Idonije visits the Titans

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With the Titans not doing much to beef up their defensive line during the draft, they could be doing so in free agency.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Titans hosted veteran defensive lineman Israel Idonije on Monday.

Idonije, who has played defensive tackle and defensive end in Chicago, had 7.5 sacks in 2012.  His career high of 8.0 came in 2010 with the Bears.

The 32-year-old native of Nigeria played college football at the University of Manitoba.  He arrived in the NFL 10 years ago with the Browns.  He joined the Bears the following season, and remained there through last year.

12 responses to “Idonije visits the Titans

  1. I hope you realize it’s been more than 90 minutes since we were updated on the latest team to rule out Tebow.

  2. I’m not familiar with him. He can rush the passer, but how is he against the run? Some teams still use that variety of offensive play in the AFC South.

  3. Izzy probably had his best season last year and has seemed to just peak out. He may be 32 but I think he easily has a few years left as a solid player. He’s good against both, not bad at either, and won’t kill you with mistakes or being dominated.

  4. @mazblast
    Idonije is only OK as a pass rusher. He is very good against the run and almost never over pursues or loses contain. As a Bears fan I’d hate to lose him.

  5. was reported that Tim Tebow had a nice breakfast, cleaned out his locker and headed to Florida. Will keep you updated as soon as I know whatvhe had for lunch.

  6. As a Bears fan I hate to see him go, class act, solid against the run, holds contain on his side and is a decent pass rusher. Who ever signs him is getting a year or two out of him but they’ll be solid years.

  7. He’s a solid player. He gets the job done. Not much more, not much less. He didn’t make much of an impact until Julius Peppers came to town, but he was good enough to remain in the rotation for the 6-7 years prior to Peppers’ arrival. Wherever he goes, he will serve as an excellent placeholder until someone younger is ready to go.

  8. Izzy was a great player to have (As a Bears Fan) that always seems to love the game. Super versatile player that has a lot of time at DE, DT, and was a very good kick blocker and one time gunner on ST’s.

  9. Maybe I missed it so it needs to be said clearly: Idonije has been benefiting from having Peppers on the line – absolutely no doubt about it.

    As a Bear fan I think he’s been fine, but lets keep it real….

  10. Izzy is a very solid player but he needs someone like Peppers on the line to be at his full impact. Otherwise I think he’d just be a decent body on the line

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