Draft review: Houston Texans


After analyzing the draft needs of all 32 teams, PFT will review how well each team addressed those needs. Up next: The Houston Texans.

What they needed: Wide receiver, outside linebacker, guard, nose tackle, tight end.

Who they got:
Round 1: DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson

Round 2: D.J. Swearinger, SS, South Carolina

Round 3: Brennan Williams, OT, North Carolina

Round 3: Sam Montgomery, DE, Louisiana State

Round 4: Trevardo Williams, DE, Connecticut

Round 6: David Quessenberry, OT, San Jose State

Round 6: Alan Bonner, WR, Jacksonville State

Round 6: Chris Jones, DT, Bowling Green

Round 6: Ryan Griffin, TE, Connecticut

Where they hit: Hopkins overcame the pre-draft smear campaign, and might be the kind of big-play threat they’ve lacked at receiver (other than that Andre Johnson guy, of course). They also added some good offensive line depth in Williams and Quessenberry, guys who should be in the mix this year and could start down the line.

Where they missed: Some more pass rush help would have been nice, and while Williams has promise, there are a lot of folks in the scouting community who think Montgomery’s a waste of time. The talent is there, but that’s not the problem for him. Landing on a good team might create the atmosphere he needs, but the Texans can’t count on him in the short term. The good news is they don’t have to.

Impact rookies: Swearinger will make an impact on opponents, mostly. One of the true hitters in this class, he’s an enforcer in the back of the defense, the kind of guy Ed Reed would have loved lining up next to in Baltimore. He should be a huge benefit on special teams, as he has explosive ability and doesn’t mind dropping a shoulder into someone.

Long-term prospects: Even if Hopkins is the only rookie that contributes, that’s OK for the Texans, who didn’t enter the offseason with many holes to fill. But they need Hopkins to contribute quickly. Reed’s signing was symbolic as much as tangible, as they’re hoping some of his Ravens mojo rubs off on a team with talent, which has disappointed in the postseason. They drafted a few guys who could become the next wave of replacements for departed veterans, but this is clearly a team that sees the window closing, if not this year then soon.

8 responses to “Draft review: Houston Texans

  1. I am adding this to what sdelmonte said about Saban. Saban did last in the NFL because Alabama made and offer him or his wife could not refuse, 28 million dollar contract for eight years. Get your storie straight.

    And Milliner will be fine at the Jets or better yet somewhere else!

  2. Think Texans did well addressing their needs.I really like some of the free agents they signed as well. I think Colin Klein can be a starting qb in the league down the road. Was kind of hoping they’d have taken a qb with their second 3rd round pick. Barkley and nassib were there for the taking as was the qb out of duke later in the draft, but Rick Smith and kubs know this team better then we all seem to, no matter what we may think. All in all, good job addressing the future of this team to assure the proverbial window isn’t closing like some would think.

  3. I would have liked to see them take an inside LB. I like the plan to move Brooks Reed inside, but they still need depth there because Cushing’s injury just killed the D last season.

  4. “Swearinger will make an impact on opponents, mostly. One of the true hitters in this class, he’s an enforcer in the back of the defense, the kind of guy Ed Reed would have loved lining up next to in Baltimore”

    Didn’t Ed Reed play next to a guy named Bernard Pollard for the last couple of years…is he not a big enough hitter for you Darin?

  5. I’m giggling at the description of the Hopkins incident at the combine (trashed hotel/bathroom walls) as a “smear campaign”. Well played!!

  6. I’m not really sure why all these sites don’t have ILB as a position of need. Sharpton can’t stay healthy and with Cush hurt last year we had old ILBs off the streets like Ruud splitting out wide in coverage, which got exploited to no end. I think Swearinger is the perfect answer for this with 3 safety packages. Not an elite cover guy but way, way better than an againg inside backer.

    Anyway, Love the Hopkins, Swearinger and Williams picks. The talent is there with Montgomery so I’m hoping the guys he can get him in line.

    OL pickups look solid and they are desperately needed for the right side. Someone must hit there.

    The Griffen pick is really interesting as he reminds me of James Casey who was so versatile for us and in my opinon our biggest loss of FA.

    Can’t wait to see Nuke out there with Dre. Could be a scary combo.

  7. I love the Hopkins and Swearinger picks. Sam Montgomery is a waste of a pick. Dude went up against NFL talent when he played A&M and Joeckel made him look below average.

    And I agree wholeheartedly with mbfng. We need an ILB. I worry seriously about Cush coming back healthy, and Sharpton, while a good a player, is rarely healthy.

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