Draft review: San Francisco 49ers


After analyzing the draft needs of all 32 teams, PFT will review how well each team addressed those needs. Up next: The San Francisco 49ers.

What they needed: Safety, nose tackle, tight end, running back, cornerback.

Who they got:
Round 1: Eric Reid, S, LSU
Round 2: Cornelius Carradine, DE, Florida State; Vance McDonald, TE, Rice
Round 3: Corey Lemonier, DE, Auburn
Round 4: Quinton Patton, WR, Louisiana Tech; Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina
Round 5: Quinton Dial, DE, Alabama
Round 6: Nick Moody, OLB, Florida State
Round 7: B.J. Daniels, QB, South Florida; Carter Bykowski, T, Iowa State; Marcus Cooper, CB, Rutgers

Where they hit: The 49ers had one major pressing need to fill heading into the draft at the safety position and got the player they wanted with their first selection. San Francisco traded up to select LSU safety Eric Reid to replace the departed Dashon Goldson. A replacement for Delanie Walker was also a necessity and the 49ers traded up again (one spot in front of division rival Seattle) to select Rice right end Vance McDonald. Depth along the defensive line was also needed and the 49ers expended three of their 11 selections on the defensive front.

Where they missed: We felt the 49ers also needed to find a bigger body to replace Isaac Sopoaga at the nose tackle position. Lamar Divens is the only tackle on the roster with the size usually expected of a nose tackle in a 3-4 front. The selections of “Tank” Carradine and Corey Lemonier could give the 49ers flexibility to move others inside. Quinton Dial could get an opportunity there as well. San Francisco also could have chosen to add to the cornerback position earlier than the seventh round.

Impact rookies: Reid should be expected to start from day one alongside Donte Whitner. McDonald should work into the 49ers two tight end sets alongside Vernon Davis. Carradine and receiver Quinton Patton could get opportunities to contribute as well. With most players returning from a Super Bowl appearance last season, there won’t be many chances for the rookie class to find ways onto the field.

Long-term prospects: South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore was a selection with an eye to the future for San Francisco. Frank Gore turns 30 next month and running backs have a history of falling of a cliff when they reach that age. With Kendall Hunter, LaMichael James and Anthony Dixon on the roster as well, the 49ers can stash Lattimore to allow him the time to fully recover from the horrific knee injury suffered last year. They don’t need him to be a factor this year but could be the long-term replacement for Gore. His talent is undeniable. Whether he can fully recover from a second major knee injury is the question.

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  1. this is what happens when national media tries to analyze a team.


    They signed Glenn Dorsey in Free Agency. Dorsey was a bust as a pass rushing defensive tackle. But he put together two good seasons as a 2 gap run defender. The Niners use a mix of one and 2 gap run defense on their D-line. So Dorsey fits what they’re looking for at Nose Tackle. Harbaugh has already said Dorsey will be playing at Nose.

    Dorsey (or his back up Ian Williams who recently signed an extension) will most likely be an upgrade over Sopogaga who graded out as one of the worst Nose Tackles in the league last year.

  2. The 49ers simply have the best GM in the division if not the conference. The duo of Har-Baalke solidifies this organization as a perennial competitor for years to come.

    Whether or not your a fan or a rival, you have to at least appreciate from an objective standpoint the turnaround this team made in two seasons. And as a die hard Faithful fan I know we must move forward with humble hearts after watching a decade of abysmal play.

    With that said I am excited about the future of the Red & Gold, whether it’s the new prospects from the draft or our new stadium in the ‘burbs the Niners have returned.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  3. Yeah baby!! Great draft class!! Lets do it again tho year!! Lets do it right!! GO NINERS!! Welcome to the team rookies!! You will be seeing me on Sundays and Mondays!! Lets ride!

  4. The 49ers are not a 2-gap 3-4 and their nose tackle plays 1 technique rather then the 0 which means they don’t need the traditional beefy nose tackle. Dorsey and Ian Williams will be the #1 and #2 option at nose tackle while Tank and Dial will rotate at all 3 spots.

    Nose tackle, done.

  5. Agree with most of the above posters. We do not need an NT.

    We have Brown, Rogers, Cully and Asomugha as our CB, not to mention our backs such as Brock and Cox.

    We could have potentially used a CB who could also return but unless he is very very good he is not making the team. There are not enough spots on the team.

    Niners did really great in terms of addressing the ‘real’ need. Whether the players they draft at those positions will contribute or not is another issue.

    But in HarBaalke we trust

  6. Great draft with an eye toward the future. Not only did we get a first round talent with Reid, Tank and Lattimore but we got more picks next year so we can maneuver and pick a guy we really want again!! This organization is one of the best! I wish we could have gotten D. Robinson tho to backup Kap and be a specialist/ returner. O well. A+ draft!!

  7. Niners are also stockpiled next year with 10 picks as of now, so NFL, be afraid…very afraid.

  8. 1. Like others have said, the 49ers signed Glenn Dorsey to take over Isaac Sopoaga’s duties at NT. They already have Ian Williams, an overachieving UDFA from last year to back him up. Dorsey should actually be an upgrade at the position, as he has developed into a stout run defender. Sopoaga only played about 30% of the snaps last year, it would be stupid to invest big money in a NT when the 49ers don’t use them that often.

    2. The 49ers also picked up a 3rd Rounder in the 2014 from TEN in this year’s draft.

    3. The 49ers traded late round draft picks for Anquan Boldin (6th rounder = steal) and Colt McCoy.

    4. Obviously, the 49ers felt more secure about their CBs than their pass rush as evidenced by the draft.

    In summary, they didn’t miss anywhere. The players have to pan out, but arguably the best draft of any team this year just based on addressing need and depth as well as acquiring more picks for next year (they’ll have an extra 3rd rounder and an extra 2nd or 3rd based on Alex Smith’s performance).

  9. Actually, I take that back. I think if there is something the 49ers didn’t address as well as I thought they should have, it’s a punt returner. Several options, but no one jumps out who is currently on the roster.

  10. as a 2013 NFC West Champion Seattle Seahawks fan, it pains me to say this as I think JS and Pete have done one hell of a good job, but I will admit I think the two best front offices in football are right here in our division.

    it’s going to be one hell of a year, and ,I can’t wait for week 2 primetime. two best teams in the NFC for all the world to watch.

    Nice draft Whiners. I’d love to criticize it, Harbaugh and Baalke, but I can’t.

    Go hawks

  11. Great draft. U can see replacing goldson and walker was important in this draft but I like the addition of edge rushers. When Justin got hurt it really showed how thin we were there. Ricky leaving we need to bulk at the defensive side of the line of scrimmage. I image a system similar to jimmy Johnson or giants on there sb run. A def line rotation can really be effective espically at the end of the year when ppl are getting banged up. The steal of the draft lattimore will replace gore with out missing a beat. He gets to learn from gore this season and get rested up.

  12. Why did the Niners lose the Super Bowl and get their ass kicked by Seattle? They couldn’t stop the deep pass, and in particular, cover the speedy slot receiver. They needed (and still do) help at the D back and hopefully Asomugha can still bring it. However, he is weak on covering the slot receiver and it remains to be seen if he still has the speed to cover the big receiver downfield. So who will get the job done since they failed miserably to get help here, the mature Culliver who got scorched in the Super Bowl? The Rogers who disappeared late last season?

  13. I agree with my fellow Faithful fans. NT was not the issue you thought it was. The 9ers addressed every need they had to. I didn’t think RB was a need, but with that stud on the board SF had to pull the trigger. The upside of that pick is astronomical. The franchises that draft well are able to draft guys like that and wait. Very exciting…..now that that is over so begins the LONG wait until training camp! 🙂 I cannot wait to see all our new acquisitions , both FA and rookie, on display sporting that Red and Gold for the first time!

  14. There are plenty of players to play NT…Dorsey, Ian Williams, Dial. Rightly so, Baalke drafted for versatility as opposed to a big body who can only play NT. That’s a wasted roster spot. As for CB, what neither the guy who wrote this knows, nor we fans is what the team’s plans are for Terrel Brown. He could well be re-signed. If so, and given how many CB’s we already have, spending a higher pick on another CB didn’t seem prudent. Cooper, a 7th rd pick, played with Logan Ryan (meaning he undoubtedly got picked on), has great size and speed. He’s a darkhorse to make the team, but could end up on the PS. Some writers seemingly have to try and find something wrong (in their eyes) with just about every draft. Just because they thought the Niners needed another NT and CB doesn’t make it so.

  15. Ok here we go again. Now for you guys that think your big football fans the comments crtizing us not drafting a CB because we sucked against Seattle and playoff run. Let me spell it out. Go check stats at end of season our Pass D was 4th in the league and that included getting torched by Seattle. Now Reason we dropped against Seattle and playoffs is A. Smith & J. Smith both had major injuries so we had no pass rush. That is only diffrence so no we didn’t need a CB get a clue. We needed depth at pass rush are cb are not great but there good Rogers former pro bowler brown is widely regarded as a very good cover corner and culliver while struggled on the big stage has improved every year and is now a very bright future. Plus you add namdi even if he is only 50% of what he once was that’s perfect for our 4th CB than we added Reid who grades out as better than goldson so that’s an upgrade plus if qb gets zero time I could guard a reciver as any ex or current NFL player and secret to great pass defense is pass rush. If you don’t know that than you don’t know football period.

  16. Crabtree says Divens is the only NT with size, but he’s wrong. Ian Williams is 320+, a lot of profiles have him listed at 305 but those are wrong. He was 319 at NFL combine and just by looking at him you can tell he’s more than 305. He’s big enough to be a NT, but is he talented enough to beat out Dorsey or Dial.

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