Mathieu’s agent says no contract without guaranteed money


If the Arizona Cardinals are planning to demand that Tyrann Mathieu accept a deal with no guaranteed money, they’d better be ready for a protracted contract dispute.

Responding to the talk that the Cardinals weren’t planning to give Mathieu any guarantees on his rookie deal, agent Patrick Lawlor said exactly what he should say: Mathieu would refuse such a deal.

“Ridiculous. Not gonna happen. We had no contract discussion with them,” Lawlor told Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

There are risks associated with Mathieu because of the multiple failed drug tests that got him kicked off the team at LSU, but the Cardinals understood those risks and selected Mathieu with the 69th pick in the NFL draft anyway. Mathieu has already paid a price for his drug use because his draft stock dropped as a result of those failed drug tests. The idea that Mathieu has to accept a substandard contract on top of that is, in fact, ridiculous.

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  1. If you pick him in the 3rd round you should be prepard to offer guarenteed money. Obviously you see something worth paying for on him.

  2. Why shouldn’t he have to deal with a substandard contract? This kid is going to be drug tested an awful lot. And he is going to fail some of those. He never shown one hint of maturity. The Saints took a huge risk drafting him. The Saints are entitled to hedge their bet by not throwing guaranteed money after him.

  3. Would that even be legal? Mathieu should get some kind of signing bonus based on where he was selected in the draft.

    Give him a respectable contract. I think the weekly drug tests they agreed upon is more than enough.

  4. No, it’s not “ridiculous”, it’s completely reasonable that a team would want to protect itself.

    “Ridiculous” is some know-nothing blogger saying it’s “ridiculous”.

  5. They can propose a clause where he would have to repay money if he popped positive on a fest for marijuana, but the agent is right, he should not accept a contract with no guaranteed money. The contract should be the same as the slot from last year absent the clauses if he were to relapse.

  6. Why does he need guaranteed money? He’s a rookie who’s had a severe drug problem and should be thankful that he’s even playing in the NFL. What he needs to be focused on is showing up and working hard to possibly become a starter to try and make an impact. I’ll tell you these guys are so ungrateful.

  7. He would be foolish to even debate no guarantees, unless he gets a massive bonus to offset it. Seriously as much as there is a bad side to guaranteed money, you never know if you are going to have a career ending injury on game 1.

  8. He would have been a first rounder were it not for all of the off field issues. His draft stock slipped because of that. Just like the player who claims that he should have been drafted higher, the team has no business saying that he is not worth the guaranteed money slotted to a player drafted at his draft slot. When you draft a player, you assume the risks. It’s the same reason Okoye wasn’t drafted: lots of talent, but a team couldn’t justify the guaranteed money. If he wasn’t viewed as worth the guaranteed money that comes along with his draft spot, they should have waited.

  9. If I was Arizona I just wouldn’t sign him. Let him sit out the year then enter the draft again next April. Then draft him in round 6-7

  10. Anyone saying he should be happy with a sub-standard contract is not very smart.

    The Cardinal’s drafted him, taking him off the board. Then they throw a no-guarantee contract at him, and you are on their side? If they were not going to treat him like any other player, they should not have drafted him and left him for a team that wasn’t planning on ‘punishing’ him for past or future crimes. That isn’t their job.

    The “guaranteed” money your average third-rounder would get isn’t a huge risk for a franchise. It’s petty to try to offer such a contract to him in an effort to exert some authority over him from the outset rather than offering him the respect of a lean slate and equal footing with his peers.

    If you are going to draft him in the 3rd round, offer him that respect or pass on him.

  11. Soooo there never was a story because there never was a conversation hmmm probably same conversation the Jets had about releasing Sanchez and his 11 million….sources close to me are reporting that there enough REAL stories that we don’t need to make them up.

  12. Arizona knew what they were doing. They obviously realize how talented he is, and are taking advantage of his situation. Lets put this kid, who’s already got his back against the wall in the nfl, in a compromising position that would force him to dispute a contract and possibly hold out. This way he likely accepts it to avoid more controversy, and if he doesn’t it just looks like Tyrann being Tyrann again. Bold move Arizona.

  13. how is it that the honey whatever thinks he can dictate the terms of his 1st contract.???? how.???? I would let him sit if that’s the game he wants to play. !!!!

  14. Tyrann dropped in the draft because of the way he finished at LSU. Arizona can test him frequently, but they can’t avoid the guaranteed money based on where he is slotted. What is it, about $700K?? If they are looking to protect themselves from that liability, they should not have drafted him. Tyrann is very talented; safety looks like a good position to take advantage of those talents. The slate is clean; it’s up to him to step up and prove the doubters wrong. I hope he does it…

  15. If they didn’t want to give him guaranteed money then they shouldn’t have drafted him in the 3rd round.

  16. The cards don’t have to give him anything but what they think he is worth. He can decline it and sit out a year. If they don’t want to lose money on a 10 time loser good for them. If they give him garunteed money and he violates the contract they will never get that money back it will be up in smoke

  17. Not a good way to start with a new team/player – it already looks this two wont work out together!

  18. I think he should get some guaranteed money, maybe spread out the length of rookie contract but paid at end of each year only if he stays clean.

  19. Then freaking rott… with the whole Honey Badger image… Bull! If he measures up to half hs potential and stays clean, he will be a bigger difference maker than a kid that never grew up… Party on Dog, because your agent is protecting himself…

  20. The problem here is this – what’s a 20 year old drug addict whose failed well over 10 drug tests in a season going to do with guaranteed money? Wonder what he’s going to spend it on? Surely wouldn’t be more drugs, would it? I can kind of see the Cardinal’s concern here.

    And in what other line of work can a 20 year old college dropout with a relatively severe history of drug use demand part of his yearly 6-figured annual salary be fully guaranteed? We certainly live in a crazy world.

    Still – it’s a violent profession he’s entering into – so I suspect the two sides will work it out with money guaranteed for injury … but fail one more drug test junior – and all bets are off.

  21. Really don’t think he’s in any position to be making demands. I doubt this guy would have been drafted had the Cardinals not gone out on a limb for him, probably on the strength of Patrick Peterson.

    For all the (rightful imo) Te’o bashing in his last college game, does anybody remember Mathieu’s nearly 2 years ago now? Alabama went at him all day long, repeatedly with any receiver they had on their roster seems like.

    I know I would have rather have a LB who couldn’t stop Bama’s running game rather then a DB who couldn’t run with any of their not exactly dynamic receivers and stop their mediocre passing QB. Just sayin’.

  22. my feelings are give him a no guarantee contract with a paid injury insurance policy its a win win and after the season or contract expires it become moot and if my rams had signed him id say the same thing or put him on the practice squad he will test positive then cut his ungrateful butt

  23. No athlete, be it NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL should get guananteed money. If the owners & fans haven’t noticed, every time these yahoo’s get the salary guarnateed, they don’t go out & perform till it is the last year of their contract so they can get more guaranteed money. I am truly sick of all these guys getting millions of dollars to pay a GAME. I am a fan & sure wish my salary was guaranteed. Then I could act stupid & childish like 90% of the guys do.

  24. No teeth to the Peter King article except for some unnamed “League Source”. And it’s printed as fact in the local papers. Cardinals confirmed they will be paying a large signing bonus and the speculation was premature and unwarranted.

  25. There is a simple way for both sides to get what they want: Guarantee the money, but in quarterly payments throughout the season based ONLY upon his being clean. If they cut him for stinking, he gets it all as if he had gotten it on day one, but if they cut him because he tested positive, he gets nothing.

  26. Look he has messed up but the Cards must think he is worth the risk. He didn’t call the Cards they called him. The collective bargaining garment states rookie draft compensation guidelines. They drafted him 69 overall they have to pay the price tag for the slot. He hasent demanded anything at this time. Cards haven’t even tenders an offer yet. Oh and the posters that keep saying the Saints drafted him go to a different blog. Cards made there bed let’s hope he has cleaned up his act.

  27. Well, now the people that tried to suggest that the Cards had already come to an agreement with Mathieu before they drafted him can’t rely on that stupid suggestion to defend the Cards anymore.

    Any draft pick would be significantly hurt by sitting out a year. But you don’t see teams shoving non-guaranteed deals down their throats because the teams have a lot to lose too.

    The Cardinals used a third round pick on Mathieu. That is an investment. It would be absolutely idiotic for them to jeopardize their investment over less than $700,000 in money. They blew thirty times that when they signed Kevin Kolb, not to mention the player and draft pick they gave up.

    Mathieu can call their bluff. I guarantee you when he hasn’t signed by training camp they are going to cave and give him the normal guaranteed deal. They’ll agree to all the drug testing the Cards want but this idea of no guaranteed money was a dumb one from the get-go.

  28. does the new CBA dictate signing bonuses? i though it just regulated total contract value. the bucs gave revis a big deal with no guaranteed money. were they wrong to do that? no one was screaming down their throats.

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