Eli’s OK with Giants drafting Nassib

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With the other New York team, drafting a quarterback is a sign of another year of turbulence.

With the Giants, it’s just another day at the office.

Of course, Giants quarterback Eli Manning’s in no danger of being replaced by fourth-rounder Ryan Nassib, either.

I think that’s pretty normal,” Manning said, via Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger. “I think it’s always good to have a good quarterback to come in and learn and be prepared. You never know what happens in this league, and you always have to have quality players on your team and quarterbacks, and so I think it’s a good thing. Looking forward to working with a young guy.”

Of course, the hope is that Nassib doesn’t have to take a snap. Manning’s 135 consecutive starts is the longest streak in the league, and there’s no hurry to end it for the 32-year-old Manning. At the same time, he knows his time isn’t limitless.

“I feel like I’m playing at a high level, and this is the prime of my career, and I appreciate my job every day,” Manning said. “I’m fortunate that I get to play quarterback in the NFL, and I love all the aspects of the work that goes into it, and I’m still hungry to improve my game and to get better and to win more championships for New York. And so I understand that one day it will end.

“The thing about in this league, you never know when that day comes, and you never know what’s going to happen. So you’ve got to take advantage of it, and work hard, and try to ensure that every year that you play that you’re going to do everything you can to try to win a championship.”

If Nassib puts pressure on anyone in the near future, it would be backup David Carr, but the Syracuse rookie found a good place to ease into the league after a draft-day fall few expected. And he also fell in with a mature starter who will allow him time to grow, something the other guy in town probably won’t get.

17 responses to “Eli’s OK with Giants drafting Nassib

  1. It’s for the good of the team. Eli saw what a dog’s breakfast the Colts made of finding a suitable understudy for big brother Peyton. He doesn’t want his Giants left in the same mess.

  2. Everyone is making a big stink about this move and Pittsburgh drafting Landry Jones.. I see nothing wrong with a team grooming a QB incase of injury or even for trade bait in a few years (Matt Schaub). I think its a good move for them!

  3. Classy as always Eli. Nassib can sit back and learn for a few years from one of the best, while Eli leads the Giants to another Super Bowl. Remember the Super Bowl skins fans? Probably not..

  4. How bad is it for Nassib when the GM that drafts you says, “I hope he never plays”? Not exactly the dream-came-true-today moment.

  5. hopefully nassib can kick that fire under eli again bec that whole tired arm by week 8 thing had me worried. he didnt have the passion at the end of last year ive seen every year and im hoping being a 32 2x superbowl mvp doesnt have anything with being bored… kind of like with justin tuck except tuck has it worse

  6. of course Eli is okay when someone from the front office comes on NFLN and says that “hopefully Nassib won’t have to play for us and Eli will be here for a long, long time”! Talk about a glowing endorsement! Kinda feel bad for the kid.

  7. morelogicthanlogicalvoice says:
    Apr 29, 2013 9:23 AM
    Or maybe he’ll learn how to blow 6-2 starts year after year


    That’s more than he’ll learn from a gimmick offense QB, with a ZERO playoff win resume.

  8. The only reason anyone is spinning this as a disappointing outcome for Nassib is the fact that Marrone got the Bills job.

    The fact is that Nassib was a slightly above average QB on a very mediocre team. If his college coach hadn’t gotten an NFL job, fueling wild speculation that said coach would reach for him in the first round (which proved to be false), going in the fourth round to a team where he could spend the next few years learning under one of the league’s better QBs would have been considered an ideal landing spot for a QB with his rather run-of-the-mill resume.

    I would go so far as to say that if his coach hadn’t landed an NFL job, many people around the country would have scratched their heads and said “who’s Ryan Nassib?” when he got drafted where he did. Not draftnicks or hard core fans, but certainly the average fan would have had a very hard time picking Ryan Nassib out of a lineup.

  9. I’m so glad the drafting of Nassib is OK with Eli. I wasn’t aware that Eli had a vote in this. Would the Giants cut Nassib if Eli wasn’t good with it?

  10. Man! Opposing fans sure are jealous of Eli Manning. They get their manicured claws out for the younger Manning with 2SBMVPS (and counting).

  11. Law Of Averages. Eli is getting older, and more susceptible to injury. Never know when those twigs he calls legs will snap with a slit breeze, or his arthritic knees will tear to shreds.

    That offensive line that is supposed to protect him is just that: offensive. Old men that can hardly stand up to block after bending over at the line of scrimmage. Diehl is the best of the bunch, if he can stay sober long enough, and doesn’t crash into several cars on the way to the stadium in New Jersey.

    And poor coach Coughlin, the way he stresses out on the sidelines, all red faced; they need an ambulance standing by just for him. He looks like he’s gonna stroke out at any moment.

    Yes, it’s time to have a new back-up QB ready in the wings, even if no other team wanted him. Below average at best.

  12. Perfect situation for Giants. Giving a QB like Nassib time to develop is every team’s dream. I think this does place a shelf life on Manning of 3 years (and more realistically 2) – as Nassib will sign a 4 year deal and they need to see what he can do before his next contract.

    This year and next no pressure. Past that point and Manning will need if he will retire a Giant or play a couple years of hired gun.

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