Josh Wilson takes $2 million reduction

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A somewhat confusing report emerged during the draft regarding the new contract signed by cornerback Josh Wilson with the Redskins.

My current goal is to make the situation less confusing.  Which would be somewhat out of character.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Wilson agreed to a no-strings-attached $2 million pay cut.  He was due to earn a base salary of $3.9 million and a workout bonus of $100,000.  Now, he’ll make a base salary (non-guaranteed) of $2 million.

Wilson also can earn up to $500,000 in incentives based on playing time and individual/team performance.

So Wilson cut his compensation in half, but he can earn back up to 25 percent of what he lost.

Of course, he potentially could have lost it all.  With nothing in it for Wilson, the “or else” undoubtedly was getting cut.  (Bringing in Quentin Jammer for a visit last week arguably sealed the deal.)

In turn, the Redskins freed up $2 million in cap space, cutting Wilson’s cap number from $5.33 million to $3.33 million.  Since the incentives are categorized as “not likely to be earned,” the cap charge will apply in 2014, if Wilson earns any/some/all of the extra $500,000.

At last count, the Redskins had a wafer thin margin of only $29,000 in cap space.  They now have more room to breathe.

13 responses to “Josh Wilson takes $2 million reduction

  1. Every man in that Redskins locker room knows what is being built by Shanahan and Allen. Winning and Superbowls is once again the standard here in Washington DC as it always should be for the Redskins franchise. #BurgundyandGoldStandard

  2. This guy REALLY wants to play for the redskins. He took less to go there last year than better teams were offering. Now he takes a pay-cut one year later?

    Either way, he knows I’d orakpo and Kerrigan are healthy… That’ll make his job so much easier

  3. There are a couple of kids on this roster that could make a major impact in 2014, and beyond which I’m sure Wilson is aware of. Crawford, and Amerson as your starters, with Minnifield in the slot. Now we have Rambo as your strong, and Thomas as your free safeties. Yep, 2014 will be a complete youth movement in our defensive backfield. This year will be all developmental for these kids, while learning under Wilson, and Hall. It’s great to see the skins finally getting it, and rebuilding this team the right way. HTTR!!

  4. can’t wait till we have 36 million in space next year to add maybe one player although this cap penalty was the best thing that could of happen

  5. Translation: some of the youngsters just signed at CB — like Amerson — have a real chance of playing this year. It seems as though the Redskins were totally comfortable with letting Wilson walk…

  6. People used to come here just for the money. Now they want to take less just to stay here. They know they are close to a Superbowl run. That’s what they want to be a part of.

  7. Losing is their standard. Please know that Americas team existed prior to the cowboys Superbowl run. We have 5 and appeared in many more in the 60s 70s early 80s. Learn nfl history and stop trolling if you only know the sport since you were born.

  8. Shanahan and Allen are bringing the Redskins to a new era. All the haters, please stop referring to the old regime and way of doing things. The Redskins are starting to set a new standard for teams to live up to, #wediditfirst!!

  9. juv3rd11 says:
    Apr 29, 2013 8:57 AM
    can’t wait till we have 36 million in space next year to add maybe one player although this cap penalty was the best thing that could of happen

    We will get $18M back…$36M was the total for both years combined. So, in short, we can address more “areas of need” next year instead of having our hands tied by the Mara Football League. What a joke that man is…

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