Patriots cut five, including Malcolm Williams


With the additions of new, cheap players, teams are clearing out some of the older and unwanted parts.

The Patriots released five players Monday, including the previously reported Jeremy Ebert.

Also released were defensive back Malcolm Williams, fullback Tony Fiammetta, tight end Brad Herman and defensive lineman Tracy Robertson.

Fiammetta, a former fourth-round pick, spent last year on the exempt/reserve list. Herman was on IR all last season, while Robertson spent some time on the practice squad.

Of the group, Williams was the one who actually played, bouncing up to the Patriots active roster a few times after a stints on the practice squad, including three playoff appearances.

9 responses to “Patriots cut five, including Malcolm Williams

  1. Malcolm Williams exceeded all expectations just by getting drafted in the first place. He got more playing time for the Pats than he did for the Horned Frogs in college. He is an extremely gifted athlete but he still needs a lot of coaching. I have no doubt he will make another roster as a gunner on special teams.

  2. If you are going to mention that Tony Fiammeta as a 4th round draft choice, maybe you should have reported that the team the drafted him was not the New England Patriots but the Carolina Panthers a team that you covered before they took you off their beat ???

  3. Pretty sure Dallas would welcom Tony Fiammeta back, he did pretty well there, and Vickers is out w/ back issues…Then again, Jerry will probably fill that need with a long snapper. smh

  4. I think it would be great if Tebow joined Buffalo, New England or Miami and stuck it to the Jets every time they face off. I know none of those teams would use Tebow for anything more than a Wildcat type of play, but it would be sweet to see Timmy pointing to the Jets sideline after busting a run for 45 yards and a score. I hate what the Jets did to Tebow, It might have ruined his career.

  5. Belicheck, where’s all these wonderful extra draft picks? Boy, if the Patriots didn’t have Tom Brady, where would the team be in the standings?

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