Jets cut Tim Tebow

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The Tim Tebow era is over in New York.

The Jets have released Tebow, the New York Post first reported and the team has officially announced. He will now pass through waivers, meaning every NFL team will have a chance to claim him.

Tebow was widely expected to be on the way out for months, and the only surprise is that the Jets waited until now to do it. The arrival of rookie quarterback Geno Smith in the second round of the NFL draft may have been what it took for the Jets to decide that there was simply no room for Tebow on the roster anymore.

Now the question is whether there’s any room for Tebow anywhere in the NFL. Last year, when the Broncos decided to get rid of Tebow, the Jets and Jaguars were the only teams that expressed any interest. Now the Jets have moved on, and the Jaguars have already said Tebow will not be coming to Jacksonville.

Which means the Tim Tebow era may be over not just in New York, but in all of the NFL.

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  1. Tebow is better than ANY QB the Jags have on their roster right now.. Jacksonville should be foaming @ the mouth to hurry up & sign this kid immediately!!

  2. Tebow is finally free and when he succeeds I hope it is at the jets expense what tannenbaum did was the biggest dbag move I can remember since mr I’m taking my talents to south beach

  3. It’s just too bad we couldnt see him realize his full potential some where. But unfortunately, a team has to take too big a risk and really have a special sort of offense for him to run.

    I had always pulled for him, but unless he has made great strides in his QB mechanics, he really didnt have a future in this league.

    Good luck Tim, whatever is next in your life, football or no football.

  4. If Buffalo wasn’t inundated at the position I would say they could take a shot.

    Former CFL coach Mark Trestman in Chicago…… any interest there? I hear people are bored with Cutler.

  5. That is rough to wait til after the draft and teams have filled their rosters to let him go. A lot of teams out of respect will cut a guy they know they are going to cut early in the offseason, so he can find a job for himself. I know it is a business and Jets were protecting themselves from him landing in the division, but it seems a bit rough to get released right after the draft.

  6. OK, fine, now that it’s over and done with, can we please move on to something else?

  7. Tebow could probably have a long career in the NFL if he would consider a position switch to FB or TE.

    Pride and ego more or less ended the careers of Major Harris and Pat White because they wouldn’t switch positions.

    In constrast, Denard Robinson and Collin Klein figured it out. Their futures are at RB and TE respectively.

  8. If another team gives this guy a chance to play QB he needs to go to a team with a good starting QB.
    That way there is no distraction or talk of him competing for the starting job like last season in NY.

  9. I will prob get flamed for this but I hope he stays in the nfl. He is an amazing athlete and hard fighting competitor… juat not a good passer. Maybe a good TE?

  10. Feel bad for the guy but glad that this experiment is over. He either learns to play another position (TE?) or it’s time to move on to other things in life. There is no room for him as a QB in the NFL.

  11. Tebow will be back.
    Oh, he’ll be back.
    Shall we call it a “Second Coming?”


  12. If Tebow is willing, he could be an effective Full Back in the NFL. He should bone up on his blocking skills and get ready to be a short yardage option. This is how he was basically used in New York anyway, when he was used at all.

    He would be the best pass throwing FB in the NFL and that would open up a few options on third and short.

    Other than that, he should acquire a taste for Canadian beer and buy a warm coat.

  13. I would actually like to see him in Atlanta. Matt Ryan is the clear #1, so there is no QB controversy. The Falcons like former team captains and folks with leadership ability (i.e. good teammates). They have a whole lot of nothing as a backup right now. Plus, a lot of Falcons fans are Dawgs fans, so it’s not like the Florida boy is going to be treated like royalty. Plus, we have pretty good coaching. To me, it would be win-win.

  14. hmmm I can honestly say I dont think there is a coach brave enough to pick him up? If there is it’s gotta be someone whose job is totally secure like Jim Harbaugh.

    49ers make sense since they already have the read option scheme installed, Tebow should provide a back up to Kaepernick without having to adjust scheme too much.

    As long as Tebow goes there without any notion of starting it should be fine.

  15. Its about damned time, sure hope someone that wants to try to actually use him signs him soon. The Jets are a clown factory, hes better off without them.

  16. “Which means the Tim Tebow era may be over not just in New York, but in all of the NFL”

    really DON’T think so, IMHP

    somebody will take a chance on the guy, as a role player.

    somebody who mumbles through his press conferences and wears a hoodie, i bet

  17. Let me make sure I understand this correctly. You have Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne as your QB’s and you don’t want Tebow? Right. No wonder you are drafting where you are every year.

  18. Don’t be surprised if the Patriots bring him to camp. The circus belongs to the Jets not Tebow and Belichick loves the kid and may view him as a valuable and versatile asset for special teams.

  19. There is room for Tebow in the NFL if he’s willing to change position. He needs to embrace it like Denard from Michigan or Heinz Ward. That is if he wants to stick in the league.

  20. Now Tebow has to decide if he wants to stay in the NFL. How to do that? Change position like he should have last year and hope to beat out someone. Otherwise, see if the CFL has room for another project. Possible solid TE or FB if he feels like getting hit and learning the ends and outs of catching the ball. Otherwise, great career in NCAAF and good luck in whatever you now decide to do.

  21. This poor kid! All he wanted to do was show up everyday and play football! He proved he could win in Denver and simply put, the Jets don’t like to win football games!

  22. Speaking honestly, this gives him lots of time to catch on with a CFL team. It really wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up there.

  23. love him or hate him, what the jets did to him was terrible, then to cut him after the draft when he’s got less of a chance….. low class

  24. I think the media hurt Tim Tebow because there are worse QBs in the NFL than him and his career in NFL shouldn’t be over.

  25. Fantastic job, New York. You wasted 4th and 6th round picks on a guy who you refused to play, even when Mark Sanchez was struggling mightily. Now, I’m not sure that Tim Tebow is an NFL-caliber quarterback, but why wouldn’t the Jets at least try to see what they have in him?

  26. The Jets should now prepare for the backlash of the Tebow only fans who will accuse the team of sabotaging him, not wanting to win, being jealous of him because he’s the best QB they’ve ever had, etc.

    It’s kind of sad, these people don’t realize the reason he’ll never get a chance to go anywhere and sit and develop is because of them.

  27. Feel bad for him. All he did was put in 100% effort and win games. Nice move by the Jets to release him after every team is now overfilled with QB’s. Classy move by a classy organization.

  28. the jets handled this as bad as it could get, im not a tebow fan, but i feel bad for him.

  29. “Poor Tebow”
    “LOLOLOL Jets suck”
    “Steelers are the greatest”
    “Redskins are God’s gift”
    “Flacco’s eye brows”

    There, the next 50 comments are now unneeded

  30. To bad the creep behind him wasnt cut!! Wow the jets really are a horrible franchise. You cut the 1 real football player you have on your team but keep the one who cant hit an open target over 8 yards! Wow!!

  31. The Jags didn’t say that they didn’t want Tebow, the GM said that he didn’t see any way Tebow would be on their roster. That’s because saying anything else would have been tampering. There’s a big difference.

  32. So tebow fets cut but sanchez is still on the roster??? How does that work? Ok tebow wasnt the greatest player coming in on the what 15 plays that he did all year but sanchez sucked way more

  33. If he is willing to play other positions, some NFL team will take him as a HB, TE, special teamer, emergency only QB. If he insists on competing for a QB spot only, it’s time to go to the CFL. Here’s hoping a good man succeeds no matter where he lands.

  34. Most NFL teams carry 4 or 5 QB’s on their 90 player offseason rosters. I think that teams that play a form of the read option/wildcat in their offense could consider players like Tim Tebow or Vince Young as backup quarterbacks. Much the same way, The 49ers and Giants entertained Pat White before he signed with Washington.

    The problem of course is the media circus that follows Tim Tebow. The team that signs Tebow has to be able to withstand the heat. As a #3 QB/role player, Tebow has value. He even has great practice value for teams who have to face read option teams. If I were the Rams, I’d sign Tebow. I wouldn’t rule out the Pats. A team that may actually use him properly.

  35. I can see him landing in NE. For the veteran minimum. If anyone could squash the circus surrounding this kid it’s The Hoodie. Not saying they will but it the only place I can see. Hope he gets a shot .

  36. im not a Tebow fan, but you gotta feel bad for him. after going to a team that didn’t use him at all. Good luck to him but I wonder who will go for him.

  37. Funny how every organization that dumps Teblow gets called “classless” by his loony cult following. Maybe he can go regurgitate his Bronze Age superstitions religious crap in Canada.

  38. Tebow never had a chance with the Jets under the tutelage of circus ringleaders Rex Ryan and Tony Sparano.

    But in Woody Johnson’s world, Tebow’s one year in NY was a success – the Jets won more back pages and national media talk than their big-brother Giants.

  39. Someone will sign him. He may not be the best passer in the league, but he’s a winner, has more heart than just about any player in the NFL, and is motivated beyond belief.

  40. The Jets never gave Tebow a chance. I can’t help but wonder who made the decision to bring him there in the first place, but it sure wasn’t the head coach or his staff. Maybe the owner did it to sell more jerseys. That organization is as disfunctional as any in the league.

    I wish Tebow well, but wonder if he’ll be playing in the NFL or the CFL this year. I hope he gets a shot somewhere.

  41. So the Jets had to pay Revis $1M now they pay the Broncos $1.3m for Tebow.

    Does anyone within the Jets Org know how to run a business?

  42. With a large base salary for 2013, Tebow will definitely clear waivers:

    7/29/2010: Signed a five-year, $9.75 million contract. The deal contains $8.7 million guaranteed, including a $6.275 million option bonus in the second year. Another $23.25 million is available through incentives, though $9 million of them are “unlikely to be earned.” $1,537,500 of the incentives are available through a “likely to be earned” onetime escalator. 2013: $2,586,875, 2014: $895,000, 2015: Free Agent

  43. Maybe there will be some interest since teams won’t need to give any compensation to the Jets now. Who knows, maybe he can sign for cheap as a back up and wind up on the field if things go his way.

    Anyway, the Jets should burn in hell for what they did to this kid.

  44. I hope one team picks him up. Now, he receives so much angst for his spirituality. If he got on his knees and prayed to “Allah” the media would’ve loved him. Hell he would’ve even been invited to the White House dinner.

  45. Hey hooks024,
    When did Tebow (or any other Christian for that matter) suggest that their “Messiah” would protect their job with the NYJ?

    Is this why you are not a believer? You have the idea God is a cosmic gift granter of some kind?

    You need to seriously start reading and learning dude…..

  46. Hey Tim,

    You have shown nothing but class through all of your dealings in the NFL. You are going to prosper in no matter what you decide to do albeit become a FB, mission work, or anything else your spirit takes you.

    I wish you well and the NFL didn’t deserve you.

  47. New England. Belichick will find a way to use him and not as a QB. BB loves his Gators.

  48. I still think that the Chicago Bears should pick up Tebow. Anybody else agree? I would like to see him in a Bears uniform especially with a fresh coach.

  49. With Sanchez playing so poorly, Tebow was never given an opportunity to start a game. Rex didn’t want to further erode Mark’s confidence. There’s a difference between trading for someone with a big contract versus a FA for the veteran minimum.

  50. Not a Tebow fan, but this is the best thing for him. Remember, though…the Broncos gave Tebow a choice of where to go and he CHOSE New York over Jacksonville, so Timmy bears some of the responsibility, too. He’ll get another shot in the NFL, too many teams are looking to add a read-option wrinkle to their offense, just like they did with the Wildcat a few years ago.

  51. Oh great, now ESPN is gonna try and make a story out of EVERYTHING he does, i can hear Mort now “well cameras followed him to the grocery store and he bought cream cheese….Philadelphia cream cheese, does this mean Tebow will be an eagle? Pay $5 a month to be an insider and find out”

  52. You idiot. The Jets and Jaguars were the only team willing to TRADE for Tim Tebow. He will have plenty of people interested in signing him, if not for a quarterback, for a “Julian Edelman” type role like in New England.

    Sometimes I can’t believe that you guys actually do this for a living.

  53. I think the Dolphins should make a play for him to mix up the back field some…he’s a good kid and deserves a “real” chance somewhere. Why not bring him back to Florida where the fans really like the guy.

  54. Tebow would do himself a huge favor if he replaced his QB pads for a different role such as tight-end. He could be a great all around FB player if he decided to learn another position.

    He’d be great at Denver replacing Welker after he retires.

  55. Tebow has some sort of talent, capable of being in the NFL in the first place. How the Jets can totally squander Tebow is just indicative of how pathetic that organization is. It’s sad for Tebow.

  56. Tim will get another opp. He has to go to a team, with a strong QB presence, where fans know football. Denver is a wannabe town and NY is a walking billboard gimmick everyday. Going somewhere like Green Bay or Pittsburgh, fans will understand, he would never get in unless a HUGE emergency, and that the QB would NEVER feel threatened. One would have thought it would have worked with his staying in Denver, but Manning and Elway’s ego may be more fragile than we think.

  57. It just figures the dumb Jets to and cut the wrong QB. Cue up the film, watch Sanchez implode last season and now explain why the Jets would keep Sanchez? Doesn’t say much for their plans in 2013/14 does it.

  58. The guy can play. Yes his numbers are low but he makes plays n winning plays

    I don’t understand nfl teams they rather lose with a traditional qb then win with a different one. How does that make sense.

    Let’s see browns suck raiders suck. Jags sucks. Buffalo sucks

    N u telling me this guy couldn’t help those teams ASAP u gotta be kidding me u telling me ej manual is better prospect then tebow u gotta be kidding me again.

  59. Let’s hope that we’ll never see Tiny Tim Teblow disgrace an NFL uniform ever again. The most overhyped but worthless excuse of an NFL quarterback ever has left the building and should never be allowed to return.

    Time for Tiny Tim Teblow to face reality and start trying to use his college education to make some money. Oh wait what exactly did this moron study? Bet it wasn’t anything useful for making money.

    Hey Tiny Tim where are those clueless tv ads you made telling us how ready you were for NFL primetime and how wrong your detractors were? Oh yeah in the garbage can where you’ll be joining them shortly. Good riddance!

  60. I would say if it wasn’t for the salary cap there would have been a different QB released by the Jets this morning

  61. The more interesting story will be when Tebow is forced to come out of the closet. He is clearly hiding his gayness behind a cloak of rabid religion.

    Tim – just come out already.

  62. I’m no fan of Tebow but if Tarvaris Jackson is still in the league and Ponder and Gabbert are starting QBs, then there is definitely a place for Tebow somewhere. He was actually still probably the best QB on the Jets so he will find a place somewhere.
    If he doesn’t play at QB how about safety? Everybody is saying TE or FB but he’d be a heck of a safety for someone.

  63. Pete Prisco and Merrill Hodge must be high-fiving each other. Their campaign to sabotage Tebow’s career has come to fruition. Never mind the 8-3 record, etc. What a boon to the career of media losers!

  64. Often heard that Tebow would work in the “right offense” except no team was willing to turn the club upside down for someone who can’t throw a football. (Urban Meyer did him no favors at Florida on that note.) As Jerry Glanville once day, NFL stands for Not For Long. Since Tebow wasn’t interested in changing positions he is now free to sign with whomever believes in him. Sometimes you have to change position. Imagine Shaq wanting to be a jockey then he hit 7 feet and 300 pounds and he changed to basketball. If no wants Timmy he’ll be able to put on a leasure suit, white shoes and belt and start the Tebow ministries.

  65. let’s see a QB just 2 years ago takes a team into the playoff wins the first couple of games, then goes to the jets warms the bench, and no stinky team in the NFL doesnt want to grab him like a goose that lays golden eggs, i know nothing about football

  66. I can’t understand why all the attention for a backup QB? Or why people think that there is some sort of blacklisting of Tebow? If the guy could actually play, there would be GM’s falling over themselves to get him to play for them.

    As a Broncos fan, I will never forget the playoff game against the Steelers. Great game! But, what people seem to always forget is the next game he played against the Patriots.

    Good luck to him, but I don’t think he will ever be a QB in the NFL.

  67. I Think he’d be a great hb/te/wr/ convert like kordell stewart was,but he is just as bad as a qb that kordell was! all the guy does is score and advance the ball when he runs it! ain’t that the name of the game!

  68. If you’re Jacksonville, why don’t you add Tebow to your roster?

    Is Blaine Gabbert better than Tebow?

    Is Chad Henne?

    Only team that it makes sense to add Tebow to sell tickets is Jacksonville.

  69. And for the first time in a year, all the other players on the NY Jets roster are actually jealous of Tim Tebow.

  70. I must say Im loving the whole “Until he changes to TE or FB, he will not be able to play in the NFL” as if those positions dont have intricacies that would take years to learn to be NFL quality. Like he could have just walked up to Rex and said I think Im gunna play TE and all of a sudden hes the next Tony Gonzalez.

    I saw him run 1 route last year and it ended with the ball bouncing off his head

  71. With the amount of posts so far, it is obvious that Tim can draw a crowd. So maybe he should try the Arena League for awhile. Kurt Warner made it work! Derrick Brooks should give him a shot in the Tampa Bay Storm!.

  72. Well At Least Now TEbow Won’t Be Blamed For The Circus/Clown Car Train Wreck That Is The New York Jets. It Was A Circus Before Tebow Got There And It Will Be A Circus Until Rex Is Gone.

  73. Tebow has an 8-5 record in ONE season, including a playoff win over the defending AFC Champion. His teams’ record the previous year was 2-14.

    Why his career is “over”, and Brady Quinn, Sam Bradford, Carson Palmer, Kevin Kolb and a whole host of other QBs have starting or backup jobs is beyond me.

  74. He could start for the Vikings, Ponder was totally inept last year, completing 22 passes over 20 yards last year. Ponder really only had one good game, which was the last game he played before he claimed he got a booboo on his shoulder

  75. Please, please Belichick, stay far away. I wouldn’t be able to watch anymore if press conferences turn into sermon’s/groveling conferences.

  76. scoops1 says: Apr 29, 2013 8:10 AM

    and this will still be a lead story on ESPN


    You’re a prophet. Went to ESPN and there it was. Feature story.

  77. I’d like to see Tebow find a new NFL home and finally be successful. But really, in my heart of hearts, I’d like to see Tim go coach/mentor young kids. I know the dollars aren’t there, but I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have coach up my kids than Tim.

  78. You better start your ass praying for real and ask God for a new job, instead of posing and pretending to pray for the cameras so they give you more attention for doing nothing.

  79. Tebow has an 8-5 record in ONE season, including a playoff win over the defending AFC Champion. His teams’ record the previous year was 2-14.

    Why his career is “over”, and Brady Quinn, Sam Bradford, Carson Palmer, Kevin Kolb and a whole host of other QBs have starting or backup jobs is beyond me.”

    Because none of those other players mentioned have a disruptively rabid fanbase whose determination of the player’s starting ability is based on anything but the players ability to play football. Tebow’s fans are a nuisance.

  80. What is this patriots crap? the only thing tebow can do better then brady is pray. And if you are thinking switch him to tight end. Uhm, they have one TE thats the best in the nfl and the other one is top 5! RB then right? Yeah, he’d be 6th on that depth chart.
    Come on, think a little.

  81. Tebow is an effort guy. I would sign him cheap and put him at H-Back. Hell, he’s even got the size for a linebacker. Move him around and find a position where he fits.

  82. Everybody is making a big deal about this when the big winner in all of this is Tebow! He probably broke into a happy dance the minute the door to Ryans office closed behind him. He has talent and I hope he is picked up by a good team who could use him as a TE and a backup QB. The Jets were a terrible fit and I feel bad for Chris Ivory who also is wasting his talent with that hot mess of a team.

  83. 1. There will be no more media circus following him because he hasn’t played in a year and New York is a singularly ridiculous place for media scrutiny.

    2. There’s no reason to feel bad for Tim Tebow because he’s had far more opportunities than his talent as a passer should allow. He’s been playing with house money.

    3. I got him going to Carolina to back up Newton because why not.

    4. He’ll make plenty of money in his post NFL career. Seriously, you don’t need to feel sorry for patron saint of bad QBs.

  84. I absolutely hate the Eagles, but I love to see teams make power moves during the off season (guess I just miss football so much that I make moves in my head like I get paid for it) . This would be a great pick up for them. A dink and dunk offense that requires an athletic qb to run the show…that would be the perfect fit for him. imo

  85. Just watch…
    10-15 years from now T-Bag will be one of those, “Whatever happened to…?” stories with a photo of him playing backyard football with his boys.

  86. Some are for the NFL and others aren’t.
    T-Bag is one of those that isn’t.
    Why so much denial that he is?

  87. Slow news day. First the media beating the drums on some guy averaging 3 whole points a game coming out, now the lowest rated QB in NFL getting dumped. What the hell is Hazel Mae doing is real news !!! Did she or not get jizzy with Burke the Jerk ?

  88. Funny how a guy can win more Playoff games for the Broncos than Peyton Manning and yet still be without a job!!

    This world is UPSIDE DOWN!!!

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