Jets add 15 undrafted free agents


The decision to cut a player who barely played for them in 2012 is going to grab the headlines, but the Jets also added some bodies to their roster on Monday.

The team officially announced the three-year contract extension for running back Chris Ivory and the signing of former Lions guard Stephen Peterman in a release that also included the identities of the 15 undrafted rookies that the team has added to their 90-man roster. The list includes four wide receivers, two tight ends and no quarterbacks.

Joining the Jets on Monday are: Central Florida linebacker Troy Davis; Hawaii defensive back Mike Edwards; Clemson offensive lineman Dalton Freeman; Northern Arizona offensive lineman Trey Gilleo; Eastern Illinois defensive lineman Roosevelt Holliday; Iowa State defensive lineman Jake McDonough; California (PA) safety Rontez Miles; Texas A&M defensive end Spencer Nealy; Boston College tight end Chris Pantale; South Florida offensive lineman Mark Popek; Tennessee wide receiver Zach Rogers; Pittsburgh tight end Mike Shanahan; Lehigh wide receiver Ryan Spadola; Bethune-Cookman wide receiver K.J. Stroud and Marshall wide receiver Antavious Wilson.

Spadola (pictured) drew a draftable grade in some circles after his performance at the combine in Indianapolis. The Jets didn’t add any wide receivers during the draft, which could offer Spadola and the other undrafted wideouts a decent shot at a job barring any other acquisitions. The same holds for Shanahan and Pantale on a thin depth chart at tight end.

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  1. Spadolas a good Wide Receiver with decent speed but (no, im not racist, just a realist) happened to be the wrong color and safety rontez miles LIT UP D2 football at safety. I would expect him to make the 53 man roster and Spadola to either be the 52nd/53rd or a practice squad player.

    Zach Rogers is a guy with 4.4 speed who can run in straight lines but isn’t elusive like his former teammate Cordarrelle Patterson. Aside from that he has great hands and even though he was behind Justin Hunter and Cordarrelle contributed considerably. Don’t be surprised if his combination of excellent route running, good hands and exceptional straight line speed land him on the 53 man roster as a 4th or 5th wide receiver. He is more of a typical wide receiver athlete but not as strong as Spadola who’s build could be compared to the Jet’s 2012 7th rounder Jordan White. Both have had incredible production but Roger’s has the god-given as well as worked on intangibles that NFL coaches crave to coach.

    All in all I’m most excited for Miles who was a highly recruited athlete by all the big name programs out of high school but decided to go to Kent State with a childhood friend (we can all see how tempting that is). After that friend dropped the program so did Miles until starting up at D2 California (PA) while taking night classes there. He dominated at that level and, with proper coaching, will dominate in the NFL using superior athleticism and practically flawless technique. I just think its takes time for him to acclimate himself to a higher level of competition. That being said, it could happen as soon as the first couple weeks of camp. It took me that long playing as a freshman up at SUNY Albany.

  2. Freeman didn’t get a combine invite, but at his pro day, he put up numbers comparable to like the top 5 combine performers. Very intelligent guy and with a year or two learning, he could relieve Mangold.

  3. As a Dolphins fan it is tough for me to write anything positive in a Jets story becuase the majority of their fans just go trolling in ours, but I will take the high road.

    Dalton Freeman was a 4 year Starter at Guard and mostly Center. He was an Acedemic All-ACC Team and the Son of a Coach. These kids are generally pretty game savvy. Most notable he was a 2 time Rimington Trophy finalist (the best Centers in the game) I watched a few Clemson games in person and on TV. This guy is a very decent Center with smarts to direct line calls. The hit on him is that he could be a little quicker at the next level He has the potential to develop as a future NFL player. He had a good Senior Bowl and he did great with UNC’s DT Sylvester and getting to the 2nd level with some of the better ACC LBs. I think it is a great pickup and he could make the roster or practive squad for sure.

  4. Do the Jets haters (same ones) actually sit in front of their computers all day waiting for a Florio blog?

    In the spirit of curiousity, do you think they ever go to their own team’s articles?

    Some serious inferiority issues amongst them.

    I do enjoy when Steelers and Dolphins fans troll here and knock the Jets. It’s like Larry and Moe calling Curly stupid.

    The Pats fans? Not a thing since Spygate.
    Yet the all the haters’ teams are going 16-0.

  5. thejohnsmith1122 says:Apr 29, 2013 4:38 PM

    With the Jets’ cap issues, this is about the only way they can afford to have a full roster.

    Mr. Football Fan: Cap issues? If you could have someone read to you, you’d know the Jets are above the cap.

    Good try though.

  6. bkh405 says:Apr 29, 2013 4:15 PM

    Freeman didn’t get a combine invite, but at his pro day, he put up numbers comparable to like the top 5 combine performers. Very intelligent guy and with a year or two learning, he could relieve Mangold.


    Maybe my username gives it away, but I disagree with that last statement.

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