh, just changed the verbiage. See how offended someone would get from that.

  67. So sick of all this politically correct BS, so what if he said that. I’m not gay and I wonder about that all the time.

  68. I don’t understand gay men either Mike, and no straight man ever will. It’s like trying to understand the thought process of a Martian to us. Now gay women, i can relate to!

  69. All I want to know is, why was my original post deleted? Because I agreed with Wallace and said we have as much right to our views as gays do to their’s? REALLY? U guys are pathetic.

  70. Can’t even speak your mind these days unless you share liberal beliefs. It’s a shame.

  71. I don’t really have a problem with what he said.. It’s his opinion, he’s entitled to it.

    Voicing his opinion in a public forum, when he is the face of an organization, shows the guy lacks good judgment. He can say whatever he wants in private. To make a public statement like that is just dumb. Not off to a great start Mike.

  72. Isn’t it fascinating that those masquerading as the tolerant are really the most intolerant of all?

    This is supposed to be a pro football site. That’s why I and I’m sure many others originally came here. Get back to covering that or we’ll soon find other places to go.

  73. Why are so many people afraid to disagree with the gay lifestyle? Why do gay people find it necessary to have a coming out party and showcase their sexuality? Nobody cares and nobody wants to know your personal life.. Get over yourselves.. The only reason people act this way and crave acceptance in this manner is because they think they’re doing something wrong.. Do what you’re gonna do people. Live your lives the way you want to. Just please leave the rest of us out of it! We don’t care! Just get out of my face and go away! You’d feel the same way if I was on you’re television all day long telling you how much I like the opposite sex..

  74. It’s not a free speech issue.. He represents a business, they don’t care what he said… But how it affects their bottom line $!!

  75. Not sure about Mike’s oblique reference to the Sydney Morning Herald or what that has to do with gender preference… TIC

  76. Why doesn’t anyone look at the first part of that statement and analize that? Then all the women in the world would be saying how great he is.

  77. I don’t understand it either, never will, don’t want to and no amount of education will enable/help me to understand. I am not bashing the lifestyle and neither did Mike Wallace.

  78. He didn’t say anything hateful, and he is entitled to his opinion, just something I would expect more out of a high school football player.

  79. That’s exactly what’s wrong with this country. You can’t say anything without offending someone. I agree with those that have stated in these comments that he didn’t even say anything derogatory. He just don’t understand man love. So he has to apologize for that. The Dolphins have issue a statement on that.
    Dear America, not everyone has signed off on the gay agenda.

  80. I don’t really care but the freedom of speech argument is killing me. Freedom of speech protects you from the government not your employer. You can say what you want but people have a right to say what they want about what you said. The dolphins chose they don’t want the problem and had him apologize or he did it himself. Either way, please stop the freedom of speech crap. I can say what I want and my employer can decide if what I said is a bad thing for them and “urge” me to take it back.

  81. He has the right to an opinion. So do those of us who think people who have that opinion are lesser quality people. It appears that the Dolphins share that opinion.

  82. Doesn’t matter if he is right or wrong? He is supposed to be on of the faces of an organization. Getting paid to be a LEADER. Oh let me basically tell the LGBT community there dumb on social media. Mike deserves all the unnecessary media attention. C’MON MAN! And when the NFL is stressing teams to aware there players to be sensitive on this issue. Good luck dodging Rodger. You better hope it doesn’t blow up?

  83. All these beautiful women in the [world] and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH…”

    He is right . I’d add , why don’t guys like that get help? Of course Packer fans are asking , why do we only have 400 lb toothless women?

  84. All the “Omg! Why can’t he have an opinion?” comments are amusing. Yes, Mike Wallace voiced an opinion and yes he has every right to do so. Others also have the right to voice their opinion and disagree. Saying you disagree or think he’s an idiot or you’re offended etc. does NOT mean his right to have an opinion is somehow being denied.

  85. If you have heard Mike Wallace speak then suffice is to say it shouldnt surprise anyone. He sounds unintelligent to say the least.

  86. So because someone doesnt agree with being gay we should hate them? So that doesnt really gay people any better. Guy has his own opinion so what.

  87. And there you go, Mike knows he is attracted to women, no one is saying it’s choice for him.

    Why is it so difficult to understand that the same is true for people who are gay. It’s innate.

  88. Free speech. He’s free to be ignorant. Hell millions of ignorant people give us jokes like Bush and Obama in office every 4 years.

  89. How is “All these beautiful women in the [world] and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH…” offensive? If a gay guy said “Why would men want to mess with women when there’s all these beautiful men in the world SMH…” – I doubt anyone would be offended and screaming for apologies…

  90. BTW, to those that preach tolerance you should understand what the word means. It means to tolerate something, that doesn’t not mean you need to accept or approve of the behavior, it means to tolerate it.

    Also if you’re going to preach tolerance you should should further understand that means you tolerate others opinions even if you disagree with them.

    Here’s an example of tolerance.

    One person doesn’t like gays.

    The tolerate person would tolerate that opinion, even if they agree with it.

    That’s my tolerance training seminar.

  91. Even though I can see where he’s coming from why isn’t he smart enough to just say nothing, I mean he wasn’t on your team not even in your league?? I hope this isn’t Brandon Marshall 2.0..

  92. I can’t wait for the first lawsuit from someone who is sick of being told what to believe in. Where does it end? Wallace, you can say whatever you want. Free country still even though others are trying to curb freedoms. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

  93. he shouldn’t be apologizing for his tweet. he should be apologizing to the steelers and steeler nation for all them dropped passes, bad route running, and all them plays he took off. and stealing all that money from the dolphins….

  94. Wow talk about trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. He just said he doesn’t understand it. I don’t understand how guys sleep with big fat chicks. It’s just me I can’t understand it.

  95. If you’re a player in the NFL and you know you have a gay team mate, aren’t you uncomfortable getting naked in the locker room and showering around this person? Isn’t that the same scenario as if there was a man on a women’s basketball team sharing the locker room and shower with them?

  96. Ever since that infamous Janet Jackson Superbowl nip slip our society has slowly been antagonized into having to self edit ourselves in every facet of our lives. Free speech is really a thing of the past people, and if any organization, group, business or corporation demands that you apologize for something you have to say, tell them to roll up a copy of this country’s amendments and shove it up their collective assess. Oh, and the Jets still suck ass (not intended in a gay way)

  97. I Love that he said it I’m only sorry he’s sorry for saying it! I Love that you can like it but I can’t. Big deal he’s gay & proud I’m straight & proud. He just happens to be very confused but he’s not the only one so big deal he’s gay now let’s stop making a big deal out of people who don’t agree.

  98. He can’t catch the ball. ok, he’s fast on his feet. He will be as big a disappointment to the dolphins as santonio holmes was to the jets–an ex-steeler that was just really not all that good.

  99. Not one of you complaining that Mike Wallace is having his First Amendement right to free speech taken away have any idea what that right consists of.

  100. The mere fact that this is a story is stupid, who really cares about who is gay? What I really don’t like is every individual who has access to a TV camera or the media in general has to make a public announcement about their sexuality as if that now makes them some public hero….

  101. What the press statement said:

    “Mike Wallace has apologized for his comments, and we have addressed the matter with him. Mike’s comments do not reflect the views of the Miami Dolphins. We believe in a culture of inclusiveness and respect, and any statements to the contrary are in no way acceptable to our organization. We will address the entire team about our policy of inclusion and make sure they all understand the importance of respecting individual choices.”

    What they meant:

    “After we demonstrated our intolerance of his view solely because it was not politically correct, Mike Wallace has apologized for his comments. We believe in a culture of inclusiveness and respect, unless we deem not inclusive, and then we exclude the person whose view is not inclusive. To be clear, we love gays and Indians; and, if you’re a gay Indian, that is even better. In fact, a half-black or half-Chinese gay Indian with a missing foot would be someone we could really support. If Tim Tebow was a gay Indian, we’d sign him in a New York minute.”

  102. He isn’t being thrown in jail. You are going to get heat when you work for a business and make public comments that will offend a chunk of your customers.

    This is a “don’t offend your customers” issue, not a 1st amendment issue.

    I can assure you some folks in Miami that were gonna buy a dolphins jersey, or even a Wallace jersey just out their debit card away. How many who knows.

    Can’t we all at least agree what he said was bad business and leave it at that?

  103. Attention Miami Dolphins Front Office:

    Mike Wallace simply followed your lead! Remember, over the weekend you acted extremely childish when you commented to the world that you were surprised that Oakland allowed you to fleece them!

    Just an FYI, if you act like you’ve been there before, others in your organization tend to take notice & act like they’ve been there before also!

    Guaranteed, regardless of all the trades & FA acquisitions, the Dolphins will fail in 2013! Absolutely no leadership on this team, throughout the Front Office, on the coaching staff, as well as on the field!

  104. I am sorry but I do not find his tweet offensive. People have their right to DISCRIMINATE about who they find attractive and who they want to share personal relations with. Collins can enjoy being with men and Wallace can enjoy being with women. Just because the LGBT community wants everyone to assimilate to their ideas does not mean it is right to ridicule the ideas and beliefs of others. If you do not agree with them fine but I can already see the #%&*storm about to reign down on MW. Those who preach for others not to ridicule them and to respect their choices must also be able to respect the choices of those who do not adhere to their beliefs.

  105. They always say how left the media is, well the fact that the majority of the people here think he wasn’t being vicious, but speaking his feelings & no one in the mainstream media is even giving him the benefit of the doubt so I would have to say the media is proving their point.

  106. Who cares about someones sexuality?.. Its nobodys business but theres, I want to hear more about football. If i wanna hear about someone being gay i’ll tune in to Entertainment Tonight

  107. Still don’t see the problem with what he said…?. A lot of us think the same thing, in fact he said he meant no harm.

  108. All these Steeler fans mad because Wallace left saying “he doesn’t know how to run anything other than a straight line”.

    Dude has 196 receptions over the past 3 seasons. That’s a LOT of straight (no pun intended) lines, if that’s all he’s really running.

    And to keep it on topic, I find nothing wrong with what he said. If someone wants to educate him on why he apparently needs to not only understand it, but embrace it, go right ahead. Here’s your opportunity.

    Rather than just trying to shame the guy…

    It’s 2013 – I think all this hate towards him can somehow be labeled bullying now.

  109. Does the Dolphins saying they “(believe) in a culture of inclusiveness and respect,” include Wallace’s views, and are they showing respect for his views? Of course not. Inclusiveness and respect only seems to apply to the politically correct viewpoint.

  110. I only read a few messages before i realized there are WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE who don’t know what the point of the Constitution is. The comments made by this fool ARE NOT protected by First Amendment rights. I take that back….they are protected by the First Amendment. This is exactly why the government is not involved. The Constitution protects citizens from infringement by the government. But your boss can fire you if they don’t like what you say. It happens every day.

  111. Wow…when the Steelers cut a WR, they should tattoo “Buyer Beware” on their forehead.

  112. Dumb comment made by a rich athlete via twitter (which is a very dangerous social media outlet when placed in the hands of so many morons)….lets not get hysterical, he apologized for offending anyone with his “questioning of why” so lets move on, the guy isn’t running for public office, just catching footballs…hopefully.

  113. Gotta go w/Mike on this. It’s his opinion. 1st Amendment right. He didn’t say anything offensive to be socially assassinated. Shame on the Dolphins for separating themselves.
    But, I bet he’ll be their #1 wide out 2013.

  114. Everyone can have an opinion. Just because it doesn’t support what’s being promoted, does NOT mean its hate. It’s a different opinion. Now get off this gay stuff and get back to football for Pete’s sake!

  115. “Why doesn’t anyone look at the first part of that statement and analize that? ”

    Indeed. I’m not into the gay thing either, but where do I sign up for doing that to all those beautiful women Mike mentions?

  116. As I’ve always said, the more men that are gay mean the more women that are single. Which makes my job a whole lot easier. I don’t get the hate.

  117. what did he say that was so damn offensive? he was just telling the truth. poeple cant speak the truth anymore? Damn!!!!

  118. one reason he didn’t sign with the vikings was because he doesn’t like the cold climate he said that pay attention

  119. This is all on Ross. He signs the checks, the buck stops at his desk.
    In other news , I remember when Tim Hardaway of the Heat said that gays were bad news and he got sent to an anti-defalamtion class. This gotta be all on the hot sun in Miami melting brains .

  120. purpwalk says:
    Apr 29, 2013 4:57 PM
    aaron rodgers is next

    ———————————————————————————————————————————- kristina ponder already did!

  121. I read both of Mike’s so-called “offensive” tweets. Are we really that sensitive as a society? And the So the morons in the Dolphins don’t agree that there are a lot of beautiful women in the world. I have to disagree!

  122. “Never said anything was right or wrong I just said I don’t understand!”

    No surprise there, considering Mike never struck me as being the brightest bulb in the pack, he probably doesn’t understand a lot of things, like math, literature, history, science…

  123. If you sign an ex-Pittsburgh Steeler like Mike Wallace, Joey Porter or James Harrison – don’t expect a tree hugger.

  124. For those defending him and his “right to have an opinion,” the reason it is a moronic thing to say is because he’s implying that it’s a CHOICE.

    Gays are born gay. Some guys don’t mess with girls because they’re not attracted to them, and attraction isn’t an option.

  125. this bleep is ruining are country its an OPINION thats all…..he can say what he wants..understand if it was p.manning people would stop and understand what he saying…which is exactly how the average straight male thinks..why would a guy do that ive asked that same question a hundred times….ps steeler fans who say dude is a one trick pony… was randy moss and hes HOF first time ballot..and oh ya the now u have no passing game A.brown doubled and no other recievers…not even a one trick u might win 6 games u will wish had that pony my daughter wishes for one……

  126. Freedom to be who you are? How about freedom to think and speak for yourself without threat of being ostracized and fired. Who’s the bullies now, trampling freedom of speech and religion underfoot?

  127. In a day in age where freedom of speech is no longer tolerated or acceptable, but one’s sexual preference is allowed to be rejoiced to the heavens for everyone to know. Yes I’m a Christian and yes I follow politics. No I don’t hate gays or lesbians, nor do I object in one’s feelings, but when does our Amendment right of freedom of speech get rules and regulations due to one’s sexual preference. Sorry I don’t believe in this and if people are offended by it, grow up. If I have to hear and read that someone announces that their gay then they can hear and read other people’s thoughts and views. Gees this country has gone soft

  128. Mike Wallace was right.If your gay in sports keep it to yourself.Look at the mess it created at PennState. With all of the beautiful women in the world why would anybody want to be gay.

  129. There’s really nothing wrong with what Wallace said. He stated his opinion. There’s also nothing wrong with what the Dolphins say. They’re not “taking away his rights” to say something, or making it so “no one can say anything anymore”… they stated their opinion as being different than Wallace’s. Everybody is ok to do that.

  130. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it’s not always wise to publicize that opinion. People are allowed to have opinions on other people’s opinion.

    As for the people touting freedom of speech:

    What freedom of speech guarantees you is the right to your opinion in regards to prosecution for those views. In other words, Mike Wallace cannot be arrested & prosecuted for his views. It doesn’t give any of us the right to spew everything we think & whatever we say will have no backlash or negative effect. We have to use decorum in expressing our opinions; this is called class, appropriate consideration & acceptance.

    Jimmy the Greek expressed his opinion & was fired & black-listed. Where were the people defending Jimmy? His opinions were considered racist.

    Al Campanis was fired for his “opinion”. Whether he was right or wrong in his OPINION, he was prosecuted for it in the court of public opinion. Where were the freedom of speech screamers? Oh that’s right, his opinions were bigoted.

    Please do not misunderstand, no one is saying Jimmy or Al were right, just making a point that some opinions are OK & defended, some opinions are considered inappropriate.

    Mike Wallace’s opinions are no more progressive than Al’s & Jimmy’s, they are just on a different topic.

    They are just as bigoted just on a different subject.

    This is why people are offended by the tweet. Whether you understand it or not, doesn’t mean you should comment about it. Especially things that we cannot control, race, sexual orientation, are things that are just a “part” of us. To say disparaging things about ANY group of people (whether it’s about race, sexual orientation, men or women…etc) just because it’s your opinion doesn’t make them right.

    Just because you “don’t understand” what people feel, as long as they are not hurting you, why must you comment on them? And if you do, you must be prepared for whatever comes back to you when you make comments like Wallace made. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all is exactly the perfect policy on this subject.

  131. It’s just like someone say they love Star Wars and can not understand why someone lows Star Trek. It’s not offensive, as a previous commenter stated its just dumb

  132. The mass public has been conditioned to believe certain types of statements are hateful when they really are not.

    “All these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH”

    “All these beautiful blondes in the world and guys wanna mess with brunettes SMH”

    Those two statements are essentially the same. They are simply showing a personal preference. How is it that Wallace insensitive because he prefers women but those bashing him are not insensitive (towards him) because they are somehow offended? The problem is that people are looking for slights against LBGT and lash out at mundane comments that are in now way derogatory. By attacking Wallace’s comments, people are not defending anything. They are simply displaying their ignorance and/or their own intolerance.

  133. You can have freedom of speech but that does not mean there must be freedom from repurcussions. The NFL would like gays to watch their games and therefore they don’t offend them or any of their potential customers. Why is that hard to understand?

  134. jachaiss:

    How many Trekkies have been murdered because they love the best show ever? How many Star Wars fans have been murdered for loving the best movie ever? What you said isn’t exactly offensive, but wow is it dumb.

  135. So Mike Wallace states that it seems crazy for one man to play around with another hairy azzed guy…and he is the crazy person?

  136. So people who are fighting to have their lifestyles in the face of public specter – as an act of freedom – are mad that Wallace freely said something and expressed himself?

    Are you serious?

    Is that the world we are creating where the same freedoms these people want, for freedom sake, will be protected against the very freedom that made it so?

    Messed up.

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