ProFootballTalk: Is it Geno Smith’s job to lose?

The Jets are on the hook for Mark Sanchez’s contract, but when all is said and done, he may be the third-string QB in 2013. Incoming QB Geno Smith may have the inside track, and Ross Tucker agrees.

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2 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Is it Geno Smith’s job to lose?

  1. sanchez won’t be the third string qb. i don’t see how anyone could think that. he’ll compete for the starting job. he may fall by the wayside quickly, or not. but if he’s not ‘in there’ when the season starts, he’ll get cut. garrard or smith will start, the other second, mcelroy third. if that’s not it, two questions; why keep him on the roster if he’s not gonna play? (remember this is not the sparano/tebow regime. ) insurance? and, why would mcelroy be on the roster NOW? he’s not competing for a starting job, he’s there to be a backup.
    people love saying the jets have 11 qbs, but simms isn’t even competing for a backup job. list his role as ‘other’ and with him around you can still get up a decent card game.

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